How to get Astral travel – The techniques

Written by guest author Kai

How to do astral travel

If we follow the basic idea that the whole universe is consciousness, then this idea implies that there are several dimensions or worlds that one can come in from changing a little on their level of consciousness. Like all the other dimensions, astral is a world that consists of thought, so one thinks about what can happen in astral. Even the way one moves in astral is determined by how one feels.


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Be aware that the further away you move from the physical body, the greater the chance of maintaining astral travel.

Keep calm always; do not get too “excited” if it is to the side, as it can shake you out of condition. Also, do not fear strange sounds/vibrations or screaming sounds in your ears; this is common when changing your body. Have the attitude that you are “willing to die” if required.

Let go of all your thoughts/feelings about astral travelling using the Sedona method or EFT. Write affirmations such as “I want to have astral journeys”, “I remember my dreams,” and “I have a strong concentration”, etc.

Write a list of dream characters. All things that are unusual and do not happen in the awake state are “dream signs”. For example, you can fly or walk through walls. Analyze all the dream signs you manage to, then write them down on a list. Feel free to remember dreams where these signs have been present.

Imagine that you are surrounded by beautiful light if you end up astral, or imagine all the right things people have said to you and that this surrounds your aura. Ask angels/helpers for protection and guidance.

Write down all your dreams every night when you wake up; you must lie here quietly. Go through your dreams mentally and say them aloud in the room before writing them down (moving).

Talk about the team of like-minded friends, share stories and wisdom, and feel free to read books on the topic.

Techniques to increase the likelihood of getting an astral journey

1. Before lying down to rest, put your hands on your stomach and chest and heal yourself. Someone does this because it gives the body energy and balance, and one falls into the tranquillity of healing before approaching a cosmic journey.

2. Another way is to get a cosmic journey through being conscious in a dream (lucid dream) so that if one conducts lucid dream tips, then one can say an affirmation the next time one is aware in a dream: “I am (your name), I know I dream, and I now want to wake up in the astral plane.”

3. One tip is to lie preferably still and relax deeply before the journey. One should not move, scratch, or blink but be frozen until one notices that the body “vibrates”. This may seem daunting, but it is essential here that one spreads the vibrations (sleep paralysis). The way to spread the vibrations is to imagine that one is struck by lightning. Once you’ve got the vibrations all over your body, you imagine turning around sideways so your head gets to where your legs usually are. Once you’ve done this, you can raise your body; if this feels heavy, imagine that you’re at the training centre to set a new weight record and push as hard as you can, in a “train mentality”. Another variation of lying still is to imagine a door while breathing as slowly as one manages.

4. Bring out the feeling of what it would be like to have a cosmic journey. How would you feel then? What emotions would you have? Bring out the feelings you want to experience. Emotions are something the consciousness can understand. Much more quickly than the term “astral”. Imagine all the feelings an astral journey would give you, the feeling of flying, the feeling of being able to explore, the sense of moving unhindered by time and space. One way to amplify those feelings is to see many scenes/clips where people can fly. If you’ve had astral travel in the past, it may help to meditate on this memory.

5. It is also possible to do some visualization exercises to evoke a cosmic journey; here are two options. The first option is to visualize a celestial body. One fills in every detail on this astral copy of himself when one has finished and then gets a change of perspective by looking out from the eyes of the astral body. How will this look in your surroundings, how will this feel, etc.? The second visualization exercise is to see yourself from the outside and imagine a point in the ceiling where you look down on yourself. Also, you stare at yourself while you sleep until you fall asleep, and the likelihood is more significant that you end up outside your body.

6. Another way to get a cosmic journey is to be out in nature, having been out in the sun. Or later go to bed a standard such as, e.g. at two at night, getting up at 8 in the morning only to go for a quick walk to the toilet to go to bed again; it is also possible to throw in an “Energy” drink right after the toilet visit.

7. Shamans have used an exercise about staring at both hands just before they go to bed. That way, one might also stare at his hands in a dream, connecting the consciousness and introducing an astral Travel/Lucid dream.

8. Another tip is to gear yourself up with music and imagination. Let yourself uninhibitedly love the music, dance and fantasize wildly about astral travel so that you get into a “Gnosis” state, the name of the condition when one loses some inhibitions. And from this state, use the power of the mind and send out the intention of “desire for astral travel”.

9. Tools for astral projection can be used to increase the probability. Two standard tools are hypnosis, such as Steve G Jones – Astral Projection. Or brainwaves such as Hemisync – Out Of Body. There are also various herbs, crystals and mantras that one can use as tools. 

10. One can use different command words to project the astral body into the astral. E.g. “Astral NOW!”. Or the like. Say the commands with force. The first step is to lay still, to receive vibrations. Ideally, you will have astral travel. If this happens, remember your keyword, and you anchor these commands when astral projecting. The next time you say your keywords in an altered state, you will more likely achieve your goal of astral projecting. 

11. Use meditation, where you try to locate where your feelings sit. Here you’re trying to find where your consciousness sits. Is it inside your head or outside your head? Discover where your soul and body sit – can you feel it? And where is your aura? Feel your consciousness, soul, emotion, body and aura. Then try to know these five at the same time.

12. Eat honey, carrot and raw eggs 4 hours before astral travel.

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