How to explore your past lives

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How to explore your past lives

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Have you ever been able to explore your past life? Living each life means learning from failures and successes and expanding our understanding and quality of consciousness. Humans have a higher self, an immense intelligence that gathers all the experiences from each lived life. Your body today is, of course, not the same body you had in a past life. You might have been another gender, had a different personality, lived in a foreign country, with another religion: foreign physical bodies each time, but the same non-physical soul inside through this journey. You are changing gender, culture, and conditions to optimize learning and growth. Find out what you were like before by using past life regression.

After you die, you go into another dimension and converse with your guides. You are then asked to review your life and go through it on a video. Then explain what you have learned from this life and what you would have done differently. After you answer what you could have done differently, you plan how to master the things mentioned.

It would be best if you had an environment to interact to gain new wisdom and grow up. What gender is most profitable to mature at your current level? Any circumstance that would contribute to your growth, for example being rich or poor? What kind of religious culture suits your growth process this time? An environment with atheists, Muslims, or Christians? Should you grow up in a country in war or peace? All these questions are asked and reflected to grow further and expand to more significant perspectives. Each life has a theme or a topic for you to experience.

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One life is not a big deal in the bigger picture because most of us have lived thousands of lives. The reason we don’t remember our past lives (most of the time) is that it would be unpractical. We would then remember thousands of sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. All the emotions and attachments would not be of practical value for the growth process. For each new life, such memories are deleted from your awareness. These memories tough can be accessed through hypnosis or deep meditation. The way to do this is to go deep within and bring the specific memory back. You can compare remembering past lives to remembering dreams. As time passes by, the memories fade away.

Sometimes it will happen that life still haunts us. But you may not remember this consciously. This is true if life is problematic or you didn’t learn what you should know. You may experience similar topics experienced in this life. It is time to understand the lessons since you failed the test last time. Life is full of tests to see how you react and respond to different situations. To learn more about how reality can test you, read this: How the universe can test you – Spirituality –

If we are super-rich in one lifetime, we may be super-low in another lifetime to feel and understand the difference. Harming someone in one lifetime may lead you to experience being a victim in another. Maybe you are very sceptical in one lifetime but very spiritual in another, and so on. Because each individual is a fragment of the whole, your soul is part of the whole. Therefore, the same happens to the multiverse when you grow up, understand, experience, get a new perspective, evolve, and expand. Read the reasons behind spiritual experiences here:

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Every choice and action you make gives you points in your life s journey. You score points every time you contribute, do something for the greater good, and get closer to the goal of becoming loved. Love is the understanding that two fragments are part of one. Ego is the belief that you are alone and others are alone; this brings out fear in people. The goal is to get as many people as possible to become loved. Some people have done hypnosis, rituals, or meditations and have seen their scores. It tends to be millions or billions of points because of all the thousands of lives lived.

The rabbit hole goes deeper than just reincarnating between humans. Entities from other dimensions can also incarnate to humans, and humans can incarnate into different entities. Sometimes there are individuals showing signs of coming from other places. In early childhood, they will show signs of being significantly evolved and understanding spiritual concepts.

Some children can say things about their past life. Describe where they lived, their name, and the location’s surroundings. This can happen because young children may remember past experiences or with the help of past life regression. Some people also use past life regression to get the talents and abilities they had in previous lives.

It is also possible to reincarnate your next life into becoming a spirit guide. Your primary mission is to be a non-physical mentor or a coach. You are whispering your client stuff into his ear, influencing his dream, giving him guilt or other feelings like intuitions, guiding him, and trying to ‘nudge’ him into the right direction of growth and having a quality life. Read more about how to communicate with your spirit guides

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Often people who have met each other before in other lifetimes then meet each other in this lifetime. It could have been a man and his wife from a previous life becoming best friends as two girls in this lifetime. It is also possible that if your grandmother dies, your mother gives birth to a baby with your grandmother’s soul. So this baby’s soul has been her mother at one point.

Going to a hypnotist to get answers about your past life is possible. The hypnotist gives you an induction, then count down from, for example, 100 to 1, saying that each counting down brings you closer and closer to your last previous life. Or the hypnotist can say that you will get memories, when counted to 0, of the past life that is the most important to your growth here and now. The memories you receive come because you have done something you regret. And you can look at your life now and see if any patterns exist. In an altered state of mind, you can meet people you have harmed and talk to their souls. Like a movie, you can see your past life on your mental screen. See it skipping in time, like ten years from each video screen, or skip to when something important happened.

In this hypnotic trance, you can also experience the point of death and experience on the mental screen how it is to die. And even experience what happens after death and the conversation with your guides that occurs at that moment. You can get information about the topic and theme of This Lifetime too. Maybe it is about integrity, authority, or believing in yourself. By understanding your issue for life, you can release old stuff from the past that holds you back. You can help people you care about by sharing this info with them.

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  1. Marge

    I went to a past life regression once, with hypnosis.
    The hypnotist told me I was meant to be lifted high.
    In my childhood, I listened to a “flying high” song.

    Maybe a hint from the soul, trough the music?

  2. author

    There are a lot of hypnosis tracks for past life regression.
    From the top of my head, Steve G jones have some Past life regression hypnosis tracks.


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