Rumour Control – How to stop gossip

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Are they gossiping about me?

Rumour control is a way to reduce malicious rumours about oneself.

There are several ways to master rumour control. The best way, of course, is to behave appropriately to minimise the risk of rumours.

Unfortunately, it is also possible to get rumours that are not accurate despite your actions to avoid them. It is not entirely politically correct, but some human beings and environments are worse at spreading rumours than others. So a good tip will be to avoid “questionable” people. These are people who bully and are active in nefarious activities. The best information for having a dramatically free life is to deal with people who are in “balance.” People who seem reflected, ethical and have a healthy lifestyle.

Having a good upbringing, doing good at school, having active leisure, and working can be called “having things in place.” With some practice, one quickly sees who has “things in place” and who doesn’t. If you are in a situation where you don’t, it is recommended to work with yourself until you have it. Know what “average” is and what is “different.” Rumours are about what is “different,” so be conscious of not talking about anything too strange; then, you will not be perceived differently.

Another tip about rumour control is to not respond to them. Where one uses the tactic to “tie it to death.” Many people tend to talk about it, defend themselves, and ask people they meet, “have you heard the rumours about A, B, and C”? Here one spreads the rumours themselves and reminds people of the matter. The same with the news; some cases will be updated, while other things are forgotten with time. If you talk to everybody to fix it, it often ends with the reputation being updated.

Some people see humour or excitement in getting people to react, both in terms of bullying and rumours. If you do not respond or care, some enthusiasm disappears in spreading rumours. If you meet people who are spreading rumours about you, ignore them.

To help you ignore a person, ask your unconscious mind to help you. Your unconscious mind will help you concerning body language and other “micro gestures” to ignore the person. The person should not feel you are actively missing them. It’s more about them being like a stranger to you. Here self-hypnosis can help.

Another method of reputation control is to do the opposite of reputation. Finding a regular partner can be an idea if the rumour tells you that you have had many superficial relationships. Or if someone claims you are racist, you may want foreigners as friends. If someone claims you’re stingy, you can spend some money on your social group. Do the opposite of what the rumour says. If a group or environment is behind the stories, avoid the specific nightclub, place, or background.

Another approach is to know the friends of the rumour starters. The person will not bother to spread malicious rumours about a friend of their friends. If one speaks positively of the person, there may be a withdrawal. People appreciate hearing about themselves from other people.

In social media, you don’t want to stand out. For example, if you are a celebrity, you will automatically get a lot of attention. If you do not want so much attention, then accept trustworthy friends. Don’t “accept” everyone on Facebook. If you are friends with thousands of people, you are in practice on the reputation exchange.

To further avoid rumours, have a picture of yourself on Facebook in a Halloween costume, for example, or in the distance. Your friends and those who know you will not care if you have a picture where you have a dress on.

If things are terrible, you can permanently delete yourself from Facebook and contact your friends and family through your phone. You can also move to a new city. Concerning your well-being, it’s wise to reframe the subject. Understand that “Haters hate because they’re not me.” Sometimes it is people who are jealous who trash talk. The reason they are angry is that you have succeeded where they fail.

Ultimately, what’s going on in your head is essential. If you are good at constructing your understanding of reality, you can roughly expel these people away from your worldview. You can surround yourself with those you like and focus on having fun with your friends. If you do not look at the spreaders, they do not exist in theory. Your thoughts focus instead on what’s proper and positive in life.

The movie “The Secret” mentions some examples of people who stopped worrying and only focused on good and positive things. He never saw again what was previously hostile. Several self-development techniques I’ve written on my web page can help with rumour control and everything else that’s stressful. Please spread the rumour by linking this article to your friends to help them out!

51 comments on “Rumour Control – How to stop gossip

  1. Katty cat

    Hello there 🙂

    Rumours can be tough to hear, or listen to. It get you self to think a lot, and it often destroys your week day, and you pondering a lot. So you often loose energy, and get very sensitive. You dont feel that you providing. But yes,which you say – people are different, and it can has something to say who you are with.

    1. author

      It can be challenging. Luckily these steps are written down!
      The most important thing is 1. how YOU behave, and 2. WHO do you surround yourself with, what kind of people.

  2. Chris

    I have had rumour on me, and it is not cool!
    You feel people will look at you—finally, a guide on how to get rid of rumours.


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