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The SMS game principle


We have all heard about the 3days rules. Well, there is a better way than to “play hard to get“.

Instead of having a standard wait response, it works better psychological to just wait as long as them. So if the person you are flirting with is waiting for 5 minutes before they answer, you wait 5 minutes. If they wait 1 hour before they answer your text, you wait one hour.

If you just follow this principle then it will turn out good. Because if they wait to answer, that is often their “comfort zone” of what is tolerable waiting time, in their mind. So with following this principle you don’t appear too needy, but also not too hard to get.

Text, SMS, waiting, play hard to get, needy - The SMS game principle

You don’t want to come off as needy! Sending many SMS without getting any response is what is needy. There is a scale between desperate, interested, curious, and natural. Its normal to be curious about a girl, and then you become interested after she has invested enough in you. This makes sense for the girl, in their mind. they may not be thinking about this logically, but this is how dating tends to work. Learn more about investing, or the secret to getting liked here:

Playing too hard to get have a tendency to lead to something called auto-rejection. Where the person rejects you before they think you are rejecting them. This a protective mechanism. Sometimes the solution is to be more available and to show more interest. The better fundamentals of dating you have, the more interest you can show. Learn more about the fundamentals of dating here:

Another thing to keep in mind is that SMS is for making an appointment. A lot of talking back and forth doesn’t make it easier to plan a date. Also be careful with jokes and irony on SMS, since you cant see body language, the tone of voice and other micro gestures over text. There is no point in a lot of smileys, one or two is enough. Read this to learn more about what smileys and emojis say about you. When you set up a date, you can say you are busy, but are available on two different days, for example, monday and Thursday. This shows you are not needy, and at the same time, it gives her a chance to choose.

Dates, smileys, flakes - The SMS game principle

Sometimes girls will flake, meaning that they change their mind. This is very common and happens all the time. Just say OK, and ask for another time. If they ask for another time, this is a good sign. SMS and dates multiple girls at the same time, and be open about this. So if a girl flakes, it is not a big deal. Never ever take these things personally. Its just part of the game. If you like this post share it with a couple of your friends and see what thoughts they have about this!

Some phones have the ability to show the other person that you have “read” their messages.
If a girl understands that you are using SMS game on her, it might be a turn-off. That mentioned, the time of the day you send an SMS can also be somewhat revealing. For example, texting her early in the morning is a sign that you like her. Texting her late in the weekend can be a sign that you only want sex. Many guys choose to just send an SMS in the middle of the day.

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