Astral travel and out of body experience

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Astral travel and out of body experience

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In this post, I will write about astral travel, or out of body experience, also known as traveling to other dimensions. There are plenty of dimensions, Many physical (like ours), and many many non-physical worlds, where people use the umbrella term ” the astral realm”.

Sometimes you can travel out of the body in a copy of this physical world, this is called etheric travel. Everything you experience is just a replicate of your environment, but you can float around as consciousness.  Other times you can travel to worlds that are completely different than ours often referred to as astral travel. When you reach a different dimension, it is possible to lay down there in that dimension and get out of the body from there and reach a dimension number 2 if you like. With this method, you can keep going deeper and deeper into other worlds.

We live in a multidimensional world/reality/universe. And we have a multidimensional body/self. As we can obviously see, our physical body is used in the physical world. But what people do not always realize, is that they have another body, that can be used in another world. The concepts of another body and other worlds may seem strange to some people. But it is what it is. And trough experience a person can actually find this out for himself.

Dimension, multidimensional, consciousness - Astral travel and out of body experience

The reality we live in is aware of itself, it is consciousness, and have organized itself in many different ways, often in fractals. One of the ways reality is organized is that it has divided/ split itself into many fragments/units of awareness/Consciousness. An example of a unit is a human being, we are a piece of consciousness, part of the whole.  For the aware units to experience itself, it needs to interact with others units, to get feedback, to exercise free will and get reactions.

Another organization part of reality is that each world/universe/dimension have a rule set, that is unique for that specific dimension. What science has discovered, thus far, is what we call ”physical laws”, these are laws that describe the rule set of our dimension. Other dimensions have other rule sets or other laws. One thing every dimension has in common though is that they are all made of awareness, they are all Consciousness, alive. Even if a dimension appears physical. The physical world we live in for example is still an illusion, but a very persistent one.

awarness, reality, rule set, universal laws, consciousness - Astral travel and out of body experience

It does also exist universal laws, or more precisely ”multiversal” laws, that is relevant in each and every dimension. An example of such a law is the ”law of attraction”. This law is about what your awareness focus on, it will see/create. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Since every human/unit is a part of the whole, it is possible to understand the multiverse by understanding your own awareness. It is possible to alter the world if your alter your own mind. It is possible to extract information from reality itself, for example with using signs and synchronicities for your own progress in your own personal life. I have written another post about both symbols and communications with the non-physical. If you want to learn more about this:

It is possible to become one with the whole for a short moment, as an experience, this is called Cosmic Consciousness and experiencing the bliss state. It is also possible for a person to feel this truth, by having a long-term feeling of connectedness with reality, referred to as enlightenment.

Non-physical, spiritguide, Cosmic Consciousness -Astral travel and out of body experience

The dimension you are most in is the dominant dimension that is the purpose for you to live your life in. It is your purpose to live in this dimension in this life. It’s obvious for the unit what dimension is the ”primary” one for him or her. The purpose of life is to grow up, and it is not necessary to travel to other dimensions to mature, but you CAN if you want to. The overall purpose of every dimension is to grow. Different beings in different dimensions experience life in their own personal ways. All that feedback is collected from the whole, by its fragments, the entities, living their lives.

Spirituality and growth are the same. There are many ways to grow, to pass a test, to gain more wisdom, to spread love or to develop new skills and abilities. So if astral travel and Out Of Body (OBE) is making you grow, then it is more likely that it will happen. This is true for every paranormal ability if it is used in a situation where it will lead to growth it is more likely to happen.

In other non-physical worlds, the ruleset is different with often looser rules, or more freedom if you will. As mentioned, one of these rules says that what you think about you will attract. This means that what you think most about will can manifest in your astral travels. If you have a lot of different thoughts,  your experiences can get messy in Astral. So the organization part of reality makes sure that people who ”work on themselves” with reducing fear, anxiety, and worries may enter the astral realm.

