Do you need supplements?

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Most health-conscious people use a supplement.

Doing this can be very useful for your health. There are several reasons why you need supplements:

-It isn’t easy to find high-quality food everywhere and at all times.
– In many places, the soil is significantly depleted of nutrition based on monoculture and taking the food out of the ground before it matures. While driving across a continent, a green tomato riped in a truck is less nutritious and healthy than a tomato grown locally.
– Most fruit and vegetables are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides.

These are just a few examples of why food does not always contain several vitamins and minerals. Therefore (and for other reasons), it is wise to take supplements. But choose carefully; otherwise, the people who say supplements make you pee expensive urine will be correct.

1. Choose quality over price:

The most significant reason supplement doesn’t work is that they are not absorbed well.
The low-quality supplement does not break down effectively. If they only reach your intestines, the strong acid there could break them down, and they will not enter your bloodstream.

Other supplements are better absorbed where they are supposed to be in the body. Usually, you get what you pay for.

2. The amount of the nutrients / Potency:

Often supplements contain much fewer nutrients than what is needed for optimal health. Read the labels carefully. 100% of RDA sounds fine but is often too little.

3. The balance of nutrients in your supplement:

The more we (and science) learn about our body, the nutrients needed could change. Some formulas are based on old research. Be aware that the procedure used is based on what current scientific research says is optimal for our health.

4. The form of vitamin or mineral is essential:

Each vitamin and mineral has specific conditions that are better absorbed than others. Here are some examples:
– Minerals need an acidic base to break down and get used. So, absorption could be problematic if your stomach is not producing enough acid. A piece of good advice here: Take some (diluted and organic) Apple cider vinegar.

– A natural or synthetic form of vitamins?
Some say it doesn’t matter. I’m afraid I have to disagree. E.g., Natural E-vitamin is much better absorbed than the synthetic version. To know the difference: the D-alpha form is natural, and the Dl-alpha form is synthetic. The difference is very subtle but essential.

5. Capsules or tablets:

Again, it depends on the quality of the supplement. After that, it is more than what you prefer.

6. The most common question about supplements:

If you eat well, do you still have to take supplements?

I think you have to if you want to aim for optimal health.
Even if you eat nutrient-dense food at every meal, it is still almost impossible for all the nutrients you need. Pollution from the sea and air is also a part of the problem. Even growing older makes you absorb less of the nutrients in the food. Just remember to buy the right quality supplements.

Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are a wise investment or a waste of money. That is totally up to you! Read our other Supplement posts:

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