Sneaky attraction tricks

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How to create attraction with subtle gestures


Create attraction with subtle gestures! Pointing on yourself is a straightforward tool to apply. All you need to do is to talk about any topic and say positive words at the same time you touch yourself. Let say you talk about the weather; you say that the weather is beautiful today. At the same time as you say the word “beautiful”, you scratch your face. As a result, you link the word “beautiful” with your face! Think about how many positive words you usually use in your conversations—words like intelligent, sexy, attractive, successful etc.

The critical thing to remember is the timing, to scratch your ear, nose or neck at the same moment you say that the complimentary label. Another example is to talk about somebody else, for example; “George Clooney is sexy (subtle self-point)”.  Subconsciously you are now perceived sexy, and the other person will now behave in a way that they usually would do if they were with someone hot.

To point subtly on yourself is a hypnosis technique, where you subliminally influence people. Remember to do it subtly. It must be natural. You don’t point at yourself like a clown would point his nose. The point is to influence other people without them notice. I don’t know if you have seen, but celebrities and people in media do this!

Just like them, try to use words that already describes you. If you are smart, point subtle at yourself or scratch your forehead when you state how smart steven hawking is. Or do subtle self-point when you describe how charming a female friend of you is. An additional trick is to use self-hypnosis, so you feel more charming:

Finally, the same principle applies also to pheromones. You use technology when it seems natural in the situation. If you combine subtle self-points with pheromones, you get a sneaky mix. Just make sure that your gestures are congruent with the name of the smell. If you spray on yourself some pheromones that make you attractive, use the word handsome combined with the spray! To learn more about the fantastic magic of pheromones, check this out!

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4 comments on “Sneaky attraction tricks

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  2. :)

    Hey 🙂

    sneaky tricks. O yes, I have often experienced this …haha. Like you say with words, what boys do, how they use body language.
    Good luck with the dating, boys and girls 😉

    1. author Post author

      Nice one!
      It really works. It’s a super sneaky!
      And a fun little fun fact, now that you know about the tricks, you will see movie star and celebrity to this tricks all the time
      on cameras and interviews, lol.


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