How to beat jealousy image

How to beat jealousy

By guest author David. Beat jealousy by reading this article. Jealousy is a bad feeling to experience. Jealousy can be divided into two categories. First, the kind that is based… Read more »

more unpredictable image

How to be more unpredictable

the power of frames in dating image

The power of frames in dating

the fundamentals in dating image

The basics in dating

Pick up tools and game principles image

How to attract girls


How to achieve trance states image

How to achieve trance states

Trance states Trance states is an altered state of consciousness, where we change our brainwave activity. In a normal awake state, we are in a Beta brainwave state. There are… Read more »

Scepticiscm to claivoiance image

Skepticism to clairvoyance

Scepticism to remote healing image

Scepticism to remote healing

A glimse of cosmic councessness experience image

A glimpse of cosmic consciousness experience

astral travel scepticism image

Scepticism to astral travel!

Self help

How to break free from addictions image

How to break free from addictions

This post will describe addiction problems, their different mechanics, and how to break free from them. We write mainly about drugs, but you can change it with alcohol or any… Read more »


By guest author Cathrine Get started with your exercise and workout! How to start exercising is a post for every new beginner who wants to become healthier. Exercising increases endurance… Read more »

the gut is our second brain image

The Gut is our second Brain!


What To Do If You Feel Way Older Than Your Age

sleeping habits

How to have a good sleep rhythm

are you feeling tired all the time image

Are you feeling tired – all the time?