How to release physical tension

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Release physical tension everywhere & anywhere!

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What is it that makes somebody stand out? For instance, some people get respect automatically, while others get victimized and bullied. The answer is about how much tension you have stored in your body. The more stress, the worse your body language gets. Therefore the less tension you have, the better you are perceived by people. These are subtle cues people pick up on subconsciously! This is the secret of becoming a natural.

Also, it is so much more attractive for the opposite sex if you have little tension within your body. But in modern society, with all the stress and expectation, 99% of people have some tension stored within their bodies. Here is a super simple method to Release tension and to release your disturbing memories from your past:

Sit in “the American position,” crossing one leg. You can do it while working on your computer, under your desk at the office, on the sofa, watching TV, etc. Next, raise your toes on the foot that touch the ground and balance your weight on that foot. This will lead your legs to shake. This shaking releases tension stored in your body from childhood, stress, and other adverse events. By doing this easy method, you can release while doing others’ activity without anybody noticing and become a more and more attractive person. You can learn more exercises on the official TRE web page:

Releasing blocks:

If you have any blocks, you release physical tension by thinking of the topic! Let us say you are afraid of holding public speeches. Imagine holding a public lecture while you do physical releasing exercises like TRE (Trauma release exercise). There are a lot of methods to release tension away from the body. EFT (Emotional freedom technique) is another popular one. One of the best EFT practitioners is Carol Look, who combines EFT and attracting abundance.

Another suitable method is the Sedona method! This program focuses on letting go of emotions. The importance here is to focus on the inner feelings that seem to reside in your stomach. Focus on this area, combined with the sensation of your emotion. By learning the Sedona Method, you will learn a lot about yourself. They also categorize the different emotions we humans have. Click the link to learn more about the Sedona Method.

Consequently, releasing is also good to do before going on a date. Releasing can lead to more significant attraction. What happens is that you remove any barriers you might have. Releasing can increase your fundamentals in dating; read more about the basics here: The basics in dating – Dating –

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5 comments on “How to release physical tension

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