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How to have a good sleep rhythm

sleeping habits

A Good night sleep

In this post, I will write what you can do to sleep better at night. Here are some of the things you can do to have a good sleep rhythm.


Having a clean bedroom:
When you clean your room, you clean your mind. By putting things in the right order and sorting things out, you sort out your mind. You sleep better when your restroom is dust-free. Also, remember to ventilate your room with fresh air. The color of your bedroom may influence your mood. It is recommended to have blue or black colors where you sleep.

Be active during the day:
Give everything during the day, so you can reward yourself with sleep when the night comes. This includes being active during the daytime. Be outside, meet people, and get sunlight. Remember that sunlight gives you vitamin D, which works like an anti-depression cure. Another benefit is that you can accomplish so much more, and this will help release a lot of worries.

Write a journal:
This is a place to write down your thoughts. These can be worries or plans you have. The beauty of writing a list is that you pour your mind into the paper, and don’t have to think about it during the night.

The benefit of exercising are many. It also helps you achieve getting good quality sleep, because you get physically tired. You also release some oxytocin hormones that make you feel good.

Mental exercises:
A mental exercise you can do is to visualize the letter A inside a circle. After erasing it mentally write the later B inside the circle. Then move on to C and so on. This works because it tires the brain.

Another mental exercise is to go through your day using your mental screen. Start by visualizing waking up and mentally see your day chronological. This also helps the unconscious mind processing your day so you can free up your mind to dream about other things.

Reduce technology in the evening:

Reduce the time you are in front of screens in the evening. So if you get to bed, for example at 11 O` clock, then stay away from screens one hour earlier. The reason you avoid screens is because of the blue light your gadgets and TV are amitting. A good recommendation is to turn off your phones, computers, and other devices before going to sleep.

Have a predictable schedule:
Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Have a rhythm you stick to. This makes it easier for your mind and body to rely on the same timing. If you do this, you will, after a while, wake up the same time every morning.

Food and drinks for sleep:
There are some food and drinks that help promote good sleep. For example, Unplug by Motion Nutrition has a lot of good reviews. Read more about this supplement here: Another good supplement is taking Magnesium an hour before you go to bed. Magnesium helps to relax your bones and muscles. Read more about Magnesium here:

Don’t eat anything 4 hours before you go to sleep. There is some tea that may help as sleep inducers. Chamomile tea has been used for many years in helping people go to sleep. There have been studies done on Chamomille tea. See Its calming effects may be attributed to an antioxidant called Apigenin.

Taking melatonin may also help. Melatonin is part of your body’s natural sleep hormones.

Your focus and sleep:
Be aware of the content you are focusing on in the evening. Avoid horror movies, thrillers, scary books, and so on. Try to focus on something neutral, like doing a puzzle game or reading a feel-good book. Remember that the mind has a tendency to dream about the last thing you put your focus on, so make sure it is something positive!

Hypnosis, stress, and sleep:
There are hypnosis tapes to listen to. Paul Mckenna, for example, has a tape called sleep like a log. Learn more about hypnosis here: 

Hypnosis affects your unconscious mind and can help you fall asleep when your head hits your pillow. It might also help with removing some of your daily stress.

Rumour Control – How to stop gossip

gossiping spreading rumours

Are they gossiping about me?

Rumor control is a way to reduce malicious rumors about oneself. There are several ways to do this. The best way, of course, is to behave appropriately so that it minimizes the risk of rumors.

Unfortunately, it is also possible to get rumors that are not accurate despite your actions to avoid them. It is not entirely politically right to say, but some human beings and environments are worse at spreading rumors than others. So a good tip will be to try to avoid “questionable” people. These are people who bully and are active in nefarious activities. The best information for having a dramatic free life is to deal with people who are in “balance”. People who seem reflected, ethical and have a healthy lifestyle.

Having a good upbringing, doing good at school, having active leisure, and working can be called “having things in place”. With some practice, one quickly sees who has “things in place” and who doesn’t. If you are in a situation where you don’t, it is recommended to work with yourself until you have it. Know what is “average” and what is “different”. Rumors are about what is “different”, so be conscious of not talking about anything too strange, then you will not be perceived differently.

Another tip about rumors is to not respond to them. Where one uses the tactic to “tie it to death”. Many people tend to talk about it, defend themselves, and ask people they meet “have you heard the rumors about A, B, and C”? Here one spreads the rumors themselves and reminds people of the matter. The same with the news, some cases will be updated, while other things are forgotten with time. If you talk to everybody to fix it, it often ends up with the reputation still being updated.

Some people see humor or excitement in getting people to react, both in terms of bullying and rumors. If you do not respond or care, some of the enthusiasm disappears in spreading rumors. If you meet people who are spreading rumors about you, simply ignore them.

To help you ignore a person, ask your unconscious mind to help you. Your unconscious mind will help you concerning body language and other “micro gestures” to ignore the person. The person should not feel you are actively missing them. It’s more about them being like a stranger to you.

Another method of reputation control is to do the opposite of the reputation. If the rumor tells you that you have had many superficial relationships, finding a regular girlfriend can be an idea. If someone claims you are racist, you may want foreigners as friends. If someone claims you’re stingy, you can spend some money on your social group. Do the opposite of what the rumor says. If there is a group or environment behind the stories, then avoid the specific nightclub, place, or background.

Another approach is to know the friends of the rumor starters. The person will not bother to spread malicious rumors about a friend of their friends. If one speaks positively of the person, there may be a withdrawal. People appreciate hearing about themselves from other people.

