The reason behind spiritual experiences

The reason behind spiritual experiences

The reason behind spiritual experiences image

Often people get spiritual experiences because the universal mind wants to show them that it exists a bigger reality. All the paranormal is just a little ‘wake-up call’ to realize this.
The universal mind wants us to mature, progress, develop, and grow. A person does not need any spiritual experience to grow up or be an emphatic, loving, and wise person. But the universe can test you in this physical matter reality.

However, it is an option and an Alternative. When people have spiritual experiences, it is not the experiences in themselves that are important – the critical thing is that ‘something’ more religious exists. If you see a vision or have a dream that turns true, do not attach too much meaning to the dream image and think that it has a special meaning. It is the meta-meaning that something of this sort exists, that is, the more significant meaning.

People across the world sometimes get unexplained or spiritual experiences. People of all ages, across the globe in all cultures, get these experiences. Members of each religion also get these experiences, where people have various filters and interpretations for what they are experiencing. Of course, individuals who belong to the same group or religion will have many similar experiences. So at a superficial level, it seems that no religion can be true since they all have different experiences—the filter a person has determined what types of images, visions, and experiences the individual has.

Gender, race, nationality or religion does not matter in the big picture. Spiritual experiences, labelled religious, spiritual, mystical, or paranormal experiences serve for a reason explained above. To show people that a bigger reality does indeed exist.

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Now. As mentioned above, you can see and experience this more significant reality. But you can also use these phenomena as a tool for growth. The game’s name is to raise your consciousness or grow up. This is nothing new; you can look at how our society works. You will see children go through kindergarten and elementary school, become teens and find an identity. They keep maturing, attending high school, getting a job, progressing within their career, getting a wife, and getting kids. After these, people tend to raise their kids to mature and evolve so they, in turn, can repeat the process.

So you see, society gets this process; call it a spiritual evolution; the Physical evolution that Darwin explains is well known. There is also a spiritual evolution described above. It is about growing a quality consciousness, where you are growing up and maturing. Many spiritual people, groups, and even world religions touch on this. It’s all about making this world a better place to live in. You can’t force rules on people to not sin or behave morally by pushing fear down their throats. But what does work is that each individual explores the world through successes and failures.

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Free will and maturing consciousness

This is what free will is all about. The universal mind wants to evolve, expand, and become harmonious. But people have to ‘get this’ by their own choice. The simulator – our world is here; the playground is here, now the player can explore. Getting people to cooperate and systems to work and function can be called reducing entropy. Maturing your consciousness is part of spiritual evolution, as mentioned. This physical matter reality is a subset or part of a bigger non-physical reality. We are here in the physical matter of reality for a reason. This is our primary reality, as is experienced by everyone here. Much of this theory comes from physicist Thomas Campbell:

Maturing and developing a quality consciousness is the most significant thing. You can get an intro to the bigger reality, a mystical experience. Experiences through various filters, depending on what you believe in and what metaphors work for you. To get more knowledge about metaphors, look at this:

You can, however, use spirituality in the name of growth. You can use healing and prophecy if it benefits everybody concerned. Or If it helps you as an individual growing up. With free will, you can misuse such tools. Voodoo and stuff like that are possible, but the system may get a reaction back. The response is to teach you a lesson; this is not an angry god. It is a mechanism from a consciousness system as a cause and effect. If you play with fire, you might get burned.

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Cooperate with the universal mind.

One of the most common mistakes is not getting manifesting results because a person doesn’t play along with the universal mind. If you, however, use these tools to grow and develop, you can get beautiful results. Putting yourself in a position of growth and manifestation becomes a play for you. However, if you manifest out of ego or fear, the opposite things may happen to teach you a lesson. It is about transforming chaos into order. Therefore releasing fear and ego, correcting mistakes, and solving problems is good. More info on releasing: How to release physical tension – Selfhelp –

With these things in mind and for the greater good, you can use mystical tools. Such as healing, which focuses on correcting illness or helping people out of problems. Manifest things that make you grow further: a relationship, a job, or a book. For example, prophecy could bring closure to restless parents who have lost their children. Or it can also help the police find a dead body, solve a crime, and solve problems. To learn how to develop clairvoyance, see this:

There is only one truth, and we live in a consciousness system.
This physical reality is like a small box within a giant box. The bigger reality is non-physical, where all these paranormal phenomena come from. If it is only one truth, then it is possible to experience this truth with cosmic consciousness. The mentioned experiences are bigger and more intense than other spiritual experiences. It leaves the individual, without a doubt, the experience of being in touch with the divine or the bigger reality. This functions as a wake-up call.

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Many ways to evolve

Other ways to better evolve our understanding of love or teach others the more significant concepts (spirituality). As understanding, knowledge, and wisdom make it all more comfortable to live harmoniously, it expands us. If you use these’ it is about growth glasses’ that I have been talking about, the spiritual stuff suddenly makes more sense. You can see what is happening and why someone gets spiritual experiences more than others.

If someone wants a spiritual experience, you can get it by using focused intent. It happens because the person intends to learn, understand, and grow. Spiritual powers hang like a carrot before people, like a reward or motivation to grow up. Now, If you know somebody interested in spirituality and think they would like to read more about spiritual experiences, feel free to share and link this post to them to learn this knowledge.

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