10 ways to develop Clairvoyance

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How to develop clairvoyance, ESP and intuition image



Clairvoyance and intuition tell you that you need to stay alert or be aware before something happens. In this post, I will describe ten ways to develop clairvoyance. This can show you that something good is likely to happen or something terrible is likely to happen. I write” likely” because you can often change the situation when you receive information before the case is manifested. It’s playing a computer game where you know what will happen because you have played it before, and you can avoid the danger and continue your game.

Different types of divination:

These labels describe different nuances of how you get and experience information.
If you experience clairvoyance, you will see a vision in your mind’s eye about what will happen. Clairthinking, for example, is that you know the correct answer but can’t logically explain why. The most common thing is Intuition and Clairfeeling. This is when your feelings guide you towards the solution. Compare this ability with that child’s game where you search for a hidden object, and the closer you get to the item, the” hotter” the temperature becomes, told by the game’s participants.

It is the same with intuition. But instead, you search for a hidden answer or truth. And the closer you are to the fact, the better you feel. The more off-track from the truth, the more horrible you will feel. So intuition is a guiding system, where the main ingredients are your types of feelings. Many paranormal experiences are often related to ESP, intuition, and clairvoyance. For example, you hear the phone ring, and you check the phone, but nobody has called. After you check your phone, it rings for real.

Sometimes if you are in a tricky situation, you might hear an inner voice; it may sound like a sports commentator describing the problem for you. The voice may say,” maybe you should not walk down this road.” Another example of ESP is when you enter a room and smell tobacco. But nobody else smells this, but it turns out that the person who lived in the apartment before the new owner was a heavy smoker. It is even more common to have ESP in dreams, which means that what you sometimes see in your dreams happens or has happened without you knowing about it logically.

ESP, ESP in dreams, spiritguides, clairvoyance, psychic abilities - 10 ways to develop Clairvoyance


The power of the unconscious mind:

The subconscious often gets the credit for receiving information beyond time and space. And sometimes, the credits go to the” guides.” But it is said that the guides are part of your subconscious, so it is just different labels by different people. If you want to know more about guides and how to communicate with your spiritual guides, read this: https://abundance7.com/communicate-with-your-spiritguides/.

When people get information from past lives, a hypnotist bypasses their critical factors and gets answers deep within the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is said to be connected to the universal mind. Clairvoyance is getting information from the universal mind, then to your conscious awareness. Even though this post describes the mechanisms behind psychic abilities, it is essential to remember that the universe can test you. Be aware of these tests regarding not misusing psychic abilities.

Ways to develop Psychic abilities:

1. Guess games:

Guess what will happen next. Guess what your wife will make for dinner, what is on the news, or who will call your phone. The more you practice guessing games, the faster you become psychic. Practice makes perfect.
2. Meditate:

Meditation is calming your thoughts. A calm mind helps to receive more signals than noise. Meditation will reduce stress, and you will have more concentration. It will also get you into contact with your more sensitive sides. The more you meditate, the more energy, prana, or chi you will receive. Daily meditation will build stronger connections to your unconscious mind.
3. Build bridges between your unconscious and conscious mind:

Close your eyes for 5 minutes daily and talk out loud about what you see on your inner screen. This is called image streaming. To visualize is part of the unconscious mind, and to talk is part of the conscious mind. Image streaming combines these two. You will also build new neuro-pathways in your brain by doing this often. Another way to build bridges here is to visualize. Visualize very slowly, creating a picture from the beginning and slowing until it’s complete. It’s like building a puzzle; you keep adding new pieces to your inner vision. This exercise requires intense concentration and is an excellent way to build bridges between your unconscious and conscious mind.

Another exercise is to write a spiritual diary and a dream journal. If you write down every paranormal phenomenon you experience, you can later write what you think happened. This will probably change when your knowledge gets better. Writing is hardwiring your brain; telling your mind is essential. Doing this will give you more of the experiences you are writing about.

Understanding your dreams symbolically; will give you valuable practice in becoming a psychic. Psychic people tend to use symbols and metaphors as tools in their ways. Symbols are the language of the unconscious mind. An understanding of the symbolic language is necessary for decoding the clairvoyant data. The data is not ‘literal’ but symbolic. If you want to learn more about symbols, tools, and metaphors, read here: https://abundance7.com/symbols-tools-metaphores/

Symbols, clairvoyance, visualisation, spiritguides - 10 ways to develop Clairvoyance


4. Visualizations:

It is popular to visualize most self-help themes combined with spirituality. Visualizations are used to motivate oneself, manifest, or get in contact with your spirit guides. Here are some examples of such exercises:
A. How to “feel what others feel”:

First, get yourself into a relaxed state of mind by breathing deeply. It’s essential to master deep breathing and to feel relaxed in your body as a first step. You should be able to relax no matter where you are.

Imagine that you float outside yourself from the top of your head. Then glide into the other person’s body, down into their head, from above. Next, imagine what that person sees “from their perspective”. Imagine how it looks like from “inside their head”, seeing the world through their eyes.

Then, when you’re in their “perspective”, you will “feel what they feel”. Practice with this: what types of feelings do they have? Do they have other sensations in their bodies? Are they confident, afraid, or having other emotions? It’s enjoyable to do since you feel like being a person for a short period. Remember to ask them how they are feeling to get confirmation. Be discrete about your abilities, or work with a close friend, since you don’t want people to be afraid of you.

