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How to do lucid dreaming & dream programming

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Lucid dreaming abilities ties in with astral travel and out of body experience. It is just different labeling. The experience may vary for different people because of the beliefs they have about the different words. If a person is intending for a lucid dream, then the label may affect the person to not see what is going on in real time, in the physical world. Another person can have the understanding that astral travel and lucid dreaming is the same, so he will see what the neighbor girl does, in his “lucid dream”, and have it confirmed.

But commonly the word “lucid dream” is translated into something that is happening inside of your head. It is being aware of the dream, that you are actually dreaming. Since people often translate this to being inside the head and body, the colors are often the same as in normal dreams. Only more focused and with a stronger content in lucid dreams. In astral travel or out of body experiences, the colors are often perceived a little different. Because of the idea of “being out of the body” the colors often are shinier. Things often have a shiny effect on them, like every object here light up like neon lights. To understand more about astral travel and out of body experience, read this:

So the colors, the landscape and the type of information people get access to is different in a lucid dream. Only because of the labeling and ideas associated with them. Now, let us compare lucid dreams to normal dreams. Well, instead of your dreams being “blurry” or weak, they become intense and focused. To compare a normal dream with a lucid dream is to compare a VHS with commercial on it, versus a “to the point” Blue Ray movie. The awareness is much greater. The pictures and concepts are more crystal clear in the viewing.

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One way to lucid dream is to make habits in waking life, you will bring back into the dreams. We dream about our day and the things we have experienced. Habits, routines and the things we do and think about the most are most likely to appear in a dream. One of the experts in lucid dreaming is Stephen LaBerge. He has contributed a lot to the field of lucid dreaming, with different techniques.

Ask “is this a dream?” in waking life:
Here you can ask a partner, or yourself in different situations: Is this a dream? Do this many times a day, and make it into a game. Make it fun, like asking the question to your friends or partner in weird situations. When they trip & fall, ask “is this a dream?” When your friend gets a kiss close to the nightclub; Is this a dream? When your partner overcook something in the kitchen; “is this a dream?”. You get the idea. Just make it somewhat fun and motivating.

The “What if” question game:
This is a different game because here you ask other types of questions.
You sit down with a friend and ask him all kind of question regarding what is a dream or real. Like; What if you see a blue car driving at the street? And the other has to answer With the word “dream” or “real”. What If you could walk through a wall? hear about a murder on the news?  If you get a glass of water, and the water has no taste? What if you see a blue car crash into a yellow car, and it becomes a green scene? Or if I ask you What if questions?

The purpose of doing this what if game, is to train your mind in different reality and dreams. Becoming aware of the differences will help you achieve a lucid dream faster. Remember to change who is asking and answering, since asking questions also makes you think.

Do things that confirm you are awake:
A neat trick here is to have a rubber band around your wrist. Tighten the rubber band so it makes some pain, just a little pinch. Do this daily and often, then you start doing this in the dream, because of habit. Then notice that you actually don’t feel any pain in a dream. This makes you aware and lucid in the dream.

What happens is that your critical factors get triggered in your dream (often in delta brainwave) where normally you don’t have any critical factor/ skeptic. But when this critical factor gets activated you will produce gamma brainwaves aka “aware and on alert” brainwaves, inside the dream That already have delta brainwaves. This mix, between Delta and gamma waves, is what results to Lucid dreaming.

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Another habit to confirm you are awake is to watch your clock often. If you see 10:30 at your clock and then seconds later it says 10:30, you know you are awake. But if the time suddenly says 05:47 seconds later, then you are dreaming. With these habits in mind, you can lucid dream. Another thing to do habitually is to hold your breath. And check if you can breathe through your nose when you hold your breath. If you can’t then logically you are awake. But if you can, then you are dreaming. This is called reality checks.

You can also try pushing the right finger through your left hand. If it does not work, then you are awake. If the finger penetrates through your hand, then it is a dream. This is called reality checks in the lucid dreaming literature. The point is to test out activities to see if you are awake or dreaming.

Write a dream journal:
Every morning when you wake up, write down your dreams. At first, don’t move, just say out loud the dream. Then move to grab your pencil and paper. Write down what you remember of what you just said out loud. If you forget something, you can get back to the posture of where you were talking out loud to remember more.

