How to cure Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – and other phobias

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is the fear of EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields), cell phones, wifi connections and other devices. In this post, I want to write about what you can do to overcome such fears. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity will be used as an example, but you can use this guide to eliminate other fears and phobias. To understand this, we need to understand different definitions and concepts related to the EHS phenomena.

What is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)believes radiation from cell phones, laptops, and wifi is somewhat dangerous. This is a false belief that scientists have debunked. One of the things scientists have done a lot of research on is this topic. There have been thousands of experiments using strict protocols to find out if cell phones, for example, are dangerous for our health. Science shows that it is not. People hypersensitive to EHS fail to tell whether a phone is on or off under scientific settings. This brings us to our next concept to understand, placebo.

What is a placebo?

A placebo is an effect one gets when you believe something is right for your health, and then it affects your health. A typical example is to think that taking a pill will make you healthy. It is belief alone that makes this happen. Another way of explaining a placebo is to describe a placebo as the power of faith. The opposite of placebo is the nocebo effect.

What is nocebo?

Nocebo is the opposite of a placebo. Instead of believing in something that will help or heal you, you believe in something that will hurt you.

If you believe it, it can have a damaging effect on your health. For example, thinking that cell phones are dangerous can lead to nocebo. When you are afraid of something, you view it as a threat, which will trigger the fight and flight response. You will, in turn, start to produce stress reactions, also known as an amygdala hijack.

Stress and fears are bad for our health; they can reduce our immune system and make us tired and sick. By believing the false idea that cell phones are dangerous, you are conditioning yourself to associate cell phones with danger. This is also called a conditioned response—more about that topic under.

What are Conditioned responses and Pavlos bells?

The conditioned response is about being conditioned to respond in a certain way. Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov discover this process during his research on the salivary systems of dogs.

Every time Pavlov rang his bells, the dogs produced salvia because they associated the bells with food. They associated the sound with food, even if there was no food. The sound of the bell was, after a while, enough for the dog to respond in a certain way.

I am explaining this because the same process can happen with cell phones’ fearsome people associate cell phones to fear and danger. The anxiety attached to cell phones often comes from fear of propaganda or conspiracy theories. The body then starts producing stress symptoms, and suddenly you have a case of EHS. Another word for this is Anchoring in, for example, NLP and hypnosis.

What are Conspiracy theories?

Conspiracy theories are fake news and misleading information that is false and incorrect. Conspiracy theories often try to explain something complex by giving a simple explanation. It is a simple explanation of a complex topic that needs a lot of complex understanding. It often involves advanced technical information that ordinary people don’t grasp quickly.

For example, the topic of radiation, electromagnetic fields and such. If a person on the internet presents themself in a “smart” way, most people will believe their writing. A good example is the topic of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Conspiracy theories often blame some evil group responsible for a complex issue. This is an oversimplification. The solution to a complex problem is never an oversimplified, wrong explanation about some evil group controlling people. No, The answer is correct knowledge about many different categories. Categories like; Traumas, psychology, science and cognitive bias.

Unfortunately, there are many conspiracy theories about Cell phones and EMF. People believing these wild stories can sometimes feel stress responses in their bodies. The stress responses are accurate, not because OF the phones, but because of their fear. In cases like these, knowledge is your best friend. Conspiracies, on the other hand, don’t help you.

Conspiracy theories make money on data that triggers fear. It grasps your focus by starting basic instincts in humans. Sometimes conspiracy theories have good intentions, but they misunderstand the information and understand the whole picture. This is the opposite of what is all about. Here we, the readers, get access to healthy, inspiring and empowering knowledge to succeed in life.

What is Cognitive bias?

Cognitive bias is, in various ways, how the brain makes mistakes. They are ways for the mind to think unlogical and irrationally. With electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, confirmation bias is activated. People may have tension in their bodies and want an explanation. And along comes a conspiracy theory that tells them about all their feelings and matches it will cell phones. Here a confirmation bias is in play. Cell phones get the blame for something else. Sometimes people have Implicit Memory or suppressed traumas, and they are struggling. Then electromagnetic Hypersensitivity comes along, and it is a match for them, unfortunately. It feels good to blame something and identify a source, but it is not the correct source.

It is normal to have tension if you have unresolved traumas in your body. As mentioned, this type of stress response comes to the surface from time to time. And have nothing to do with cell phones! The electromagnetic Hypersensitivity only backwards rationalizes the feelings of trauma, tension and stress.

