How to do self hypnosis

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How to use Self Hypnosis

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One of the fundamental beliefs here at “”, is the concept that “what you think” will impact your life, like, for instance, “what you focus on in your life will attract more of that into your life.” This is the “law of attraction.” The glass can be seen as both halves empty and half full, depending on how you see it. Learn more about manifesting here:

How you know the world will have a tremendous effect on your mood, behavior, and body language. Also, the beliefs you may have about the world will mostly seem “relative,” and those beliefs you choose to have may have an impact on

how people perceive you. Hypnosis is a tool that may help you install thoughts. You can reach your unconscious mind, use self-hypnosis to do it for yourself. Another similar tool CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy:

One way to do it is that you can cross your arms and legs. Crossing your arms and legs is to synchronize the left and the right brain. This is the first step to be able to use more of your brainpower. It makes you open and suggestible to new affirmations. You can search for “powerful affirmations”  or “self-esteem hypnosis” on youtube. Try it out and get a feeling and an understanding of what this can do. Read more about how to do affirmations:

Another tip is to repeat sentences within yourself, with your inner voice. Talking to yourself in a relaxed state. Lay on a spike mat with your back, cross your arms and legs to relax even more. Put on some relaxing music or listen to “brainwaves” while you repeat positive affirmations within yourself.  Info on the benefits of brainwaves: If you liked this post, feel free to share it with your friends!

3 comments on “How to do self hypnosis

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