Are you sex material or boyfriend material ?


Are you viewed as sex material or boyfriend material? What category you are in is about a girl’s perception of you. A perception that you can create, just like a role, something you can go in and out of. Many girls wonder, what is this guy’s position to me? What category does he fit in? All humans do that, by the way; we men do this too, we think about someone, and we put them into mental boxes of potential friends, potential nights stand, potential girlfriends or potential friends with benefits. With practice, you find out that you can choose what role you want to take. This is also a part of playing the game. Click this link if you want to know more about masculine traits.

The characteristics of sex material

Sex-material guys are often promiscuous. They don’t look at sex as a big deal. Don Juans don’t judge; they have confidence and sexual humour—their clothes scream “player”. But most importantly, maybe it is what they DON’T do. They don’t show their boyfriend’s sides. A common thread is that you enjoy the “party life” and don’t take things seriously.

Consequently, girls will sleep with you fast (they don’t wait for sex) because they view fast sex as something NON-serious. Scientifically speaking, it is called “short-term mating“. Also, exercising, working out, and building muscles can help you become more sex material.

The characteristics of boyfriend material

He is viewed as a potential boyfriend and as “serious”. Look at the bachelor TV program. The key is to take things seriously, talk seriously, behave seriously, and think seriously. Therefore, this vibe shines through instead of being a wildly promiscuous party boy who doesn’t care. In a relationship/marriage – women often look for a stable guy who appears balanced. A guy who has his life together in terms of a good job, a good economy, his friends are steady, and he may be somewhat polite and romantic. Examples could be that he plays love songs on the guitar, buys her roses and goes on dates; he talks about love and a long-lasting relationship. To sum it up: someone she can introduce to her family with pride, without being ashamed to present you.

boyfriend material, long lasting relationship - Are you sex material or boyfriend material?

Destroying the illusion of long-term relationships

If you want more experience with girls, a relationship’s inner picture is good. The solution is to destroy the illusion of finding “the one”. This eliminates the belief that something “external” will make you happy. That long-term relationship will somehow “fulfil” you. If you get a girlfriend, you still need to pay your bills, clean your room, eat healthily, exercise, etc. Having a partner is not a “big debut thing.

Serial monogamy is the norm in Western countries. But an essential thing in destroying this inner illusion is that you better directly with reality. You come across as more non-needy since your mind controls your body language, words, and vibe. It’s ironic. Many girls want a relationship MORE with you if you have shattered this illusion. You don’t need to tell them this explicitly, but if you have destroyed this illusion, they will pick up the non-needy vibe, making you more attractive! Relationships are not something you should pursue with a person initially but come later; either way, don’t focus on it now. As a general rule, let the girl bring up the relationship topic first.

non needy, long ter, relationship - Are you sex material or boyfriend material?

The paradox: The red pill

Girls often want guys with experience, guys who know these kinds of things from experience. You need to know what you are doing. If you are new in this seduction and game world, the chances are that you don’t understand these concepts and dynamics. Without knowledge, it is hard to adjust or get the desired results. So a girl wants a guy with experience and confidence!

How do you get experience and confidence? You get it by getting positive feedback or seeing girls wave sex with you. Remember that girls tend to have sex fast with guys who appear as “sex material”? So the trick is first to be viewed as sex material. You can be a player for three to five years. In these years, you have to think like a player. It will get you a lot of sex, experience, and confidence. Your chances of finding an attractive girlfriend increase with experience.

The red pill, experience, girlfriend - Are you sex material or boyfriend material?
How To Seduce Girls

You Seduce a girl by being bold and brave, sexual and non-judgmental, and make her invest and qualify. The odds of having sex with her fast is higher when you do this. After having sex with her, you can change the dynamic into a long-term relationship. It is simple to change from being viewed as sex material to boyfriend material. But it is not so simple to change from being considered boyfriend or friend material to sex material! Many guys choose to have sex with a girl and then build a relationship.

Practice makes perfect, so it can pay off to play the game for some time before settling down. The way about it is to learn the game and have sex fast (on day 1 or 2). Use the game to get her into bed. Then after sex, you can be “yourself” more and more. Being authentic is crucial for having a long-term relationship where both of you are yourself. After sex, the power dynamic is flipped. You have the power. If she keeps coming back, let her continue to invest in you. After a long period of seeing each other, having sex, and investing in you, you can support back by relationship or commitment. Read how people screen for a partner here:

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  1. Josef

    This was explained very well. I think I am in the boyfriend category.
    It’s nice to know that girls classify guys like this. It kind of makes sense now.


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