What writing does, it is hardwiring your brain, sending a message that “this” is important for you. After a while you will discover that some topics and themes repeat itself in your dreams. There are certain dream symbols and sign that is more common than others. Then read and study those dream signs and remember them. When they happen again, remembering these will activate your critical factor, and you will have a Lucid dream. You can also play the “what if game” with those dream signs.

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What to do in a lucid dream?
Well, what about learning? Learnings of all kinds. Ask your helpers to go through your life’s action and behavioral attitudes, where they believe you can improve. Ask your guides about themes you want to know more about: for example the mind/body relationship. Maybe you want to learn about tarot, numerology or astrology. If so, ask your guides to place you in courses and classroom that teach about these things. Visiting dream schools with the help of your guides can make you learn a lot. Learn more about how to communicate with your spirit guides here:

Another thing you can ask, is that you want to help and do work in an astral city, helping beings that need it. When you focus your intention on learning, growing and helping, like visiting dream schools or do work in an astral city. You are implying with your intentions that you want to raise the quality of your being. This types of intentions make it even more possible that higher intelligence will bring you the spiritual experiences needed. Since it is good for yourself and others, by you having more knowledge and wisdom. Understand the reason behind spiritual experiences:

Personal I have been in situations in dreams where I have healed people with hands-on methods. To learn more about hands-on healing, read this: Another time I used hypnosis in the dream to help a patient get more self-confidence. So you can use your skills and knowledge to do good in these other worlds. And use the knowledge received from dreams to help people here on this planet.

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Now, some info about dream programming:

It is almost the same as lucid dreaming. But lucid dreaming is more about coming into a state of awareness, and from there do whatever you like. The difference is in the way you receive the experience. A lucid dream is to become -generally- aware in the night, to wake up in a dream.
But dream programming is about actually programming -specifically- what you want.
You do dream programming before going to sleep, and the results may vary as to what you choose to program. Here are some examples of things you can program in your dreams:

* You can say before you go to sleep: “tonight I am going to have dreams with tips and tricks that will show me how to live a better life. I will understand these tips and tricks, and when I wake up I will remember them”

*Tell your spirit guides, that you want to learn something in the lucid dream. This can be done by visualizing a dream school before you fall to sleep. Imagine all the rooms, the walls, ceiling and how the building looks from an outside view. Now you got a good picture of the physical attributes, next focus on what to learn, the teachers and the pedagogy.

* If you hold your hands on your stomach, you start to self-heal, and you can balance your chakras. Balancing your chakras is one of the technique to experience an astral travel. If you become lucid in a dream, you can take the next step. Say in the dream “I am _ your name_ And I want to astral project now. In this case, you can use lucid dreams as a tool for astral travel.

* If you want to wake up at a certain time in the morning, visualize a clock and the time you want to wake up”, for example, 8:00. See the numbers on your inner screen. After practicing this method, you will wake up maybe at 10:00, then 9:00 the day after. The third day at 8:15, before you will hit your target time at 8:00. With practice, your mind and body will tune at the right time. Do this when you have spare time, like in the weekend.

* Use sleep paralysis as a way to reach a lucid dream. But first, you need to learn how to stop sleep paralysis.Its very easy to stop sleep paralysis, just hold your breath, then your body has to wake up. Focus your mind to get back into the sleep state, simply think of beautiful images and focus on your most relaxing memory ever. Now the paralysis is gone, and the chances for getting a lucid dream is high.

If you know anybody who will be interested in experiencing lucid dreaming, please share this information with them! It is always fun to have somebody to discuss and learn together with. Let your friends also be “in the know”. – Good luck to you all!

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  1. Clary :)

    Hello 🙂
    This seems interesting. Have you experienced Lucid dream? It would be educational to hear about! 🙂

    I think I have experienced a lucid dream. I have felt several times that in a dream it seems real that this really happens that I am confident. Is this an explanation of having a lucid dream?

    Keep up the good working 🙂

    1. author

      Thank you! It is very interesting!
      Being confident that you are dreaming is a thing! Being aware of the dream reality is one of the most important key in Lucid dreaming.
      The trick is to become aware – how do you do it? You can pinch yourself many times daily and ask yourself, is this a dream?

        1. Dating Guru

          It is a dream – but the realness of it all is like you experience the world now. It is REAL. You can walk around, laugh, speak and touch things. it is just as vivid in a lucid dream 🙂

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