How do you cure electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and get rid of it?

What is cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT?

This is when specific behaviour affects your thoughts and vice versa. It was explained well in the jealousy post about chasing “evidence” for suspicious behaviour, only to reinforce Jealousy feelings. Anyway, this also applies to chasing the fear of electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Suppose you want to AVOID cell phones; for example, signal to your Amygdala that you are flying from a threat. It activates the fight and flight response. Now CBT is usually a good thing, just like a placebo. But both Placebo and CBT can turn to the opposite, such as Nocebo and CBT went wrong. The good news here is that CBT done right, is one way to treat electromagnetic field phobia. The trick here is doing it Gradually but first thing first.

Identify all your fears of electromagnetic Hypersensitivity by writing it all down!

In cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, it is popular to identify your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and actions. This is to differentiate and see a more nuanced picture of your problem and situation. So you will do this if you have difficulty with electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Write down where the different nuances belong. For example, if you feel stressed by being on your phone, write down how it is. Do you push it further away from you, or do you turn it on aeroplane mode? This then belongs to your column that describes behaviour. Another question is, do you feel more afraid of cell phones or computers? Can you sleep with a phone off but next to you etc.? Write everything down and try to systematize the problematic situations as much as possible.

Gradually Expose yourself to the things you are afraid of.

If you have done your homework by writing down all the details about where you are afraid and how you behave, you are ready for the next step. It is recommended to write down a scale between 1 to 100 how much intensity you would give your problems. For example, if you get a headache by talking on the phone, write how many headaches are from 1 to 100. This is to see progress and gain more control over the situation increasingly.

With time you expose yourself to all the things you are afraid of, starting with the slightest fear. For example, start by sleeping in the same room as the turned-off phone. Then you sleep with the phone in aeroplane mode. After a while, you sleep with the phone on, but far away. Then move then have the phone closer to your bed. This is an example of exposure therapy. Gradually mastering more and being exposed to what you are afraid of.

Other Self-help methods to use directly on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

There are a lot of various self-help tools to help you cure Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. For example, Pstec, Hypnosis, EFT and breathing exercises. These are additional therapies in addition to CBT and exposure therapy.

Posted: This technique is called the percussive suggestion technique, and using this technology can neutralize fear. If it comes back up, keep using it. You might find out that other related issues also come to the surface.

Hypnosis: Glenn Harrold has a hypnosis track called Overcome Phobias – Taking back control. By listening to this track, you might solve some unconscious patterns concerning fear related to fear of EMF.

EFT: By learning necessary tapping, or EFT, you can release the fear by focusing on it. For example, do the tapping while you have your cell phone next to you, and keep doing the tapping until you feel the intensity is reduced.

Breathing exercises: Breath deeply every time you feel the fear of EMF. You do this to break the fear pattern by interrupting it with deep breathwork. By taking deep breaths, you are overcoming anxieties and fear in general.

Meditation: By meditation, you down-regulate rumination and excessive thinking. You calm down Amygdala from amygdala overload. This contributes to balancing the fight and flight response.

TRE: By doing TRE, you will shake off the tension in your body. After releasing away from the stress, you will feel more comfortable around electric devices.

If you follow the steps, it will be better to work on worktromagnetic Hypersensitivity. What might happen is when you use one of the methods, for example, TRE, and you are thinking of EMF, some other issue might come up to the surface.

There are often additional psychological problems lurking in the background.

Having electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is often a rationalization of hidden trauma. In other words, you have discomfort from another concussion and blame the symptoms On EMF or Cellphones.

So, in addition to working on the fear of EMF, try to discover other traumas you might have.

It is normal to have some tension or traumas that you might not be aware of. The solution is to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when doing these self-help methods. You will probably discover a more profound trauma or psychological problem lurking in the background. Keep working on the latest issue with the self-help methods mentioned. Then with time, you will completely erase the fear of EMF.

Feel free to share this guide with friends or people you know who might have this problem.

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  1. author

    I have had that feeling in the past. You THINK about it. Therefore you get disturbed. The feelings you get are not because of the electromagnetism, but from your thinking ABOUT electromagnetism. So the solution here is to realize it is not dangerous.
    Try to approach it gradually, like they do in cognitive behavioural therapy.


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