Are you feeling tired – all the time?

There can be several reasons for feeling tired; here are some primary causes:

1. Lack of sleep:
Do you sleep for 7-8 hours every night?
If not- here are some excellent tips to be able to do that:
– keep your bedroom dark. Otherwise, your production of Melatonin will be impaired.
– Don’t watch TV, iPhone or computers in bed. This also interrupts your production of Melatonin.
– Go to bed early and at the same time every day.
Your body loves regularity.
– Go to bed at 10. pm. That gives you the best kind of sleep.
– Take Magnesium
– Take 5HTP or GABA
– 1-2 mg of Melatonin
– Do not eat too late or too much.

2. Stress:
Stress exhausts your body and your mind.
It makes sleeping harder throughout the night, and you feel tired the following day. Then you stress more quickly because your defences and immune system are under pressure. It is a downward spiral.

Try to shift your mindset and worry less. It’s not easy, but by taking deeper breaths and thinking of everything working well in your life, your mind can worry less. Gratitude makes your brain calmer. Meditate. It takes effort and practice to do this. But it is well worth the trouble. Please read our guide to getting positive energy:

3. Not enough protein and fat:
Many people eat way too many carbohydrates and too little fat. If you cut your sugar and processed food way down, you will not gain fat even when you eat much more. It is the sugar that gives you extra weight. Healthy fats like avocado, coconut, nuts, and seeds satisfy the body, and you will not crave mid-time snacks.

Your body will calm down in many ways and feel more relaxed but energetic.

4. Move your body.
Do some movement and exercise every day. Exercise will help your body to be more energized, and you will probably also sleep better. A healthy option for body movement:

5. Anemia
Women in their fertile years could develop anaemia due to heavy bleeding.
Anaemia can occur in two ways. You can lack iron and Ferritin if you do not have enough B12. Both deficiencies make you very tired.
See your doctor if you are low on iron or B12. And don’t be afraid to eat red meat. It will provide you with both Iron and B12.

6. Low thyroid
If your thyroid does not function, you will feel tired and cold, probably lose hair, and be constipated. There are thousands of pages on the Internet about this common health problem. Read and see if your symptoms match the ones of a low-function thyroid. Then you should eat clean, unprocessed food. Your thyroid would love:
Wild-caught fish/omega 3 / coconut oil/seaweed/iodineroth /all kinds of vegetables / enough water. Learn more about the thyroid here:

If you correct one or more of these causes of being tired, your day will be more accessible, energetic, and probably happier! Share this link with people who could benefit from sleeping better or somebody who is simply interested in better health! To read even more about sleep:

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