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Hypnosis is a way to communicate with your unconscious mind. When awake, we have a critical factor “watching” over us to not believe in everything. This crucial factor or sense evolves as a person gets older. It comes to a point when they stop believing in Santa Claus. The critical factor is associated with what kind of state and brainwaves you have. In the beta state, it usually works. The critical factor is not sharp when in the deep states of alpha, theta, or delta. That’s why you can, for example, dream all kinds of things, and you don’t get it is a dream.

The Critical Factor:

Hypnosis is a process that bypasses the critical factor and plants a seed in the unconscious mind. The critical factor is mentioned because it can hinder you from believing things.   Sometimes you give a compliment, and the person doesn’t believe you. What the mind can conceive, you can achieve. We know what we think affects our behaviour and feelings, which gives us feedback from the outer world. The feedback we then integrate as truth.

There is much truth in the saying, “Perception is reality”. When we look at other behaviour, we often see their “truth”, which is why they behave. For example, a person who believes he can’t dive will probably not try it out! So, by altering the truth of your mind, you change your perception of the world, which changes your behaviour.

Hypnotic induction:

The hypnotist usually starts the hypnosis with induction—the process of being relaxed. Here a person will be more suggestible for commands and suggestions. An example is to describe a vacation, picturing yourself at the beach, and verbally expressing all the senses. The back is touching the sand, the noise from the sea. The temperature is not too hot or cold, but just perfect how you can feel the sun shining and the warmth spreading throughout your body. See how the sky is blue, with just a few white clouds passing.

Hypnotic induction

The point is a description describing the environment and describing processes. What happens to your body? How it feels to be relaxed. How different body parts get relaxed. Also called progressive relaxation. Since many people have “issues” with the word and concept of hypnosis, many people in the alternative business instead call this “guided imagination.”

The Unconcious Mind:

The unconscious mind, also known as the body, oversees about 95% of all the data/information in your mind/body complex. Your unconscious patterns drive you. Watch how a person behaves after weeks or months; you can notice his patterns in the background.

These are mechanical and automatic reactions that are painting/influencing your life over time. When you hear about girls repeatedly getting attracted to bad boys, their unconscious patterns drive them to find what they have experienced. Patterns repeat themselves, so the routines will likely keep happening if one doesn’t change! Hypnosis is one way to modify your habits. But it is not enough to inform people; the beliefs and behaviour patterns must operate from a deep/significant level.

The unconscious mind is powerful, like a supercomputer. Some of the best sports players in the world use hypnosis to get these fantastic results. Repeating a behaviour often will lead to a pattern, routine, or behaviour that feeds the nerves/brain to repeat this behaviour. Practice makes perfect, provided you want to keep getting better. It is also essential to earning rewards for your action to feel good, and your nervous system feels free flow! Information flows more freely, and it’s easier to succeed. Flow is the state you are in when you are not in the fight, flight, and other responses.

Unconcious mind - supercomputer - hypnosis

Commands and suggestions:

After the induction/relaxation state in hypnosis, the hypnotist can give suggestions and commands by repeating things, saying things with embedded commands, and putting weight on specific words.: For example, “.. and in the future, You will FEEL GOOD NOW. It is time to go deeper into a trance… 10, 9,8..” The hypnotist may also express subliminal, whispering words you consciously don’t recognize but will be identified by the unconscious mind, translating information. Give it information, and it will process it.

Therefore, a person can be programmed both positively and negatively. Info is info, and the unconscious does its job to process the information given to it. So, make sure to provide it with positive information. The mind might have difficulty translating words like NOT/DONT, so if you say three, “don’t smoke, don’t smoke, don’t smoke,” You risk your mind processing this as: “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!”.

Metaphors and symbols:

The hypnotists can also use metaphors and symbolic language to help you. The metaphorical language uses words like “vibrations “, light”, and “sea of relaxation washing over you” to trigger the extended part of the brain. Some research has shown that symbols involve more of the mind because it uses the brain’s creative function to decode or understand the abstract concept. A typical example is, “Imagine you are in an elevator, and for each level you go down, yo; you are more relaxed.”

Hypnotic metaphores and symbols

Data can be processed as words or pictures. Just like words, imagination and visualization are expressions of data from/to the unconscious mind. Hypnosis with terms is another side of the coin of goal setting/manifestation, just like visualization is.

How does it feel? It is very subtle. Compare it to having a birthday party where all your friends and people celebrate you and give you good feedback. That’s how I would say hypnosis works. It forms your mind to see a positive experience.

Post-hypnotic suggestion:

The hypnotist is also expected to give a post-hypnotic suggestion: suggestions on how to behave and what to look for in the future. So, when these future cues and events come, you will react more in tune with what the hypnotist tells you, changing your patterns. If not, you would probably react and respond as you always do in these similar events. Hypnosis can also be a tool to open metaphysical areas, including Astral travels and out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, automatic writing, and past lives. If you believe in this or not, it is up to you.

Post hypnotic suggestion - lucid dreaming - past life regression

Hypnosis also can be described as “programming”, and it works even better if you do it after “deprogramming”. If you complete a TRE session (Trauma Release Excercise) release and THEN use hypnosis, the words and concepts will fill the gap (the space that has just been released/erased) even better.


Another nuance is self-hypnosis. You do it by relaxing with beautiful imaginary scenes, and then you can mentally say to yourself, “When you count down from 10, you will go to a deeper level for each countdown.. “. This is followed by giving yourself positive suggestions such as: “Thrust yourself, you have all the reason to trust yourself, you can do it, practice makes perfect, and you are motivated.” You can also picture scenes or patterns you keep running into and mentally say to yourself, next time this scenario happens, I will do THIS instead, then describe it, and picture the new behaviour. This is changing you from the inside out.

They say that changing a behaviour/pattern takes about 21 days with the new behaviour’s daily repeating. The mind doesn’t differentiate what happens in the outer and inner worlds, so you can practice playing basketball in the external world or visualize yourself scoring the basketball. For the mind, the outer or inner picture is almost just “data”.

Another example: Close your eyes and imagine you are holding a public speech. See everybody happy and smiling and liking what you say. Then, when you go on stage, you have this internal representation of the world. What would likely happen is because you imagined everybody smiling, you feel good. And when you feel good, your body language opens, and you become more expressive and charismatic. It ends up with people paying attention and smiling! The loop is complete!

Example - Audiance smiling - visualising people smiling- hypnosis

Recommendation: Everything with Glenn Harrold. As for the moment, I have personally started listening to his Solfeggio series and bought it at the APP store on my phone. If you want your friend to be “in the know”, let them know more about hypnosis by sharing this post with them!!

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