How to guide a spirit to heaven

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How to send spirits to the light

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Explain that this is all a grand illusion. That the physical life that we experience is just like a dream. And that all dimensions are just different types of dreams. And what we call “waking life” is a dream that is just very dense. Where we must experience time in sequences, and follow certain rules like gravity and other physical laws. But this physical dimension is just a dream that lasts a lifetime. To learn more about this topic you can read “life between lives” by Michael Newton.

What we call “death” is just the end of this type of dream. So after death, your spirit or your mind is in another type of dream or another state of mind. Where you go after death is a type of dreamworld, also known as the astral plane. Here all you need to do is to think about something and it will happen, where you want to go and what you want to do. Much like the physical world, but with fewer rules.  The afterworld dimension is more “free” or “loose” so to speak, not so strict and dense.

So if you were to have a conversation with a spirit you can say the following:
“Each life is lived or played as a game to experience what that dimension has to offer, with all the different situations you have experienced. The good things, the bad things and everything In between. All the people you used to know, actually exist also in other realms. A part of me can project and talk to you at the place where you are. It is just a transition, from one dimension or state of mind to the next.

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If you want to transition to your next life, you get into the light/heaven first, where you go through all that you have learned, and all your experiences. It is almost like seeing your life played backward to get a perspective. Then you can choose to go to your next life and start over again. This is very normal, this happens all the time, reality works like that, we all play this game that we call life. We all live our life, and then start over again with a new character, at a new place, and with different conditions.

Now, you can see your loved ones again if you visit the light. As explained a part of me can travel to your dimension now, even when I am here in this physical world/dream. In the same way your loved ones, also have a part of them, that exist or vibrate in the light/heaven, while they are here in this physical world. You can with other words enter the light and talk to your loved ones there. I can help you to transition to the light, and I can let an angel guide you into the light, show you the way into heaven, and be there with you, in that process.

But before I get a candle, and light up the portal to heaven for you, I Want to explain something to you. I know that religion dominates a lot of the thoughts that we have on this planet, and I have heard their stories about heaven and hell. But I want to tell you, heaven and hell are symbolic states of mind. They are not concrete places, if you have a lot of fear and hatred you may experience a symbolic hell, a state of mind that annoys you. If you are willing to let it go, realize that it is all just part of this game of life.

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Then you can just move on to the next phase. It is just your own beliefs that hold you back, it is just your own beliefs that create a symbolic hell if so. If you could let go, it would be much more easy for you to enter the light. Now that you know that hell does not exist, you are going to let go, release all that is bothering you, just let go of all the guild, all the shame, all the things that may worry you, just let it all go. Realize that stuff happens to all people, and its all part of the learning experience. This dimension is supposed to stimulate you with experiences, so everything is according to the plan.

When you are ready to let go, you are also ready to move on and step into the light, to step into heaven. Here you will meet your loved ones, the part of them that vibrates there. There you can talk to them, and get even more peace. Now, let me light up a candle, and summon archangel Michael, and I have done my part. Now it is just up to you to enter heaven. Remember that heaven and light is a state of mind with peace, love, and unity. You will feel connected with all life, you will feel whole there, you will feel happy, peace, love, and light.”

How to guide a spirit to the light:

There are many methods to guide spirits to the light. The way I have done this is to light a candle, and summoning the archangel Michael by singing his name: Mi cha el. Mi Cha el Mi cha el. Then lay down to relax with both your hands on your heart chakra. While laying down in a meditative state, self-healing your heart chakra.  You talk out loud and explain that “hell” does not exist, like in the example, and talk about how we are all one, living in a matrix of consciousness, see the introduction above for help.

When explaining these things out loud, the spirits can hear it, from the other side. And this information will “calm” them, so it feels safe for them to enter the light, from the candle. Here you use this light as a symbol to also represent the spiritual light. So the word light can mean a place of goodness, peace, and warmth. A place where you can see and understand, also known as wisdom. A place of love, a heaven. The reason you summon archangel Michael is to guide the spirits into the light, as extra help. To learn more about how to communicate with your spiritguides, read here:

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The reason for self-healing, with focus on the heart chakra, is to open up to love and compassion. When you talk and explain you will sound trustworthy after this. Also, you help manifest the light more clearly as a portal into love&heaven, for the spirit to see/feel.

After this, you may see that the light blows out or that you feel really good. You may also fall asleep and get lovely visions. These kind of positive experiences are a kind of “thank you” from the universal mind and the system. If you want to understand why such assignments falls on you, and the reason behind spiritual experiences:

Lastly, do you know anybody who experiences ghosts or spirits in their house? If you do, please share this information with them, help both your friends and the spirits find peace. Helping somebody to guide a spirit into the light, is one of the most beautiful gifts ever in life.

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