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Hint: All the answers can be found by reading our articles

1. What does not needy mean?
a. You focus all your attention on another person
b. It’s about telling jokes
c. You spread your focus on many things and people, not only one.

2. How do you screen for a relationship?
a. You look for red, yellow, and green flags
b. You try to impress your date,
c. You go for the first individual you meet.

3. What does OBE stand for?

a. Out of Body Exercise
b. Out of Body Experience
c. Out of Body Enlightenment

4. What is Astral Travel?
a. The same as an Out of body experience.
b. To walk in holy mountains.
c. To be a tourist in a foreign country.

5. What is the reason behind the spiritual experience?
a. To grow
b. To boost your ego.
c. To scare you.

6. What does CBT stand for?
a. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
b. Cognitive Brain Teaching
c. Controlled Behaviour Therapy

7. Is whats an example of magnesium-rich food?
a. Nuts
b. Seeds
c. Avocado
d. All of the above