Get sex with girls by not judging them

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The importance of not judging girls (ASD): In this post, we will write about the importance of not judging girls if you «get» this you as a guy will also get more sex. In our society, some people tend to shame girls for having sex with guys. Calling them nasty names such as cheap, easy or sluts. Girls are afraid of these labels. In the seduction communities on the internet for men, they use the acronym ASD. This Stands for “Anti-Slut Defence.”

Therefore, flirting is often about “sub communication”, it’s about communicating things in a non-verbal way. You don’t say to a new girl you met “want to go home to my place and have sex?”, you don’t verbalize it. Sex has to “just happen” in her mind. Girls often use “plausible denial” or backward rationalization when it comes to sex.

If you want to have sex with a girl, you have to understand this. You can never use words like “bitch” and “easy” and so on about someone, this will trigger ASD or the feeling of shame. You will be perceived as a guy who is “judging”. It’s better to just erase such words from your vocabulary. Even if you state these things about other girls. It does not matter because she will think that if you can say things like this to other girls. You might say similar things about her to others. The solution to all this is to use backward rationalization or excuses.

Backwards rationalization or excuses:  This is a fancy word to describe that girls need excuses. Often they have to defend to their friends or themselves WHY she had sex and why did it happen

If you find a good excuse she can let sex happen because then she has not accepted a sex invitation. She can never accept a sex invitation directly, because of the defense mechanism of being perceived slutty. So your job is to have good excuses for why you drag her home or get her into the bedroom. A good tip is to practice finding excuses, by making a list. Another level after this is to understand is she «gets it», when you look in her eyes.

Examples of some excuses that can lead to sex: “I am hungry, let us go and make some dinner”, “I have a pizza and some taco in the freezer”. “I told you about this crazy Youtube clip before, I just have to show you that clip, before we’ll say goodbye to each other. “I have made a chocolate from scratch, come up super quick and taste it and state your honest opinion”. “It’s Saturday now, only one time in the week, we have to party MORE, the night lasts longer – let us take some drinks at my place”. You never ask directly about sex.

“There is an “afterparty” at my place”. “I have to show my stamp collection”. “It’s freezing outside, let us go inside and talk some more”. “If you want to try the spike mat, it’s there in my bedroom”. “Let me show you some pictures from my holiday, the camera is in the bedroom”. “Let’s read together this magazine, lay next to me and see why we men like this “Men’s health” magazine.”

excuses that can lead to sex, dont judge, asd - Get sex with girls by not judging them

Lines that proves that you don’t judge (ASD removers): These are things you can say, that will make you come across as “non-judgemental”. Girls can have sex more easy with guys who do not judge. So here are some lines that will help you come across as non-judgemental:

“You know, I think it is SO stupid and sad that some people call girls sluts if they have a healthy sex life, and if a guy does the same he is “cool” or “a player”.  It is stupid to judge people in 2017, a girl should get high fives if they get laid.

“You know, my last girlfriend and I got to know each other after having sex, seeing each other for the first time, or after having a “one night stand. After that, we started hanging together and spent a lot of time together, and after a while, we became a couple. And that is how it started.”  “Sex happens all the time, is not a big deal, everybody has sex with everybody. That’s at least my impression, I am not judging anyone – If someone wants an open relationship for example or enjoy being swingers, that’s nobody else’s business and each person should decide what they want to do for themselves.”

She doesn’t want to be one of many:

So far we have talked about the importance of not letting her feel cheap or easy to get. The trick is to find excuses for why you are getting home together, or in the bedroom. If she doesn’t like you she will probably not come to your apartment anyway. You might experience she likes you just as a friend, but as long as you always read the signs you are good. When you are alone with her and try to kiss her, the worst thing that can happen is she turns away. If this happens, respect this and go back to the conversation. read about how people categorize you:

Rejection is not something to make a deal out of, simply return to your previous conversation. If she wants to talk about it, you can say that you find her sexy and thought that you were flirting. To learn more about the basics of dating, look here:

one of many, classy, ASD - Get sex with girls by not judging them

She does not want to be one of many. Again this can not be said directly. If you do, she has to reject you in order to save her perception of being classy. It is also important to her that her friends see her as classy as well. If you are with your date and her friends and say “I am flirting with many girls at the same time”. She will get triggered because you basically said your girl is  «one of many».

If a girl feels like she is “one of many”, this will trigger ASD/shame- especially if it is verbalized! You might get away with stating it to the girl you date when you two are being alone. But if friends are listening, she knows they will understand she is one of many. She wants to be perceived as classy.

You are preselected:

You have to sub-communicate it, don’t verbalize it directly! It’s the same with being a “player” – you sub-communicate it, you never verbalize it. It’s like you don’ t say: “Hey, I am cool!” and you also don’t say: ” Hey I am a player!”. Again flirting is about sub communication. You can form her perception indirectly, but try to avoid saying things directly. She will get the perception of you being a player or a cool guy by watching your behavior. Get better game here:

Future projections Here is a good trick that will help you remove the feeling of shame from girls. This is about stating things that you and your date can do together in the future. It could be all kind of things. You could mention specific things or general things. This is another concept you don’t express directly. Say you look forward to doing an activity together another time sub-communicate to her that you are somewhat committed. You also don’t say it right before seduction either. Calibrate what you say though, so it doesn’t come off as needy.

Future projections, sub-communicate, non judgemental - Get sex with girls by not judging them

Tell her about all the fun you two can do together when it comes naturally. If you enjoyed each other company and walk by a museum, and she hints that she wants to go there sometimes. It will be natural to say it would be fun if you two go one time. When you talk about future activities you are creating a bond in her mind. It implies you might be a couple. But do not talk about wanting to see her family. You could say stuff like: “We can do so many cool things together”, or talk about a movie, “we have to see that movie together a time”.

The reason for future projections is so that the girl doesn’t think you are “just” going to sleep with her and toss her away. But that you want to see her again. The future projection is giving her reassurance about this.  Just remember to not be too intense about it, but stating it with a casual laidback tone of voice.

Feel free to share this post with your mates or female friends see what they think about this! Greetings from a non-judgemental person 😉

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