The increasingly more special dream bed

Imagine someone you love lying in this special dream bed. Use your focused intention to make them have the most awesome and beautiful Lucid dreams

As more and more people use THIS bed as their wonderful dream making tool, it will become increasingly more special and powerful!

Make sure to leave a comment and tell us how it worked for you.

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Picture of a big bed on a porch with an open landscape background showing water and mountains

2 comments on “The increasingly more special dream bed

  1. Mary

    WOW! I followed the instructions with curiosity and tried it on my younger brother who accepted.

    He said he had the most amazing dreams. He dreamt about being in a world unbelievable to describe. He was floating around in the sky, with the feeling of love everywhere. He said there were angels there, singing. The songs were echoed in his ear everywhere; there was music INSIDE him. And it was just super ecstatic!

    I am so excited to let him send some loving and extraordinary dreams to me!


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