B. How to see yourself from a detached perspective:

Start visualizing yourself from the outside; look down on yourself. Imagine you are floating above yourself, looking down. Then the person above this floating observer looks down on you once more. Repeat this as many times as you can. If you do this, you will get a more objective view, less ego, and higher conciseness.
C. How to become an expert in visualization:
Visualize what you want, something positive for everybody concerned—for example, good grades, laughter, beneficial friendships, and relationships. Visualize you’re being motivated in your workplace. Next, try hearing your favourite song mentally. Can you hear the whole 3 minutes mentally? Then try to mentally taste lemon or see your high school corridors and classrooms. Imagine you are walking down every hall in your elementary school. The point of these exercises is to train your psychic senses.

Do math numbers on your mental screen; this, too, will help you develop psychic abilities. Visualization is the key to manifesting and programming abilities. read more about manifesting and programming here: https://abundance7.com/manifesting-programming-law-of-attraction/

D. Get an answer from your unconscious mind:

First, write down a question you have on a piece of paper. Read it inside you and out loud. Place it under your pillow, and throw away all thoughts concerning the topic. Then go to sleep and have confidence in your unconscious mind. When you wake up and are between sleep and awake, you will get a brutally honest answer to your question.

If you have a pendulum, preferably with an orgone or crystal attached, you can ask a question that is important to you. For example,” is a relationship with X constructive”? See what way the pendulum will swing. It turns from left to right if it does not move as we do with our heads. Or it makes a yes movement like we do, nodding our heads up and down. The scientific theory says your unconscious mind gives you the answers through micro gestures. The spiritual theory states it is your guide. People who believe it is their guide providing information choose to say thank you afterwards.

Unconcious mind, pendulum, amygdala clicking, diviniation - 10 ways to develop Clairvoyance


5. Amygdala clicking: 

The Amygdala is responsible for memory, decision-making, and emotional responses. To do this exercise, you start by imagining a feather. See it, feel it, and touch it. Then take the imagined feather and tickle yourself in your forehead, to the right side of your forehead. Imagine hitting the Amygdala on the right side and tickling it to click forward. Then take the imagined feather and do the same on the left side. This is said to remove the fight and flight response. The reptilian brain is responsible for this, also known as a mechanical reaction. Neil Slade, the inventor of this technique, claims you will activate your more spiritual sides by doing this. learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqOpZByFi_A
6. Use clairvoyance methods to read a situation:

It could be to look at the sky and see what you can see in the patterns. Or look at the signs in a cup of coffee. Alternatively, you can freeze water and look at the patterns in a glass of ice. Other methods you can practice are tarot cards, runes, and the I Ching.

Try practising ZENER cards! Here is the test.

It is probably best to order them so that you can touch them. This might be easier for some people.

7. Build bridges between the left and right hemispheres:

You are doing activities activating both hemispheres, such as playing chess and drawing—crossing your hands and massaging your ears. Write or paint with the opposite hand than usual. Use the Psych K method and say an affirmation like: “You are in perfect balance”.
Psych K video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhDH_a3MHKo
8. Affirmations:

Tell yourself before sleep:” Make my psychic abilities enter my dreams.” And when you wake up, say three words out loud, the three first words that pop up in your mind. During your day, you will see these three words. Learn more about affirmations here: https://abundance7.com/how-to-do-affirmations/

9. Practice clairvoyance with a friend:

Send a mental picture to each other. Here one person is the sender, and the other is the receiver. First, do” the work by Byron Katie with a friend, so you don’t have an unconscious desire to create drama. Or hidden desires for failing in the paranormal. You can also practice with hidden objects in a box. Then the task for the other person is to use clairvoyance to see what is inside the box.

The work,  affirmations, brainwaves, out of body experience - 10 ways to develop Clairvoyance


10. Turn your eyes upward:

Turning your eyes upward will produce alpha brainwaves. If you get pictures on your mind’s inner screen, try to pull the images closer to you magnetically. Project yourself closer to the picture at the same time. Please don’t overdo it, though, as this can lead to astral travel. It is the balance between pulling and projecting that creates clairvoyance. While you are doing this, don’t have any personal feelings. Don’t get affected by what you see on your inner screen. Clairvoyance is an astral travel light version. The difference is that astral travel focuses more on” projecting yourself” into the picture. To learn more about astral travel, see this post:

If you found this helpful article, think of somebody you know who is interested in spirituality or clairvoyance. Please share this article with them; then, you can play guessing games with each other! Practice makes perfect; good luck!

154 comments on “10 ways to develop Clairvoyance

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  4. haylo

    Hello 🙂 You are a good writer, keep it on !
    Have you ever had clairvoiance?
    I have discovered, and thought of something or someone who has happened at one point, and that has been correct. That is very cool and fun to hear 🙂
    I have felt several times that there are animals nearby, and after a while, I have seen an animal, for example a cat. This gives me some energy, and makes me happy, gets the gear.

    1. author

      Thank you! I aprreciate your comment! 🙂 Yes I have. – One time I asked “show me how the universe works” – And i got an inner picture of the galaxy, inside antoher “galaxy” inside another galaxy – and it kept continue like this many times – to finnaly I could see everything – the whole universe, and a huge “golden light” in the middle, that all other galaxy’s where circling around. The Center of the universe was moving, and had a golden light to it. This was a MOVING MOVIE!

      Cool to read you too have had clairvoiant experiences! Thats nice! Everybody can achieve this 🙂

  5. Clairy :D

    Clairvoyance, and intuition is very interresting, and funny.

    I have many times tested if I COULD be clairvoyance in many situation. F.eks – With a friend. What I did, was : I thought, at that exact time – A small sum of one flaxlot had been won – so I asked the person, and it was right .

    1. Clairy :D

      When you accomplishes that you have got the right result, you will be very happy, it is so fun 😀

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