Communicate with your Spirit guides

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How to communicate with your Spirit guides

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Your life will be easier when you know how to communicate with your spirit guides. Spirit guides are an extension of the universal mind or the consciousness system. Their task is to help you achieve wisdom, harmony, and happiness. In addition to spirit guides, you also have a higher self. All these are an extension of yourself. Both spirit guides and the higher self are a part of you. This is what oneness is all about. The theory is that everything is the mind. It is also possible that this oneness of the universe can test you:

Let me give you an example of how spirit guides and higher self-work. When you play a computer game, you are playing a character. You are like the character in virtual reality. The one who plays you is your higher self.

The guides are like the “get tips” button in a game. In a computer game, getting tips to perform better is possible. Every time the player dies, You (Higher self) can decide if you want to play a new character, load at the same level, or play another level, another gender. The more you practice playing the character, the more experience you as a player will get; you will understand the game better and can play better. Here are even more tips on how to connect with your guides.

Imagine if a character could contact the guy behind the computer screen, telling him how to play. Imagine playing World of Warcraft, and one of the orcs tells you how to play; this will help that specific being. This is not precisely, but a good enough metaphor to get the point across.

Some people say that your specific guides are part of your journey, and you can’t lose them since it is their job to be there for assistance. Like the “give me tips” button will always be there. Other people think that “your guides” are within your unconscious mind. The higher self is the total of all your lives. To learn more about past lives, check out How to explore your past lives – Spirituality –

So the conscious mind can access the Unconscious mind, and from there, the Unconscious mind can access the higher self and the god mind. But all these words “float” into each other since we are all one. There is no clear border, just language trying to describe things. After all, everything is one.

One of the ways your guides operate is by using synchronicities. Commonly known as “signs from the universe.” I will use some examples to help you understand this concept better. Learn more about synchronicity here:

Examples of Synchronicity from your spirit guides:

* You hear a Buzzing high-frequency sound in your ear. At the same time, something is being said in a conversation, on the radio or the television. For example, You say out loud, “Please help me find a job,” and you are surfing the web, maybe a forum, and you read a post about a specific job, and then at the same time, you get this buzzing sound in your ear.

* People say something to you a lot of times. Like you have put an offer on eBay and haven’t checked it for days, and then one specific day, person after people start asking you the same question “How did the offer on eBay go?”. And that is the -exact- same day you get a reply.

* You are wondering about eating a particular food, and your buddy says, “I have heard that food can be bad for you.” And at the same time, you get a buzzing sound in your ear. You are putting weight on what has just been said.

* You are wondering who is responsible for the rumours being spread, and you think about this and read the nickname “Alex” on a forum, the first that your eyes catch.

* a classical is when two people reach for the same book in the library and become best friends.

If you want the planet to evolve spiritually, you can help by sharing this post with your friends. The more people who connect with their spirit guides, the better. Imagine what it would be like if everybody made choices from this level.

Right now, I got a message from a female friend. I got an SMS from her when writing about synchronicity, which was received at 22: 22 34. This female friend was manifested to me when I asked for a friend with the same interests. She did the same; the guides solved our focus intentions with the law of attraction. Learn more about manifesting here: How to manifest whatever you desire – Spirituality –

Communicate with your higher self:

You first need to get down to alpha to strengthen your connection with your higher self. You can use alpha brainwaves’ binaural beats. And when you are in the alpha state, ask your guides if they can connect you further to your higher self. You can then ask your Higher Self to help you manifest things. Read more about Binaural beats and brainwaves here:

Hints can also come in the form of dreams. A figure comes up on your dream screen and tells you that one specific person has bad intentions! You later find out it’s true. As always, if you want tips in the form of dreams – ASK! Say: “Tonight, I want to get tips in my dreams that I understand and remember when I wake up!”

You can also do a light version of “automatic writing.” Go to alpha, with deep breathing, and write down what the “inner voice” is telling. Just ask and intend; ” give me thoughts when I am writing.”
Another way to communicate with your guides is to visualize. Visualize what you want to get closer to your goal. And use synchronicity as a tool for making good decisions in the process. You can also ask your spirit guides to help you develop your clairvoyance:

91 comments on “Communicate with your Spirit guides

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  9. Angel :)

    Hello 🙂 Good work you are doing 🙂
    I have often seen angels and helpers around me, and I can get contackt with. Very good to have a talk with them. I often use them f.eks with healing, you get more relaxed and feel good 🙂
    I wish you goog luck, keep up the work! 🙂

    1. author

      thank you so much! 🙂 That is very cool to hear! A lot of people have, some are brave enough to tell about it! They are here for our benefits, and our dream is that more and more people can get in touch with them and connect with them 🙂 How do you use your angel in healing, iam interessted to hear more about it!?! an how do they reveal themself to you? 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement – We will keep posting more spiritual post with time 🙂

      1. Angel :)

        I am open to tell you 🙂 First I must say that angels and helpers are very goood to have, and to have contact with, They give me inner peace, and I feel agreeable. Feel happy around them:)
        When I get connect with them, I often lay down in bed,find a confortable shelter, somtimes I also have some candle and listen to calm and quit music. I take my hands on the stomach or nable. I can say some names of what them, and after a few minutes some angel/helper are there.

        1. author

          Nice to hear yoy angels helps you feel good, and help you relax. Its sounds like quit mucis and candles and hands on your stomach summon the angels to you. You probably have healing hands, if you are healing yourself while asking to connect with you angels and guides! Call them by their names! Sounds good! Arch angel Michael For Example 🙂

          1. Angel :)

            Yes. Angels give me some inner peace and has helpes me with many things. I have received messages, have contacted / talked with them. In recent times, the messages have been very good for me to listen to 🙂

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    1. Dating Guru

      We are back and active again. Check out or new audio boost and binaural beats, as an easy method for experiencing astral travel and out of body experience (OBE)

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    1. Dating Guru

      Thanks! Love to hear you enjoy our web page! We try our best to give you the reader the best time possible

    1. Dating Guru

      Thank you. It is essential for us that the web site is user friendly and gives a great reader experience. Again thank you for kind words.

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