Non-physical worlds, astral realm, meditation - Astral travel and out of body experience

Meditation is one of many tools, to help reduce this noise from our minds. When you, with practice, master your mind, you can enjoy the astral realms more. You can with time simply shift your perception, since each dimension is just a shift of perspective. So when you shift your perception of the physical, and focus on consciousness itself, and reach the non-local state, you are able to travel and experience non-physical dimensions. Point consciousness as some people also calls this state of awareness.

Other descriptions for this is to reach the delta brainwave threshold, to forget the body (what body?), or reach the Body asleep/mind awake state. In the point consciousness state, you can do whatever you want. Remote heal, manifest, get information by communicating with the whole or other entities and go out of the body. What you believe can happen, can happen by using your intentions of what you want.

delta brainwave, body asleep /mind awake state, point consciousness state - Astral travel and out of body experience

It is worth mentioning that techniques for getting out of the body is really just mind tools or metaphors for what you are intending. When you use a tool, try using it for a 3 month period. If it doesn’t work, try another one! In this way, you can honestly say that you did try something out, and also get progress elsewhere if it did not work. If you want to learn more about metaphors and tools read this:

When you are out of body: 

When you are in the astral realm, you are experiencing the bigger reality. And as I said earlier, your dimensions ”realness” is determined by your perception. Perception is reality. When you are in astral, it seems real. When you are awake this reality seems real. And it is both real! It is just different perceptive of the consciousness. The universe is consciousness, aware and alive.

Out of body, astral realm, bigger reality, OBE, universe is consciousness - Astral travel and out of body experience

If you meet someone in another dimension, for example, a friend having OBE. You can experience this situation the same friend as your friend. The difference is in how you two describe it, because of different mind filters. However, the conceptual theme is the same for both of you. This physical world is more ”objective” then many of the astral worlds, their focus on subjective experiences is somewhat stronger.  An example of this can be the time I met a friend in astral. I described to her how I helped her over a fence by pushing/bending the fence down. She described to me how she experienced me lifting her over the fence. See, there were these small details that where experienced different, but the conceptual truth was common for both. Mainly that I somehow helped her getting over a fence.

Time doesn’t exist in the astral realms. Meaning that If you give a mental message to a friend, he will receive it, but maybe not on the same physical time that you delivered it. Also, he may not receive it consciously, but some other part of him, the multidimensional part of him, the astral body or soul, may have picked up the message. Also if you meet someone in astral, and they are physical at school having an exam, while you were out of body sleeping in the morning – does not mean that you did not meet him. You met him, but as mentioned, you met another part of him. You simply communicated with him like he is, his true self.

When you are in the astral realm, you can travel and do stuff, just by using your intent. It is possible to use your intent to be placed in a random scene. Google have this button called «get lucky», and it will bring you to a random web page, you can intend the same concept as «get lucky», and the astral realm will just place you somewhere randomly. Once you have a reference point for a dimension, you can just think about this place how it looked and felt, and you will return to the same dimension. Also if friends of you describe a dimension they have been in, you can intend to get to that dimension. The same with beings and entities you have connected with, you just think of them, and you get back in contact again.

Dimension, entities, bigger reality, astral - Astral travel and out of body experience

There are all kinds of dimension. Beautifull ones, where you can learn and grow and experience great things and see much beauty. But it also exists dark dimensions, that have feelings of fear and negative emotions. Another good reason to work on yourself and remove anxiety and fear (a lot of good self-help on this site). May explain a little bit why people with messy lives have messy dreams. Sometimes your dreams get connected with the astral. If you want to explore the bigger reality, astral will often test you. You may hear voices or feel a presence, this is described in physical terms as sleep paralysis. When you reach the point where you don’t care, when you don’t have any fears, you are ready. Astral is just testing you, no big deal.