In social media, you don’t want to stand out. For example, if you are a celebrity, you will be placed in the spotlight, and attention will be directed to you. If you do not want so much attention, then just accept trustworthy friends. Don’t “accept” everyone on Facebook. If you are friends with thousands of people, you are in practice on the reputation exchange.

To further avoid rumors is to have a picture of yourself at facebook in a Halloween costume, for example, or in the distance. Your friends and those who know you will not care if you have a picture where you have a costume on.

If things are terrible, you can always delete yourself from Facebook and just have contact with your friends and family through your phone. You can also move to a new city. Concerning your well-being, it’s wise to reframe the subject. Understand that “Haters hate because they’re not me”. Sometimes it is people who are jealous and envious who trash talk. The reason they are angry is that you have succeeded where they fail.

Ultimately, what’s going on in your head is important. If you are good at constructing your understanding of reality, then you can roughly expel these people away from your worldview. You can surround yourself with those you like and focus on having fun with your friends. If you do not look at the spreaders, in theory, they do not exist. Your thoughts focus instead on what’s right and positive in life.

The movie “The Secret” mentions some examples of a person who stopped worrying and ONLY focusing on things that are good and positive. He never saw again what was previously hostile. Several self-development techniques that I’ve written on my blog can help with this and everything else that’s stressful.

Channelled message 06.05.2020:

Channeled information, channeled message

Message channelled


Hello, dear readers. In these Corona times, it is essential not to be afraid to not believe in the conspiracy that you are reading. You must keep away from Conspiracies. Say something pops up. You just ignore it. This is important because you are all manifesting your future. So if you want a promising future, forget the conspiracy. You don’t want to add on fear to the future probabilities in these times when you have a quarantine and are, for the most part, inside.

It’s essential to use this time productively, work on yourself, and spend your time wisely. Release all issues from your body, write a diary, communicate with people on the internet. Again, ignore all conspiracies and focus on what is right and joyful. Meditation is also an excellent hobby to have.

Feel the love in these times. Remember that your heart sends out Waves; it sends out love Frequencies. Many of you will experience meeting each other in the non-physical,  in the astral realms. Human beings are very social beings and are meant to interact with each other.

Use technology to talk to each other—vibe with each other on these social media systems. You will get some of the Social stimulation with video on Skype, FaceTime, and zoom. Just by looking at other people’s faces will activate something. Your nervous system likes to listen to voice and tones and listen to somebody talk. This also starts something in your nervous system.

Remember to eat healthily and take care of yourself in these times. It is even more important to be healthy and take care of your immune system than usual. Eat healthily, take a walk in the sun each day, do some push-ups when you wake up each day. Encourage your friends to be healthy. Make it your job to spread positive vibes for everybody. Talk to your friends on Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, FaceTime, and Skype, to mention a few.

What you choose your attention to will make a difference in the collective unconscious. We are all connected. Everybody shares the same Mind. What you do, how you act, how you speak, and what you put your attention on will have an impact on the rest of humanity. Because of the collective unconscious, as we mentioned earlier.

Many of you will experience journeys hidden from the physical plane. This is a normal part of humanity. You are magnificent beings. You have much more Potential than you can even start to realize. Think of these times as lessons to teach you something. You are spending more time with your family and loved ones.

Many of you have home offices, and because of that, you are home from the morning to the evening. The real challenge is to get along with the people you live with. You find out who they are on a deeper level and how you communicate with each other on a deeper level.

You usually come home from work, eat some dinner and when the evening comes you sit and watch TV. Maybe you make some comments about the TV show. What is happening now is, communication and time spending is at a whole new level. There are always lessons to draw out of difficult times.

Many companies and businesses Will probably learn that it’s possible to work from home. The Solution will be you can do just as right as being physical In the Office.

Dear friends, we are closing up now, but we will return, Stay tuned. Take care of each other by taking care of yourself. Meditate, walk In The Sunlight, Eat healthily, and focus on the positive. Thank you, and goodbye.

Channelling higher intelligence 24.05.2020:



Hello, Dear friends, This is higher intelligence speaking. We are talking to you in a time of important business. We are coming to you now because there’s a lot for humanity to know. Now is a new step for you to take in human evolution. You are ready to develop extraordinary abilities. There is a shift coming, and people will be able to do things that few people dear imagine.

People have always known about psychic abilities. This is a time when such skills will be amplified. 2020 is an exceptional year; it is the year of transformation. The progress has started, and the human race has from 2020 starting getting more spiritual abilities, it can be measured.
Getting contact with these abilities is something you all can do. You can all move things with your mind, and you can all connect to your guides. You can all manifest whatever you desire, heal, and develop clairvoyance.

We will encourage you to start a practice with some friends to level up these skills. For example, one fun experiment could be to place a coffee cup at a bench in a park somewhere and use your will to make it stand there untouched. If you can do this, you will have proof that your mind can affect matter, and you will be thrilled with Joy after mastering such skills. It will be tempting to do it again and again. You just have to believe you can do it.

The fastest way to get spiritual experiences is to program your dreams before falling to sleep. Say to yourself; “tonight give me a spiritual dream”. If you do this tonight, you will have a unique dream. Developing psychic skills is your human birthright. Keep it for yourself in the beginning. Even if you practice this ability secretly, you will help the human consciousness and the Collective unconscious, to be ready for such capabilities. We will tell you more about how to develop psychic abilities in the future. Take care, dear ones. Thank you and goodbye.