How to do inner child work

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Inner child work

The inner child work is an aspect of yourself from when you were a child, before puberty. We experience things as a child can be addressed with inner child work. In psychology, we grow in stages, and we, as humans, are meant to develop and grow. But sometimes, we may miss a step or two because of experiences in childhood.

The way to do it is to start with a guided meditation or self-hypnosis. Lay down and relax with your eyes closed. Picture yourself in a park. Here you can decide the surroundings. Fill it with different kinds of trees, flowers in all colours, and maybe a fountain. Feel how the sun is shining and see how the sky is blue after having to put some effort into making the park a place for a holy meeting. You end your visualization by creating a bench.

Self hypnosis, visualization with creating a bench - Inner child work

Now. See a little boy walking towards you in the distance. Wait for the boy while sitting on the bench. While he comes closer, at the age of 5-6, you may see that it is you as a child. After this innocent little boy sits down with you, visualize white light surrounding you both – helping you make this a positive and beneficial meeting.

Then look at the boy’s face; you can see it is an earlier version of you. It is you in the past. As an adult, you now have a lot of life wisdom to give this child. Express in whatever way you like good things to this child. You can laugh at the child and provide it with attention. You can teach it things; give it a loving hug. Feel in your chest area love for this child; the child will notice your compassion and love, not only by your presence but also by your energy, body language, and how you look it in the eyes.

loving hug, look in the face - Inner child work

Unconditional love for the inner child:

You, of all people, know what is coming for this child; you know the child’s path. And you have the wisdom to say and do whatever it takes to make the path to come as smooth as possible. Remember, you are speaking of a future reference point so that you can give the child patience and hope. Maybe you want to cry with the child, help it release its emotions, and let the two of you share some painful feelings, this is safe, and you do it out of compassion because you know it will help the child release some of its emotions.

After this meeting, assure the child that you will come back for another session in the future. Assure him that you have a friendship and that this time is not a goodbye forever. Tell the child that you can, from time to time, close your eyes and summon him back, and you can meet each other in this holy park.

Holy park - child work

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