How to control your nightmares

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How to control your nightmares

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Nightmare is an unpleasant experience everybody has. Learn how to control your nightmares with one easy self-help hack. To get control of your mind, ONLY concentrate on what feelings a dream gave you. Forget about all the visuals. It doesn’t matter how strange or violent the inner pictures where. If you only focus on what these dreams/visuals made you FEEL, you will signal your unconscious mind that you are listening to its language.

The reason the unconscious mind “screams,” meaning gives you a nightmare, is because it wants you to listen after øistening to the feelings of your last dreams. Find out where you have felt that feeling before. Maybe In your childhood, or With your parents. Perhaps In school? By using these techniques, you will see that your dreams get much more detailed and precise. They soon start to make more sense for you.

Sleep paralysis:

If you have ever experienced feeling stuck inside your body, the feeling that you can’t move or are paralyzed, then it might be sleep paralysis. Read more about sleep paralysis here; If that happens, hold your breath, and your body has to wake up. Sleep paralysis increases if you lay on your back. Try sleeping on the side if its a problem for you. You get sleep paralysis by lying still without moving a muscle, a popular method for Out Of Body Experience.

Another good tip is to go through your day mentally. If you do this, your mind doesn’t need to use its resources to dream about your day. The dream will be calmer and is free to process other topics instead.

Lucid Dreaming:
If you want to learn more about lucid dreaming, check out: Feel free to share this advice after you control your nightmares when you know it works!

8 comments on “How to control your nightmares

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  2. KennethMB86

    This was very informative and helpful! Thank you so much! I tried the technique and after a couple of days, my dreams became more “normal” and precise, not random and chaotic like they were before! thanks again!

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  4. Mindel

    I tried these techniques out, and what I notice is that the “inner movies” so to speak became more and more clear each day I practice the methods mentioned.


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