How the universe can test you

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How can the universe test you?

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Since the universe/reality is aware, it can test you! Everything is consciousness, or as the shamans describe it: “everything has a soul.”  If this universe is conscious, it can influence you differently. You can take part in the influence, such as manifesting. But reality can also test you, for example, by displaying situations for you without necessarily wanting to manifest them.

World religions tell stories about how God can influence, test, and judge you. I don’t use God’s word, but I prefer words like the consciousness system, universal mind, the universe or reality to describe this intelligence, energy, and everything.

This intelligence is evolving and expanding. Since the game’s name is about growth, you can get tested to see where you are in the growth process. Tests can happen to you in this physical matter, reality or non-physical reality, such as dreams and astral travels.
It is recognized in every world religion and mythologies that the individual is in a growth process known as “The hero’s journey“.

Tests, mythologies, the heroes journey, growth - How the universe can test you


First, a look at dream tests:

In dreams, many tests are standardized, meaning they are given to many people simultaneously when they reach a certain point in their spiritual journey. These take forms as inner pictures and movies in dreams.

One test could put you in a dangerous dream situation where some bullies are kidnapping your friend, and the test is about how you will respond. Do you hide, fight, follow the kidnappers, or call the police? Another moral test is to choose between a box of gold and experience. If a guide asks you this question and you answer a chest of gold, it is the wrong answer, and the mental screen will turn black, and the questions will stop. If you pass the problem, another question will be given to you, then another until you fail or the sequence is finished.

Test, tests, dream test, questions, guides, spiritguides, astral travels, dreams - How the universe can test you


By giving you a test, the guides know your score and can come to you in dreams and astral travels and guide you, showing you things according to your level. To learn more about communicating with your spirit guides, look here:

Another type of test is to tempt you with something, but the catch to this temptation is that you need to give something back in return. An example is a devilish type of coming and saying that it will give you superpowers, but you must provide it with your soul or something in return. Such a deal or contract can be recognized because you get deeper and deeper involved in something that feels wrong. Also, you get increasingly involved in something you don’t understand, and it gets harder and harder to get out of the situation and agreement. There is something fishy about the whole situation. The test is about resisting temptation because it is wrong, called “the integrity test.”

There are also fear tests. These tests often come when you explore the bigger reality, such as astral projection. When you experiment with astral travel, you may hear noises, see things, and experience some fear initially. This is normal to occur under sleep paralysis. This is also a test of the heavenly realm; if you get afraid, it just shows that you are not ready for astral travel. You are prepared for astral travel when you ignore all these noises and don’t care. If you want to read more about astral travel and out-of-body experience, read here:

Fear tests, bigger reality, astral projection, astral travel, sleep paralysis, out of body experience - How the universe can test you


Another type of test is dreaming about being a chef in a restaurant, and you get hundreds of orders. The solution to this test is to use your mind. To manifest and materialize what everybody needs instead of running around and stressing out. The test is about believing in yourself and your power. Call it a self-belief test.

There are moral, integrity, fear, and self-belief tests, but there are also many other tests. The authority test is another type of difficulty. The phenomenon of “alien abduction” is an example of this. The scenario is to see if some “advanced” beings can experiment with you. Even if they appear to be more advanced, more technological, wiser and more powerful, it is NOT ok. And when you say no from the being level and feel that “little you” can say no to an advanced being or authority, you have passed the test.

moral tests, integrity tests, fear tests, autorithy tests, say no - How the universe ca test you


The test has to seem very real to you. Otherwise, you won’t care. RRealness is crucial for the test to show the individual’s natural character. Even if it is a simulation of the consciousness system, it has to appear trustworthy, physical, and natural for you.

If you fail the test in dreams, the inner movies tend to stop, pause or become black. If you pass tests, you will get more and more access to spiritual abilities and other realms in the bigger reality. You will get more freedom and more responsibilities. You can do more, be more, and access more, for example, gaining access to the Akashic records. The Eastern mystic monks tend to say: “The freedom, bliss, or abilities comes to you when you are ready.”

tests, dream, inner picture, akashic records, abilities, consciousness system - How the universe can test you


Second a look at tests in physical reality:

Many of the same tests exist in physical reality, too, just like in dreams. The only difference is that they appear to you more naturally. It’s the same with business deals; do you make fast money on fishy sales?

Another example can be that the people around you say, “You can’t do it, and you won’t succeed”. And nobody believes in your plans. And the test is about trusting your destiny and your powers, and the universe will support you to achieve this seemingly “impossible” goal.

destiny, thrust, future plans, universe - consciousness system


For example, you could get strong intuition or clairvoyance dreams, and it’s up to you if you want to thrust this or listen to the critics around you. To learn more about how to develop clairvoyance, read here: 10 ways to develop Clairvoyance – Spirituality –

Like the authority test, the universal mind may be problematic for you. If you don’t like your job, but because you are afraid of your boss, you don’t dare quit it. The problem is staying in a situation you don’t like.

Another type of test is the “trigger test,” when patterns that trigger you return to you. If you have experienced something wrong or unpleasant, you may have trauma or an Issue. The solution here is to work on yourself with self-help tools. Read more about self-help tools here:

Trigger test, patterns, self help, the universe, the universal mind - consciousness system


After working on yourself for a time, the universe may “accidentally” introduce you to that person or situation again. This is, for your own sake, to measure your trigger level. Here, the universal mind manifests the problem, compares the triggers, and sees where you are in recovery. To learn about releasing and recovery, read this:

Many of the world’s fairy tales and myths have these different types of tests inside them.
These tests show that if you pass them, it leads to character change and growth in consciousness. This is what it’s all about. Sometimes it’s about setting borders, other times about morals and being more powerful than you realize. If you want to learn more about the reason behind spiritual experiences, read this:

Now, it might be that you recognize some of these tests. Maybe you have seen them happen to your friends or family lives. It is good to have this knowledge; it will help people understand life from a greater perspective. Life gets more meaning, and a difficult situation might become more comfortable to master. If you know someone who can use this knowledge to improve their experience, please share this info with them.

Read more about Spirituality here:

31 comments on “How the universe can test you

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    1. Spiritual

      You know you are being tested if it a topic or theme that keeps repeating itself. For example if you keep getting into tempting deals. Are you giving in? Or holding to what is morally right and sound?

      Sometimes, if you pass a test. You get an award that night. You get -special- dreams. Maybe inner movies explaining how well you did.

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