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How to do lucid dreaming & dream programming

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Lucid dreaming connects with astral travel and out-of-body experience. It is just different labelling. The experience may vary for other people because of their beliefs about different words. If a person intends for a lucid dream, then the label may affect the person not to see what is going on in real-time, in the physical world. Another person can understand that astral travel and lucid dreaming are the same, so he will see what the neighbour girl does in his “lucid dream” and confirm it.

The word “lucid dream” is commonly translated into something happening inside your head. It is being aware of the dream, aware you are dreaming. People often translate the lucid dream as being inside the head; the colours are often the same as ordinary dreams. You are only more focused and more robust content in lucid dreams. In astral travel or out-of-body experiences, the colours are often perceived differently. Because of the idea of “being out of the body,” the colours are often shinier. Objects often have a lustrous effect, lighting up like neon lights. To understand astral travel and out-of-body experience, read this:

The colours, the landscape, and the type of information people access are different in a lucid dream because of the labelling and ideas. Now, let us compare lucid dreams to the usual goals. Instead of your dreams being “blurry” or weak, they become intense and focused in a lucid dream. To compare an ordinary plan with a lucid dream is to reach a VHS with a commercial on it versus a Blue Ray movie. The awareness is much greater, and the pictures and concepts are crystal clear in viewing.

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One way to lucid dreams is to make habits in waking life. Practices done during the day will be done in dreams. We dream about our day and the things we have experienced. Habits, routines, and the things we do and think about the most are most likely to appear in a dream. The trick is to recognize the patterns in your dreams. One of the experts in lucid dreaming is Stephen LaBerge. He has contributed a lot to the field of lucid dreaming with different techniques. Below is a list of strategies that helps you induce lucid dreams.

Lucid dream techniques:

Ask, “Is this a dream?” in waking life:
This question is asked to raise the probability of increasing lucid dreaming. Here you can request a partner or yourself in different situations: Is this a dream? Do this many times a day. Make it fun by asking the question to your friends or partner in weird cases. When they trip & fall, ask, “Is this a dream?” Is this a dream when your friend gets a kiss close to the nightclub? When your partner overcooks something in the kitchen, “is this a dream?”. You get the idea. Just make it somewhat fun and motivating.

The “What if” question game:
This is a different game because you ask other types of questions here.
Sit down with a friend and ask him about a dream and what is real. For example, What if you could fly? This question indicates a dream. Another what-if question could be, what if you could walk through a wall? Another answer is suggesting a dream. What if your car is broken? This what-if question implies a real-world solution.

The purpose of doing this what-if game is to train your mind to differentiate reality from dreams. Becoming aware of the differences will help you achieve a lucid dream faster. Remember to change who is asking and answering since asking questions makes you think.

Do things that confirm you are awake:
A neat trick here is to have a rubber band around your wrist. Tighten the rubber band, making some pain, just a little pinch. Do this daily and often; then you start doing this in the dream because of habit. Then notice that you don’t feel any pain in the dream. This makes you aware and lucid in the dream.

What happens is that your critical factors get triggered in your dream, often in a delta brainwave, where you usually don’t have any vital elements. But when this critical factor gets activated, you will produce gamma brainwaves inside the dream that already have delta brainwaves. This mix of Delta and gamma waves results in Lucid dreaming.

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Reality checks:
Reality checks are something you do to test reality, to see if you are dreaming or awake. The point is to do these often and make them into habits. 

A reality check to confirm you are awake is to watch your clock. For example, if the time is 10:30, then seconds later, it says 10:30, you know you are awake. This is how time typically operates in the waking state. But if the time suddenly says 05:47 seconds later, you are dreaming.

Another trick is to hold your breath and check if you can breathe through your nose when you hold your breath. If you can’t, then logically, you are awake. If you can, then you are dreaming. An additional reality check is to try pushing the right finger through your left hand. If the finger penetrates your hand, you are in a dream.

The last example of a reality check is to jump up in the air. If you don’t land, but keep levitating, then you are dreaming. Only in dreams do the physical laws operate differently.

Write a dream journal:
Every morning when you wake up, write down your dreams. At first, don’t move; say out loud your dream. Then proceed to grab a pencil and paper. Write down what you remember of what you just said out loud. If you forget something, you can return to the posture where you talked loudly to remember.

Writing does hardwire your brain; sending a message that what you are writing is essential. You will soon discover that some topics and themes repeat themselves in your dreams. Some dream signs and symbols are more prevalent than others. Study the dream signs and remember them. Remembering these in a dream will activate your critical factor, and you will have a Lucid dream. With those dream signs, you can also play the “what if ” game”.