There are sometimes test in the actual astral travels too. In life, we need tests so we can understand at what level we are. When you, for example, take an exam, you need the test, to see what you know. An example of an astral test can be you are a chef at a restaurant, and you get hundreds of orders. And the answer to this test is to use your mind to manifest the food that everybody wants. One of the most common tests is you being in a moral situation, just to see what you will do. If you pass the ”moral test” you will get access to places that can offer you more knowledge and power. You get tests in this physical reality as well. If you want to learn more about tests read this:

The thing about a test is that they have to seem really REAL to you, if not you would not care. Some paranormal experiences, and also the ”abductions” may be explained as fear tests. How would you react to something real, but not real? Would you let ”advanced” being experiment on you, or do you have the integrity to say no? This is one example of an authority test.  Other examples of fear are hauntings you hear about. They are sometimes entities that are equal to teen bullies in our world, not grown up, immature.

test, paranormal experiences, integrity test, fear test, abductions - Astral travel and out of body experience

Some of the tests are as mentioned about integrity. For example, you are being introduced to a deal from an entity that smells fishy, but it will give you some shortcut advantages in return. Even if this is wrong you are taking part of something that you really don’t like, because of the tempting deal. After a while, you get more and more involved in something where you lose more and more control. Now, this is an example of an ”integrity test”. Sell your soul to the devil type of scenario. When you say no at the being level, you will pass the test, and be left alone. It has to be from the being level tough because you cant use your intellect here. Another way to get out of the problem might be to use the power of your mind to resist it and release it.

There is some traffic between the dimensions. For example, if you see an entity in your house, like an ”angel” it has traveled to our dimension, from another one. There are many beings not being aware of the possibility to travel between dimensions. This goes for many humans, they have no idea. So sometimes other beings will freak out if you travel to their world. Here it is possible to choose to travel in ”cloak” mode or to travel with your astral body. In some cases, you can choose to look like the beings you are visiting (shapeshift).

Other beings can do the same, visit our dimension, and choose what form they want to take – Like a human body. Here you could meet a man in the street, talk to him, thinking this was a polite person, and after turning around some seconds later he is gone. This person then doesn’t actually exist in your country birth list, he just appeared physical to you from another dimension. This can also happen, with entities taking form as an ”Alien” body, appearing physical or half physical to you. Some entities can even shift between the two states, so an entity can walk through a wall, and shift back to being full physical on the other side of the wall.

Also since time doesn’t exist in astral, it is possible for you to astral travel to another time, for example to ancient Egypt and sees the building of the pyramids. You can even visit the past, and appear physical to them and talk to the inhabitant of that time zone. This can also happen to us, that we can get visits from the future, and talk to them when they are appearing non-physical, half physical or full physical.

Astral travel, out of body experience, entity, non-physical - Astral travel and out of body experience

It is also possible for an entity to move physical objects here in our dimension. This is easier to do when you have an out of body experience. But if you have an Out of body experience, you can say stuff to a friend of you, who is walking around in the physical world, and he may be able to hear you, but not see you.

Other entities can do this as well, talk to you and you will hear/notice them. You can also do this to beings in other dimensions, without them noticing you. In some cases, you can also teleport objects and things from one place to another place. But you can’t take non-physical objects into this physical world permanent.

What you can do is to manifest a phenomenon in our reality for a short period of time.  For example, creating an energy ball, here you may see something from another dimension spinning around in the middle of your living room, and you can put your hands through it, but you will not feel anything physically. But you may see something, hear something, get an emotion or think something by being in its presence.

There exist Other physical dimensions, but if it is possible to teleport stuff and objects from those physical dimensions over to our physical dimension, I don’t know.  It is by the way possible to ”send” entities to other people, by using your intent. Like sending an angel to talk to your friends, and they will experience this because of your willpower/focus.

Physical dimension, entities, law of attraction, dimensions - Astral travel and out of body experience

But if someone is traveling to this dimension, and you don’t want their visit, you can use your intent to push them away, not entering this dimension. And in some cases, if an entity is attacking you, you can summon another entity to defend you. But as long you don’t mess with other beings businesses/agenda they will leave you alone.

If you mess with things in a dimension, messing with people and making trouble, that reality may ban you from it. This works in the same way a moderator can ban you from a forum or Mirc. You can also use your intent to rapport to the metaphorical ”dimensional police”, to ban a being. Just remember that the thoughts you have will attract other thoughts of the same frequencies. Again we can refer to the law of attraction or ”karma” etc.

