How to find your perfect partner

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How to screen for a relationship

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One of the best ways for a girl to get a relationship is to hold back sex for a while. If you as a woman wants a relationship, this is the solution. Many guys just want sex, so by waiting you filter out those guys. Also, Some guys move on, get tired of a girl after having sex with her. Also, some guys think that If girls give up sex fast, they are not “girlfriend” material. I don’t judge; I am just telling what OTHERS often are thinking.

Also, if a guy has to work to get sex, he will invest his time and energy on you, and that will cause him to like you more. Because of all the “investment”, that is how the psychology works. To learn more about the secret to getting selected, read this: way to categorize men is to give them a “flag”. Red flag, yellow flag, and green flag.

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To understand somebodies future, look at their past! Yes, patterns tend to repeat themselves; that’s why they are called habits. So if a guy has done something criminal, had a bad childhood, his parents are alcoholics etc. All these signs give you an overall view, and you can label the guy as “red flag”. This is NOT political correctness, but it will help YOU to have the best possible relationship. You want (I hope) to screen out guys who will give you a long-lasting relationship filled with, love, joy, and abundance! Research suggests that we find partners that remind us of our parents!

If a guy has been with a share of girls in the past, it is somewhat useful. It can be helpful because he now has the experience to know what he is doing, to understand how to be romantic and to be skilled in bed. But if he has been with “too many” girls in the past, it can be problematic. Because the chances of him being a player suddenly go up. If you want to read how players are gaming girls, read here: 

But players can also change, therefore the principle to wait for sex, to find out… If he is a player, he will go bored after a month and leave you. This is part of the game, to have the confidence in yourself that YOU are good enough and not just your body.  If he, for example, seems nice, have been with a lot of girls but have had a good childhood (kept away from criminality) You could label him as “yellow flag” the colour between red and green.

Since girls tend to move towards “bad boys” the boy is often just a LITTLE more “bad” then the girl. If you are a good girl/green flag, you could get along with a yellow flag guy. Just keep away for the red flags. What happens typically – just look around you, is that the “bad/nice” scale that I am describing tend to find each other. Meaning red flag guys tends to hook up with red flag girls. Yellow flag guys tend to hook up with yellow flag girls, and so on. If you want to convey that YOU are “girlfriend material”. You want to convey “green flag” tendencies.

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A green flag is the sum of many good SIGNS. You have done it good in school, have had a great childhood, you are loyal to your friends, are active in a sport or hobby. You seem like a girl with “class and manner”. This is how many guys think when it comes to a relationship. They categorize the girls into the red, yellow and green flag. Guys looking for one night stand, go for the “party girl” who have been drinking and have sexual behaviour. The girl who signals she has done this before and has an ” I don’t care” attitude. Guys don’t want to continue to date a red flag girl.

The point of a relationship is to experience good things, good emotions, bonding and a relationship that works! If one or more of you have a lot of psychological issues, the drama is likely to happen. So look for “signs” that represents balanced behaviour in a person. By looking at his past, you can PREDICT how a future relationship is going to be. If you have had a lousy childhood and have terrible self-esteem, you can always work on yourself with self-help hacks, read here: 

If you want to see more love in the world, please share this post! Help your friends to be “in the know” about how to find good relationships. After reading new knowledge, you will see society in new ways, something inside you will change. Suddenly you will start to see red flags, yellow flags, and green flags almost always match up with each other. Just look around!

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  1. Cess

    This was a useful post. I have had my share of “bad boys” – not going consciously after them!
    I now know what to look for, and what NOT look for. Thanks!


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