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Let’s assume that you have a lot of friends and the fundamentals in order by being well-groomed, having good hygiene, and being friendly and positive to be around. This thread is mainly about “making contact” regarding friends, etc., and not coming across as needy or weird; It also is about increasing your odds of getting contact.

When you contact a person, let’s say on Facebook, there should be some previous connection. Places to gain contacts include Vorspiels, nightclubs, friends of friends, classmates, people at work, etc.

befriending people, facebook friends - Taking iniative to social gatherings

The common theme: When befriending people and becoming known to them, it is always best to follow the famous staircase model. One step at a time, slowly and gradually. So when you’re at a party, talking with people, after some hours – It is natural to ask people if you can add them as friends on Facebook. To be “safe,” you can wait an hour or two and then add them. (Friendship is not dangerous, and most people are open to it)

Future projection and Prep talk:

Talk to the person about how you like to be spontaneous or that you will poke them a day, send an SMS, give a call, and that’s how you operate. Prepare them for what is to come by saying that you have taco nights or game nights (alias, buzz, cards against humanity, and Catan – are good games). Preparing them makes it appear more natural when the time comes when to call them, invite them over, or ask to visit them to see a movie.

Future projection, -Taking iniative to social gatherings

If they’re busy, remember to answer that also. If you ask someone to hang out, and they say they can’t – it’s lame not to answer and be silent (it seems you are moody). The solution is to have a carefree, optimistic answer like “Another time, mate!”

Also, allowing them to plan is wise when you take the initiative. For example, if you ask, “Hi, wanna hang out during the week?” it’s more likely they answer, “Yeah, I can on Wednesday.” This is not being needy; needy is asking, “Wanna hang?” each day. It’s often easier to be spontaneous with people you know well or have an open/outgoing personality. This is something you find out with your pep talk.

There is also a scale between new friends (soon-to-be friends) and old friends. For new friends, it’s better to arrange something attractive, like a taco night, because they see you have a “party/group” that they can join and come into your world. You still have other people to hang with if they don’t come. For old friends, “just hang out” works fine.

party, hang out, taco night, social proof - Taking iniative to social gatherings

Asking for Snapchat has many benefits, as chatting on Snap is low-key compared to calling someone. After collecting people’s Snaps, which is best to do when you have them face to face, you start “documenting” your social life. This works well because newbies see you with others (social proof).

And if you have prep talked them – and sent a chat on the Snap – “Hey, I am having a taco night today -like I mentioned the other day- It would be cool if you joined! “If there is a “long time no see” period, you can contact the person for reasons – If they have had a birthday, make contact private on Facebook, saying congratulation and start talking from there. Or if someone has changed their profile picture, or has posted a funny/exciting picture on Facebook, use that opportunity to get in contact. Another reason may be that you accidentally bumped into them. “Haha, it was so wild to see you today. Suddenly, long time no see.”

Make contact, send a chat, snap - Taking iniative to social gatherings

Invites give options/friends because of previous snaps (my stories), And it is friendly – You are offering something of value to another person, being warm/polite/inviting. And you probably request it. When this person and maybe a few other newbies join, you take a snap with them also (after a few hours). And the ones that couldn’t make it will see that you are having a good time with people.

When people invite you to gatherings, and you can’t make it, ALWAYS say thank you for the invitation. Look for sentences like, “Glad you asked. I would love to join another time” when people like you but can’t make it. There is a risk that some people may not like you. It’s a chemistry thing. They would probably say they are busy and not say, “Thanks, mate, another time”! They would be shorter in answering.

You can also answer short to people you don’t like. If somebody is always busy and doesn’t say “I’m sorry, another time” or “Have fun” or any of those things. Move on. Never chase. You only want people who want to be around you. – But this is something you should notice BEFORE even asking for Facebook and snap.

invitations, be busy, facebook, snap - Taking iniative to social gatherings

Sexual plan:  What I am discussing here has nothing to do with sex! It’s purely social. I like to make a distinction between romance and friends/social networking. Friends and networking, and having social gatherings is one thing you do, and don’t contact your FB (friend with benefits) about this (she can see your snaps from the events that are ok). And you don’t “hit” on any of the girls.