In the long term, you are better off choosing love over hate, love will give you more freedom, mana, and power. The light side has more dimensions and more powerful beings then the dark side. The order is stronger than chaos. The consciousness system is built for the purpose of growth, harmony and to become love. So if you focus on love, helping, healing, growth, learning and experiencing you are better off. Taking this path, often called «the right-hand path» can give you more spiritual experiences.  To read more about the reason why people get spiritual experiences:

Also when you have less ego and fear, you get more mana. It is more easy for your mind and body to get into balance. You get a higher degree of force to accomplish things, like healing, stronger intent, get access to more dimensions, access the akashic record etc etc..

The right-hand path, spiritual experience, The consciousness system, Growth - Astral travel and out of body experience

There are plenty of classrooms, and courses to join in the astral. There are all kinds of different schools and temples. You can learn about everything from; relationship, sex, self-help, the spiritual nature of reality, nature, evolution, the big bang, spiritual abilities et.

You can even do work in the astral. Work at day, work at night. Be a teacher yourself of one of these classrooms, or heal other people visiting astral, or even hypnotize people for better confidence in astral. Everything you can imagine you can do in astral, acupuncture, energy drills, meditating etc. The movie ”astral society” illustrates this well.

A friend of mine visited a monk in an astral travel. The monk had set out an intent for the ”seekers” of the world to pop up in his astral temple for wisdom when they were at a certain level. This friend of mine was so much in astral, that he needed a break, so the monk asked him if it was ok to seal him, and my friend said yes. His astral body can’ t get out that easy anymore, actually it is hard for him to get out of body now.

The masters at the very highest level can drive a car, having a conversation with a friend in the car. Be able to focus on the road, AND be out of body fully aware and do work there. Being present in two bodies in two worlds at once. If you are at this level, it would be possible for you to chat with someone at a forum. Then appear half physical to them in their living room, watching them chatting with, you.

Share this link with friends to raise the global consciousness about astral travel. It is also possible for you to meet your friends in astral travel when you both know how. Good luck with your journey!

Practical Secrets to astral projection and out of body experience

By reading this post I assume you have already read the informal text above about what astral travel and out of body experience is all about:

Now. You have probably been wondering HOW to get these experiences. Here We will cover a lot of practical steps to achieve astral travel and out of body experience.

One way to achieve this is to…
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12 comments on “Astral travel and out of body experience

  1. Magical89

    This was a very good and interesting post. It would be nice with even more tips, on how to do it, so people can learn it, what are some great tips to astral travel? I can tell you that I have experienced this myself. The feeling of flying is one of my favourite 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

    1. author

      Hey Magical89! Yes! We are actually thinking about writing a whole book on tips on how to astral travel! We can share some tips with you. One step is to lay perectly still in your bed, without moving a tiny bit, dont even scratch your face. Then with time, you will experience something called “sleep Paralysis”. In this stage you will feel your body vibrating and pulsating. The trick here is to keep the cool, and dont move any muscel. Use your thoughts, intent and will to spread the vibrations even more in your body. Focus on each body part with your attention and awareness to spread the vibrations even more. The more vibrations the better.

      When you feel the whole body is vibrating you can think about lying in a hammock swinging to side to side. Even better if you have a memory! This may lead to your astral body popping out of your physical body, and you are ready to astral travel in a new world! You can pretend you are Alice in wonderland now (:

      1. Magical89

        oh, so cool, I would like to hear some tips, and maybe we can share it with each other? Yes, lay still is a good tip, silence and no disburbances around you. Have you experienced astral travel or “sleep paralysis”?

        1. author

          Another tips – more esoteric is to heal your other and program yourself to do it the whole night, even when you sleep. I have experienced sleep paralysis – This is often when your hear sounds and noises in your sourroundings. The trick is to not be afraid, when you are not – You are ready for the new world.

          1. Magical89

            In a sleep paralysis: What do you mean when you say: You are ready for the new world?

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  7. author

    Sleep paralysis is the state when your body is asleep, and mind is awake.
    When you are in this state, it is possible to seperate your consciousness from your body.
    This is when you get an “Out Of Body” (OBE) experience! It can also be described as entering another world or dimension –
    often referred to as Astral realm.

  8. cluster mieten

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