Balancing Meridians, chakras and auras

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How to Balance meridians, chakras, and auras

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How to balance meridians, Chakras, and auras are what we will be describing her .Your toughts, emotions, body language, and lifestyle influence these components. Lifestyle includes the type of food you eat, your level of stress, and how much time you spend with friends.

The meridians are the channels that flow through your body with life energy. Without life energy, you feel tired and sick. The name of this life energy is chi, pran , and qi. The meridians influence the chakras, which in the next turn, affect our aura. All these components also do the opposite; they influence your thoughts, emotions, and body language.

To use a metaphor, the meridians are the wire inside a light bulb. The chakra is the light bulb itself, and the light that shines from the light bulb is the aura. These three components connect, from the inside, to the outside. Your behaviours and thougts affect the meridians. But the meridians also affect your thinking, – the same with the chakras.

To have balanced meridians and chakras, you can do two things; Think positive thoughts and do positive things, and the chakras will be balanced because of your lifestyle. By doing the opposite, you can focus on your chakras, and the thoughts and attitudes will follow. Many people think it is most comfortable to directly influence the meridians, chakras, and aura to change your behaviour and attitude.

 Chinese medicine, kinesology, EFT, foot zone therapy - Balancing Meridians, chakras and auras

In Chinese medicine, they work with meridians, chakras, and auras. Acupuncture, EFT, foot zone therapy, and Kinesiology all have elements from Chinese medicine. They focus on the inside-out relationship. An acupuncture point is a point where the meridian channels flow through. If your life energy is blocked, the tapping, massaging, acupuncture needle, and pressure on these points all have the same effect. It opens the channels, so life energy can flow to different organs to do its job to help your body.

Many organs are in the same spots and areas where the chakras are said to be. The chakras are recognized by many to be the organ’s spiritual counterparts. If you want to learn more about the chakras, watch this, The illuminated chakras.

When your organs and chakras have energy flowing, they will work and light up. The result of this is a shiny aura. This field is what other People notice when they are in your presence. People say they pick up a good or bad vibe from others because they sense this field. This field refers to the aura, which works as a shield and a magnet. The aura would bounce back negative energy if it were healthy. But if the aura is weak, negative energy will penetrate it. A strong aura will attract to it, positive people and situations. As the saying goes, like attracts like.

EFT helps you release negative thoughts and emotions by opening the channels where life energy flows. Other methods include removing the trapped energy inside the body, like the Trauma Release exercise, Reichian therapy, and the Sedona Method—the same with Qigon and hands-on healing. With hands-on healing, people can feel movements of energy inside their bodies. To read more about hands-on healing, look here: How to heal with your hands – Spirituality –

Focus intentions and energy drills:

You can use your focus to influence the meridians, the chakras, and the aura. Intend and visualize a gold bubble around you, and the aura strengthens. Where your attention goes, the energy flows. This principle is what makes healing possible. Learn how to do remote healing here: How to remote heal – Spirituality –

Do energy drills to balance the meridian, chakras, and auras. You can follow the energy drills given by Donna Eden here:

By the way. Balancing your meridians, chakras, and aura is balancing both your physical and mental health. Working on these might also help you in achieving astral travel and out-of-body experience. If you want to know how astral travel and out-of-body experience are, read this:

If you want to help your family and friends, share this article with them so they can balance their meridians, chakras, and auras to live a better life with more abundance.

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