How to use the Power of the mind

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How to use the power of the mind

Power of the mind, pure intentions, self hypnosis - How to use the Power of the mind

The power of the mind can take many forms. What do visualization, rituals, and spells have in common? They are all extension of an intent. You don’t HAVE to use any of the mentioned; it’s not necessary. Results can be achieved by pure intentions, without any metaphors. Visualization works by describing or focusing clearly on what you want. The power of the mind doesn’t need to involve visualizations. Another way is to produce an intense feeling to get the same results. Results also come by using self-talk and self-hypnosis. Read more about self-talk and self-hypnosis here:

Inner pictures, sounds, or feelings are all extensions of an intent. The things you focus on will come to you. It is like a language, you express something, and you get a response. Your intent is the expression coming from you, and synchronicities are the answer from the universal mind. The spiritual guides are extensions from the universal mind. To learn more about how to communicate with your spirit guides, look at this:

Spiritual abilities: 

All the different spiritual abilities work with the same principle. It is possible to accomplish results with pure intention.10 ways to develop clairvoyance here: With practice, a person can train up many of the different abilities, although it may take some time. One of the most powerful methods that are out there for developing mind power is The Silva method!

Spiritual abilities, Silva method, Clairvoiance - How to use the Power of the mind

If you know somebody who is very into their rituals, you can send them this link explaining that the rituals and traditions are just an extension of their intentions. Focus intention is what creates results. If you want to learn about manifesting, programming and law of attraction, read this:

Here are some exercises for you to try out to measure the power of the mind:

* Place a coffee cup on a bench in a shopping mall. Have intentions. It will stay there, untouched for three days.
* Imagine an available parking lot on a specific street.
* See in your mind’s eye there to be a shopping cart ready for you in the grocery store.
* Intend to receive a phone call within the next hour.

The key to results is realizing that you want it! You have to be motivated. This combination of focused thoughts with a lot of emotions is the magical mix. Also, remember that what you wish to happen must not harm anyone. If it does, it suddenly becomes black magic. White magic is when your mind powers serve everybody involved. The universal mind will give more mana to white magic. Another way to get more mind power is to work in a group. Share this with your friend, maybe you can do some magic together!

14 comments on “How to use the Power of the mind

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  3. Clary

    Cool stuff!

    What examples do you have for the power of mind? Have you experiensed any good ones? pleas tell 😀

    I once tried to put a plastic cup on one bus stop, thinking that it would stand there 2 days after. It did. That was cool 😉

    1. author

      Another example could be finding a parking lot.
      I once focused on a specific parking lot (1 hour before I drove from home) and yes it was the only parking lot available 😉

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  5. Spiritual

    Thanks for the complimant, allways good to hear from people who like to read our articles.
    I have some examples of power of the mind. – One time I got a feeling of buying a scratch card, and i did.
    This lead to me winning a huge hum money. Another example is Sending remote healing, and the person recieving told me she went to the doctor and took some Cat scan, and the doctor could not understand how her bones had grown togheter and healed from the last time.

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