How to achieve trance states

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Trance states

Trance states is an altered state of consciousness, where we change our brainwave activity. In a normal awake state, we are in a Beta brainwave state. There are many other brainwaves state, and each of the trance states can be described here:

The benefit of being in an altered state, or trance, is that you can receive information differently than in a normal state. For example, some people can access their unconscious mind in a daze. In a hypnotic trance, you can remember thing more clearly. You can, for example, place an episode from early childhood that you otherwise would not remember. In terms of magick and spirituality, trance is often used to achieve spiritual abilities. Some people channel, manifest or do automatic writing in trance states.

There are also non-spiritual things to do in a trance, such as changing yourself and setting goals.

Various methods to achieve trance states

There are obviously many benefits of achieving trance states, and the good news is that there are many different ways to accomplish these trance states. Below we will mention various methods and how they can facilitate trance.


Shamans are known for using drums in their rituals—drums in their cultural music work to put the shaman in a trance state. A shaman is a person who is said to be able to communicate with spirits in the spirit world. The distinct sound the shamans use is to express an idea of an inner world. The drums are very popular for going into a trance and be able to astral travel.


Music, in general, puts you in a good mood. If you have ever been to a concert, you can be amazed by the mix of music and theatrical performance going on at the stage. This is a form of trance. The same is true with listening to music in general since it changes your mood. It produces new thoughts and feelings in you, which you can use to motivate you in a specific direction.


Trance is sometimes defined as mental absorption and mental musing. Going to the cinema does precisely this. You feel enchanting in the movie when sitting in the dark, facing a giant screen. Everybody is sitting in the dark facing a colossal screen puts this experience as a trance. You forget the outside world and get immersed in the movie.


I put dreams in a trance category, too, because you believe the experience to be accurate, and you are in an altered state of consciousness. There are many types of dreams, from fuzzy dreams to lucid dreams. Being in a lucid dream can be truly magical, and you can even take it further. It is possible to use a lucid dream as a gateway to out of body experiences.

Spike mat

Spike mats are known for getting you into a super relaxing state of mind. Laying on a spike mat will trigger endorphins, a hormone that gives you the feeling of well being. Provides better sleep and helps reduce pains and stiffness. Most importantly, in this context, a spike mat allows you to go deep in relaxation.

Binaural beats

This is a sound technology that helps you get in certain brainwaves states. Binaural beats play two different tones in each ear that are at a different frequency. Your brain then translates these two slightly different tones – and produce a brainwave state. For example, if you listen to 100 Hz in the right ear and 110 Hz in the left ear – Your brainwaves will be at 10 Hz. Each Binaural beats names what brainwave state you will be in. The usual Brainwaves are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave states. Binaural beats are famous for the use of meditation, astral travel and relaxation.


Hypnosis is probably most associated with going into a trance. In hypnosis, the subject only concentrates on the hypnotist’s voice and is guided into more relaxing states. The reason for going down into relaxing conditions is that here the critical factor is down. This makes it easier to give suggestions and commands to the subjects, so their mind will accept them and let them land. People may have difficulty letting compliments land, but in a hypnotic trance, it bypasses this resistance to get the validation they need. Hypnosis is a popular tool for better self-esteem, stop smoking and changing habits. Learn more about hypnosis here:

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As a child, you learned that you will get dizzy by spinning really fast in a circle. This is indeed a form of trance; you will see the room spinning after you have stopped. This method is probably the fastest way to experience a trance state, it takes a few seconds, and you lose your local awareness. Don’t know if you can use this to anything productive, anything to understand that your brain works in many exciting ways.

Breathing exercises

Taking deep breaths helps you relax, and by holding your breath, you may also adjust your awareness. In extreme cases, you lose your attention for a while if you overdo it. But usually, holding your breath and doing breathing exercises puts you in trance states. It can help you meditate deeper and will get you into your parasympathetic nervous system. Breathing exercises can also boost your energy levels sky-high!


The activity of staring is usually associated with scrying and psychics staring into a crystal ball. The reason staring works is because you put all your attention into one object. For example, staring into a mirror on your own image in a dimmed room is called scrying. This creates a kind of trance state because you will see your own face change. Your face changes into other figures and beings—many people practising clairvoyance use the method of staring to achieve their goals.


When receiving healing, for example, Reiki healing, you will really be relaxed. People describe good feelings and warmth after just a few minutes. They say they come into a type of trance, where you sometimes fall into sleep. This works for both hands-on healing and remote healing.


They can put you into an altered state of consciousness, but it is not recommended as they can damage your consciousness AND make you addicted. The chemical drugs force the brain to open violently and is detrimental to your brain. Read this article to get free from addictions:

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Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting let you use your creative part of yourself, namely the brain’s right-side hemisphere. When you draw, a person gets immersed in their work. They concentrate intensely so that the only important thing is what they draw and the painting colours. Some people also draw in a trance and let their unconscious mind do the process.


Writing is also a creative activity. And you can get into a creative mode, trance out and all you do is keep writing. If you are writing a fiction book, you may visualize all the details surrounding, and people before describe it all down in colourful pieces. The process of visualizing and writing may cause you to get into a trance state. Some people also write only in a trance. Automatic writing is an example of using trance as technology for good writing. In automatic writing, you are in a daze, and your hand start writing by themself, without your conscious control.


As a game is a virtual reality, you might lose yourself in this reality and be absorbed by it. By loosing the “here&now” and forget about our physical reality, and zoom into the game, you enter a trance form. This is true whether you are playing World of Warcraft or other fantasy game.

Car driving

Sometimes, when people drive the car, they arrive at their destination but can’t remember how they came there. They don’t know how they get there. The reason for this is because driving is something you do on autopilot. You sit inside a car and see the environment around you pass by at high speed and get a sort of tunnel vision.


Reading can quickly get you into a trance. You have probably got into trance by reading about the various activities mentioned above. Because your mind has to translate the words, and you visualize the sentences. Sometimes some concepts bring you memory, and you get back to the time you first experience the situation. A good book or a good article can really enchant and fascinate you.

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