How to remote heal

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How to do remote healing

When you remote heal, the intention is the key to making changes. Many people say that what you do in real life, you can do in non-physical. If you are good at physically healing people, you can also do this in the non-physical realm. If you have mastered, let’s say, hypnosis in the material, you can use hypnosis in the non-physical too. So all the techniques you have learned to make changes in people here on the physical level, you can visualize and intend in the non-physical. If we accept the theory that everything is the mind, then it is very logical that the mind and intentions can make changes, crossing time and space.

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If you want to heal someone remotely, what you do is the same thing you will do if you manifest something—manifesting works by visualizing and focused intention. The way to produce focused intention is with a will and a deep state of mind called alpha brainwave. The only difference in remote healing is that you are” manifesting” healing. It is just different labelling. Click here to learn more about manifesting: How to manifest whatever you desire – Spirituality –

What science show:

Science shows that if YOU have empathy for others, it will change your brain, called Neuroplasticity. Having compassion and praying for other people to have a good life & health will benefit you. To learn more about the personal services that empathic contemplation will provide you with, watch this:

Suppose you want to heal someone remotely. Count yourself down to the alfa state by counting from 100 to 0. Or go into a meditative state, alternatively listen to some binaural beats to produce alfa brainwaves.

What to do in an alfa brainwave state:

Now, When you are down at the alfa mind level, you are ready to use your thoughts to send healing to another person. One popular method to do then is to visualize the seven chakras. You are starting with the root chakra, with the colour red. You can imagine the chakra at the base of the spine becoming increasingly redder, having a nice glow from it. Until the light has a solid red-coloured aura around the subject’s body, you can move on to the orange chakra and visualize an orange aura around the subject’s body. And continue doing this until all the chakras are glowing and balanced. To learn more about balancing meridians, chakras and auras, read this:

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The most important thing to remember is to focus. To have coherent thought streams. The key is to concentrate over a more extended period; this is what will bring results—combined with you having alfa brainwaves and being in a meditative state.

Another thing to do is to focus on the person who needs to be well. You can use your feelings, the sensation around the chest area when you feel loving-kindness. Or you can use phrases like” I Want you to be free from all diseases and addictions, and I want you to have freedom, happiness, and good health.” So you can use all the modalities of inner sound, pictures, feelings, or pure thought focus alone.

The more people focus on the same thing, the more significant the results are. So if you have a healing group helping you, concentrating on a family member’s well-being will help even more.

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How to Become a more powerful healer:

If you do self-help work, it will help even more in the healing, like doing energy drills by Donna Eden or laying on a spike mat. You must be calm in your body! So TRE (Trauma release experience) EFT or Sedona method will be good preparation before remote healing. Releasing tension from your body makes it much easier to go deep down inside yourself. Also, It is recommended to turn off cell phones and find a quiet place/time.

It is also said that the more you heal people, the more mana/power you will gain! Also, remote healing with empathy is one of the fastest ways to develop clairvoyant skills! Since you are doing it for something good. If you see black spots on a person, that may be a metaphor for you that this is a weakness/illness. Here you can focus imagined white light on the areas, and they will become smaller and smaller. The white spots can be a metaphor for good health; bright colours and shiny light are the same. To learn more about symbols, tools, and metaphors, read this:

Also, if your subject intends to” receive” by opening themselves up to healing, they will receive it better. Sometimes the subject may experience lovely lucid dreams in the night after healing. If you send remote healing by focusing on love/health and sleeping, the subject may report that they have so much more energy the next day. The members can send to each other if you are in a healing group. Abe can send it to Barny, who sends it to Cecilie. And Cecilie can send it to Abe again. But the most effective form is when everyone sends it to one person that day, then change the person another day. The subject receiving has intentions about opening up.

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Different healing anomalies:

In some rare cases, you will find that you can’t heal the person. When you visualize light, the person’s black spots pop back, no matter how many times you try. This is a signal from the universal mind that the person has a lesson to learn from their case. That it is something mental; they need to change. Maybe they have a particular way of being or looking at the world. As mentioned, they must gradually change their thoughts because their worldview and beliefs make them ill.

Sometimes after healing, a person can become –worse- than before you started. This is common in both hands-on healing and when remotely heal. What happens is that the subject is experiencing a releasing process. The weakness or illness is coming up to the surface, and the subject must go through it before he can improve.

Remember that healing can’t” magically” cure things in a second. But it” speeds up” the human healing processes. So a wound that could take six months may take three months after some healing sessions. It depends on how long the healer focuses, how profound the healer is in a trance, and if the subject has any mental blocks for not wanting to get better and the healer’s experience.

Think of somebody interested in learning how to remote heal, and share this article with them remotely. With knowledge, the most potent factor has multiple healers joining to create maximum force. Start to remote heal today with the help of this technology:

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  6. Sofia

    You can remote heal using all kind of tools.

    You can imagine sunlight shining on a person you feel love and compassion for.

    I tried Remote healing, by doing the “intention experiment” -the healing chair- and it worked!


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