When picking up and having sex, only seduce people outside your social gathering: tinder, nightclubs, and other people’s parties. Don’t overthink about attracting and picking up girls in your social group. It can be a mess if you are a seducer. It’s so typically AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) to get a crush on female friends because they don’t have abundance and other options. They are not used to having sex, so when they are around females (inside their social group), they overthink sex.

AFC, be yourself, positive person - Taking iniative to social gatherings

Other things to consider: never backbite or spread rumours. Avoid people who suck energy. If somebody you don’t like contacts you, say you are busy. Be a positive person who spreads joy and humour. We mention tools and therapy to help you feel abundant, like CBT and TRE.

Another concept is Ghost people and ghost activities:

You can ask a person for an example on Facebook: “Hey, I am driving to Centrum to eat lunch; want to join? If they say yes, you meet them in the Centrum to eat lunch. If they are busy, you can do other things (an example of ghost activity).

Ghost friends: This is risky! “Hey, we are a group of people having a party at my place. And the trick is to say this to maybe 10- 20 people. The chances of SOMEBODY joining are high because of your “ghost friends” – also known as a placebo. Somewhere it would be best if you started to get the ball rolling.

social level, social networks, different groups - Taking iniative to social gatherings

Your male friends should be around the same level (social level). If there is too much of a gap – you may experience that they get jealous of you. And don’t introduce people to your “gangs” if they may cause trouble, like chasing girls. It is also good to have different social networks. Be part of, for example, two other “gangs” without trafficking people between the two groups.

Considerate if you are dealing with an SMS or Phone person. More shy people like SMS, and more outgoing people can handle a call. Remember to see after patterns, who calls you back, and who “need time” on SMS. Also, never take more than ONE initiative at a time. Call ONE time, and then leave it until they respond.

Understanding others’ needs:  Instead of suggesting what you want to do, suggest things that seem attractive to others. This ties in with listening: When you hear, you gather information; what do they like to do? Use this information to plan better. Also, remember that people will like you if you validate that THEY seem essential/calm/bright.

understanding others need, listening, create an event - Taking iniative to social gatherings

The order you invite people in can matter. Depending on who will be there, some people become more interested in attending your event. For example, if they see girls or their friends coming, guys will go.

If you are making a social gathering on Facebook, you can talk to people on messenger first – saying, “I am having an event. Want to come?” The ones you KNOW will come can be called “the first wave.” Often, these are people who like or know you the best. After figuring out who is coming, create an event on Facebook, for example – And then invite all the people you have conversed “on one” with. The reason here is the “witness” effect (social proof) – Get the first wave of the event first. Remember to tell them to click the “coming” button on Facebook, so you and others can know who is coming.

the witness effect, social proof, friends, event created at facebook - Taking iniative to social gatherings

Now, the ones you are inviting (the first wave) will all, surprisingly, click the “coming” button on Facebook. This is good. So when you ask the other people, “the second wave,” people you don’t know too well or are unsure will come. I will see/witness that other invited people have clicked “yes”/Coming. This increases the odds of them arriving. An example would be guys that will come because girls are there from the first wave. Or they have some friends there from the first wave.

A bonus of doing this is that people will understand that you are the guy who can gather people. Since you have done it before and can do it again, people will trust you and join your event without thinking twice about it the next time. One of the “reasons” for talking to people one-on-one is to find the best time. Ask, “Is there a day next week that is better?” Then you can pick the day that works best for people.

To compare, imagine you are inviting many people, and everybody can SEE that nobody is coming. That’s why it is wise to talk to people “one-on-one” and discover who wants to come. THEN get invited to a group/site/event created on Facebook, where everybody witnesses everything. See if your friends find this article intriguing, and share it with them.

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