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What to do in a lucid dream?

What about learning? Learnings of all kinds. Ask your helpers to go through your life’s activities and behavioural attitudes. Where do they believe you can improve? Ask your guides about themes you want to know more about. Maybe you want to learn about healing, manifesting, or astral travel. Ask your guides to place you in courses and classrooms that teach about these topics. Visiting dream schools with the help of your companions can make you learn a lot. Learn more about how to communicate with your spirit guides here:

Maybe you want to ask to help and work in a heavenly city, assisting beings that need it. Focus your intention on learning, growing, and supporting, like visiting dream schools or doing work in a heavenly city. You are implying with your choices that you want to raise the quality of your being. These intentions make it more possible for higher intelligence to bring you the spiritual experiences needed. Since it is suitable for yourself and others, you gain more knowledge and wisdom. Understand the reason behind spiritual experiences here:

I have been in dream situations where I have healed people with hands-on methods. To learn more about hands-on healing, read this: Another time I used hypnosis in the dream to help a patient get more self-confidence. So you can use your skills and knowledge to do good in these other worlds. And use the received from dreams to help people here on this planet.

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Dream programming:

Dream programming is almost the same as lucid dreaming. But lucid dreaming is more about coming into a state of awareness and doing whatever you like. The difference is in the way you receive the experience. A lucid dream is to become -generally- aware in the night, to wake up in a dream. But dream programming is about actually programming -specifically- what you want.
You do dream programming before going to sleep, and the results may vary as to what you choose to program. Here are some examples of things you can program in your dreams:

Before you go to sleep, you can say: “tonight, I am going to have dreams with tips and tricks that will show me how to live a better life. I will understand these tips and tricks, and when I wake up, I will remember them.”

Tell your spirit guides; you want to learn something in the lucid dream. This can be done by visualizing a dream school before falling asleep. Imagine all the rooms, the walls, the ceiling, and how the building looks from an outside view. Now you got a good picture of the physical attributes, focusing on what to learn, the teachers, and the pedagogy.

By holding your hands on your stomach, you start to self-heal, and you can balance your chakras. Read more about balancing chakras here: Balancing your chakras is one of the techniques to experience astral travel. If you become lucid in a dream, you can transform the experience into astral travel. Say in the dream that I am  “your name,” and I want an do an astral project now!

If you want to wake up at a specific time in the morning, visualize a clock and the time you want to wake up”, for example, 8:00. See the numbers on your inner screen. After practising this method, you will wake up at 10:00 and then at 9:00 the day after. The third day is at 8:15 before you hit your target time at 8:00. With practice, your mind and body will tune in at the right time. Do this programming when you have spare time, like at the weekend.

Use sleep paralysis as a way to reach a lucid dream or astral dream. Lay perfectly still, and feel vibrations in your body. Mentally spread the vibrations to a different body part as much as possible. When your whole body is vibrating, do a sit-up. This will push your astral body out of your physical body. Next, learn how to stop nightmares and sleep paralysis. Hold your breath; then, your body has to wake up. Think of beautiful images and focus on your most relaxing memory ever, and focus your mind on getting back into the sleep state.

If you know anybody interested in experiencing lucid dreaming, please share this information with them! It is always fun to have somebody to discuss and learn together with. Let your friends also be “in the know.” If many people you know practice, you can meet each other in a dream. An excellent place to start is focusing on the picture in this link:

Good luck to you all!

23 comments on “How to lucid dream

  1. Clary :)

    Hello 🙂
    This seems interesting. Have you experienced Lucid dream? It would be educational to hear about! 🙂

    I think I have experienced a lucid dream. I have felt several times that in a dream it seems real that this really happens that I am confident. Is this an explanation of having a lucid dream?

    Keep up the good working 🙂

    1. author

      Thank you! It is very interesting!
      Being confident that you are dreaming is a thing! Being aware of the dream reality is one of the most important key in Lucid dreaming.
      The trick is to become aware – how do you do it? You can pinch yourself many times daily and ask yourself, is this a dream?

        1. Dating Guru

          It is a dream – but the realness of it all is like you experience the world now. It is REAL. You can walk around, laugh, speak and touch things. it is just as vivid in a lucid dream 🙂

    2. author

      The quickest way is as the article describe. Write a dream journal.
      And stare at your hand for 10 minutes before going to sleep.

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    I like this post really much. I will definitely be back. Hope that I can go by means of far more insightful posts then. Will likely be sharing your wisdom with all of my pals!

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  11. Leonardo

    I will recommend everybody to see the movie with Leonardo Dicaprio, called “inception” its a Hollywood movie about lucid dreaming.

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