How to clean up and clean your home

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Written by guest author Katty.

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How to clean your home can often be a big step to make a home neat, tidy, clean, and refurbished. But what needs to be known is that there are many good reasons to do this. Science shows people with a clean home is more healthy.

It is essential to clean and tidy one home. This can have a lot to say about your health, energy, and every day. If the house there is clean and tidy, there is a high probability that you are more energetic and create more profit. You feel cleaner because your home looks nice, and it smells refreshing.

It’s a good feeling for you, and those around you when a home looks nice and tidy – it gives a good mood and a lot of joy. You get a sense of mastery when you have done such work, and then you have a good conscience to relax a bit. 

To feel that time may pass faster, and you become more engaged – have on music 🙂 

Some cleaning tips to start with:

  • Clean up after yourself, foremost.

  • Ensure all the things in the home have a permanent place -and remember to put it back in its place after use. 

  • Take a proper cleanup five times a year. Throw away things you don’t need. 

  • Set up more shelves and boxes where there is room

  • Throw away anything unnecessary

Rules of thumb for cleaning the house in record time:

  • Have wet wipes available at all times, to avoid stress during impulse visits. 

  • Remove dry with dry, and with wet. 

  • The broom and dry mop should be your best friends in such situations.

  • Make room for clutter, either in the form of boxes, or empty areas in houses. 

  • Try to wash before the weekend if possible to avoid this then. 

  • Remember to clean the refrigerator.

Here are some examples of how you can perform the task both every day and great cleansing:

  • Every day: Put on the laundry machine: If there is any laundry thrown away, and it is dirty, take it to wash it! Clothes can give off dust and odours. 

  • Every day: Is there and dishes, such as plates cutlery, glasses, cups etc. – get it in the machine – so it does not smell. If the dishwasher gets quite full, turn it on, and remember to take it out again when it is done. Put in place in the cupboard. 

  • Washboard and surfaces. 

  • If you see any visible dust, remove it!

  • Remember to ventilate. 

  • Floor washing and vacuuming does not need to be done every day, but a couple of times a week. If there are any leftovers such as food – then it can be swept up daily.

  • Move furniture so you can get into hooks, mouldings etc. Don’t have to do this every day, maybe once a month. Dust accumulates, and rot, animals, and insects occur.

  • Change the bed – at least once a month.

  • Clean bathroom, shower/shower cabin, and toilet. 

  • Suppose there is space in the bathroom – wise with washing machine, dryer, or a device with both programs. It can take up space and become dust out of a clothes rack. At least if you many. Is it nor everything that can in the dryer, then you can hang it up. 
  • Clean windows. Both the windows itself, and around. 

  • Clean up, collect trash. Have source sorting

  • Clean drains 

Here are some examples of products that CAN be used: 

  • Vacuum cleaner: Remember to change the bag and remove dust from the vacuum cleaner! 

  • Floor cleaning: Disposable cloth for a mop. Adapt to the type of floor you have. Can well use a mop. Do not have much water on the parquet. Use microfiber mop, or disposable.

  • Surfaces/board: Can use universal spray, kitchen spray. Suppose some stains need to be scrubbed/scraped away. Feel free to use scrubbing cream, and a scouring pad/broom.

  • Bathroom: Disposable cloths, bathroom spray. Remember to move things that you get into corners and hooks in the shower use scrub brush and scrub cream. In toilets, feel free to use chlorine upstairs. On the sink, is it a good tip to use vinegar? 

  • Windows: First clean over with a microfiber cloth, and have a bucket with windows wash, or water and salmiakk. Use a squeegee – start at the top, and work your way down the window. To achieve a good result, you must wipe over the squeegee with the microfiber cloth between each strip. 

  • Clean drains:  Use pipe new drain opener. A good tip is to save on an old dish brush that you can use to remove dirt. Also, remember to wash well with water when using detergents.

  • Use a disposable washcloth to wipe away if there is any dust, dirty daily, or just a cloth with water.

Wish you luck, and I hope this how to clean your home article can provide some helpful tips 🙂

4 comments on “How to clean up and clean your home

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