33 ways to a good life – Summary

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By guest author Patrick.

List of 33 ways to get a good life

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This post list ways to a good life. Try and experiment with these points; keep the ones that work for you.

1. Take supplements such as vitamins, minerals, Magnesium and Omega 3.

2. Avoid junk food, sugar, candy, chips and sodas.

3. Walk a minimum of 20 minutes a day to exercise.

4. Turn off the blue light on your cell phone and turn it off at night.

5. The 7/11 rule – Get up at seven o clock, and go to bed at 11.

6. Make sure your bedroom is DARK; put blankets over your windows to make it darker – this is good for Melatonin production and will give you a better sleep rhythm.

7. Use some hardcore inner game tools regularly (twice a week or more), TRE exercises and Pstec, for example.

8. Hang out with good people, aka avoid “red flags” – (people who whine more than they execute or always get into trouble).

9. Understand that being friendly, listening, and validating people come a long way.

10. Understand that setting boundaries are essential. Does it Cost you much to “do it”? If it costs you TOO MUCH, say no (cost vs reward ratio)

11. Avoid negativity, Horror movies, thriller books etc. (especially if you are sensitive).

12. Have an identity as a “doer”, DO things, increase serotonin, and feel more productive; you will get into “momentum”.

13. If you are Male – try out the “no wank period”; this makes you hornier and boosts testosterone.

14. Save money. Alternative save some money in equity funds.

15. Search for practical knowledge, therapy, hypnosis, personality psychology, and how to cook. (Check out Peterson’s lectures on, for example, personality on Youtube).

16. Write about your knowledge – on a blog, a post, or tell a friend. – pass on your experience.

17. Don’t drink alcohol; avoid it. Avoid drugs.

18. Have a place to ask questions – a trustful friend, a parent or mentor – make sure that this person “walks the walks”,, Aka live an extraordinary life (have a track record of results)

19. Make choices that give you MORE options and freedom – for example, study or get a driver’s license.

20. If you have a partner – give foot and neck massages to each other. It is a fantastic tool to reduce tension in both of you, and it’s free.

21. At a job interview, have the attitudes that you like to work and that you want to work as much as possible – where ever they can use you, you are up for it.

22. Have a job where you can use your talents.

23. Meditate or be mindful– focus only on your breath; feelings come from time to time. Reduce time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, snap, surfing pranks on YouTube etc.

24. While we are at it – don’t post silly things on Facebook or complain/whine on the wall. Keep it orderly – aka understand that people from work, your boss etc., can search you up and judge you after that.

25. Write a gratitude list! It’s nice to know what is right and positive about your life!

26. Do one nice thing for somebody else every day!

27. Take coco oil for better memory.

28. Read books about memory – it will be a skill for life! Associate important things with something else.

29. Be the person who talks last in meetings etc. (the point here is listening and gathering information).

30. Spend some time/money to find a quality mattress since you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping!

31. One of the most healthy things on this planet is to make bone broth – promising to do in the winter to avoid getting sick.

32. Value your time – spend time on things that will give you something, in the long run, that will lead to something constructive.

33. Do some body-oriented therapy: for example, the Feldenkrais method, TRE, Cotn (Code of the natural), or do some physical releasing to have better body language.

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