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By guest author Diana

We all have a higher self, this is the reason why the wording here is to strengthen the connection. The question is the degree of this connection. Sometimes one with intention can have conscious communication with our higher self. Our higher self is the total sum of who we are. The higher self is the total sum of all past lives too. The one we are now in a small fragment of a larger whole, this larger package can be called “higher self” and can answer all your questions, and tell you about the future and give tips and advice along the way. It helps you in many same ways as your spirit guide:

Lie down, relax and bring your thumb and forefinger together, this is an anchor or sign that you are reaching the alpha brainwave. The state from which one makes “mysterious work”. As you now relax, you focus on the breath, realizing that the breath fills you up with energy. Feel physically and energetically that your breath fills you up, breathing at your average speed, and exhaling.

This exhalation associate with letting go of all despair, fear, and physical tensions. Continue with this relaxing exhalation until a floating feeling emerges.

Count down from 33, while breathing like this. Watch the mental screen as you move through a tunnel of light. Feel yourself cruising through this tunnel of light as you constantly count down. And for every number you count down, you become more and more relaxed, and more prepared for “the work you have intended you will do now”.

Now that you have counted slowly down from 33, and feel relaxed and calm, you can follow your “inner wisdom” about what you want to accomplish. Here in this state, it is the highest and most loving intelligence that guide you along the way. Now say mentally clearly and distinctly, both to the screen and to yourself: “I now contact my higher self”. Now watch an intelligence emerge, realize that this is your higher self.

Look at this person, study what intelligence looks like, how it feels, and feel how powerful and highly developed this intelligence is, this is you. Be completely and utterly open with your higher self; it will only support and guide you. Listen to what your higher self is telling you. Ask what kind of question you want, and talk to your higher self for as long as you want. When you feel finished with the conversation with your higher self, thank your higher self and say see you again.

At this, point you have a reference to talk to your higher self whenever you want. With the tomb and forefinger technique, and count down from 33. Now you count back again from 0 to 33 and measure yourself “up” again. And move back from the tunnel with light, feel better and fresher, and remember the conversation with your higher self in precise detail.

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