The benefits of brainwaves

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How to alter your brainwaves with binaural beats

How to alter your Brainwaves with Binaural beats image

Brainwaves are naturally produced in your brain when you are awake and asleep. Binaural beats are soundwave technology that makes brainwaves within your brain. If you listen to a sound with 100 Hz on the left ear and the right ear has 110 Hz, your brain compensates for the difference and produces the missing number – 10 Hz. 8-12 Hz is the alpha brainwave state associated with relaxation. Researchers have found that the more profound the brainwave states, the more powerful your brain becomes. Read more about brainpower and power of the mind here:

If you want to solve a problem, visualize your goals using alpha brainwaves. You can go into deep trances using binaural beats without practising meditation for years. Choose the binaural beats to listen to and enjoy the deep trance. A deep hypnotic trance is good for self-hypnosis since your mind is suggestible for new ideas in these states. You can also use binaural beats to experiment with clairvoyance, Astral travels, and out-of-body experience. Check out our Audio boost and binaural beats section if you want good binaural beats to use. There are other ways to get into a trance; here is a list of ways to get into a trance:

4 comments on “The benefits of brainwaves

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