The limitations of magic

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The limitations of magic

Limitations of magic imagery, PSI uncertainty principle

The limitations of magic can be described with the PSI uncertain principle (PUP). This is a principle that the universal mind uses not to violate the rules of this virtual reality. The rules that explain our Physical Matter Reality is, for the most part, what scientists have found out. Our existence, physical matter reality (PMR), is a subset of a bigger reality (non-physical reality). The reason we live in, are incarnated into physical reality is that we can learn and grow in this reality.

This reality is designed to be, for the most part, physical and dense. We have the rules of gravity, time, and space. It is not possible, or practical if you, for example, were to walk outside and suddenly found yourself on another continent.

These rules and laws are here in this Physical Matter Reality to be of practical value. But since PMR is part of a Non-Physical Matter Reality (NPMR), paranormal events and experience may come and go from time to time. But you are not getting cars to levitate before a camera on CNN, for example, can’t happen.  The last example will not happen because the universal mind (the simulator) would never let a thing like that happen or be manifested. Learn about manifesting:

PMR, physical matter reality, Npmr, Non physical matter reality, laws, rules, psi uncertainty - The limitations of magic

Magic is to be hidden for the few:

If someone highly evolved in their consciousness, try to demonstrate psychic abilities to a group of people interested in this topic, they may succeed. It is possible to witness or be part of paranormal events.  But the moment you try to replicate these things in controlled conditions, it will not work. It will then violate the other rules that scientists have found out about our reality. And these rules can’t be openly violated. The explanation here is, if these rules could be plainly revealed, our dimension would lose some of its attributes and definitions.

The purpose of our life is to grow:

Growth is an individual process, and every human being is being supported by the consciousness system, the universal mind, or the simulator. Through tests, paranormal events, synchronicity, guides, intuition, and other mechanisms to “nudge” people in the right direction towards growth.  Learn the reason behind spiritual experiences:

To recap what we have learned so far:

To now, it has been explained that growth is the purpose of life. Growing or evolving your councessness can lead to paranormal or magic abilities.  Furthermore, these abilities can only be demonstrated for the individual or in small groups. The capabilities can never reveal to the masses on a large scale if people with paranormal and magic powers were to force their knowledge visually to others on a global scale. The growth pace of each individual would also not work as designed.

The limits of magic are caused by the Psi Uncertainty Principle:

The principle of PUP can cause some paranormal results to take place. But if the event is being under control, observed, or measured, it will have another outcome. An example of products changing based on observation in science is the double-slit experiment:

There are of cause many charlatans in the jungle of alternative people and methods. But there are also those people who possess paranormal powers. They don’t violate the ruleset, because it is somewhat hidden.  They don’t affect the globe and the whole society drastically.

Hidden, Psi uncertainty, demonstration of PSI, paranormal abilities - The limitations of magic

Both the skeptics and the believers of the paranormal worldview is correct:

The scientific paradigm is telling us we live in a physical matter reality with physical laws. The demonstration of PSI would then violate these laws and affect society at large.
The truth is that we live in a bigger reality. This truth reveals itself and gets manifested in ways that are just enough for individuals to get it, but not enough to change society.

The best proof for magic is if a person is experiencing something first hand. Seeing is believing. The people who experience the paranormal are in an individual growth process. The experience is for them and where they are, and not for the rest of society. The universe can test you in your growth process. The tests are also a way to see if the individual is ready to possess magical abilities.

People are not over or under each other in the growth process, just in different places. As mention before, you can be super-evolved, loving, and mature without any paranormal abilities or experiences. But if you want to understand and seek this, you might get a hint about the topic, and mystical experiences.

PUP also makes it possible for some people to believe in phenomena and be sceptical of it. Some believers want to prove PSI to the rest of the world physically. You can see their ego in need of wanting that. The practical solution is to do it, have it and see these things for yourself and with like-minded people. Why the need to change the rest of the world?

See it from the sceptical perspective by reading these posts:

The PSI Uncertainty Principle works as described. The principle makes it possible for people to live in the same world, and for both the believers and sceptics to have it their way.

Magic happens under uncertainty:

The believers may experience this in a context where there is uncertainty. Some of the best paranormal proof we have available today are statistics of PSI. It was done at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research. The reason for statistics being the best available proof is because it only implies a paranormal truth. It doesn’t give physical proof, and therefore, does not disturb the physical laws.

People with PSI powers may do it alone, in groups, or even on TV shows for larger crowds. But because of the uncertainty around it (the lack of controlled conditions), it doesn’t prove anything.

These phenomena do not prove anything, and I mean actual hardcore proof here. Still, the wonders can happen, as long as they are manifested in areas where there is uncertainty. The sceptics have to say “that could be random, or that could happen anyway”. They have to be able to say “this person is not credible, or these pictures are blurry and probably fake”, etc.

PSI powers, controlled conditions, uncertainty, The PSI uncertainty principle - The limitations of magic

As long as society doesn’t get the effect by PSI, the PSI uncertainty principle is being manifested/in play.  Look at the different paranormal situations and that they are constantly surrounded by a high degree of uncertainty.

Examples of paranormal situations and uncertainty: Pictures of ghosts are always blurry. Flying saucers, meaning physical craft is not being studied openly, and the stories of abductions tend not to prove anything.  Shady characters often tell fantastical stories. Cameras of paranormal ghosts or other things are almost always blurry and can be faked. This is not hardcore proof.

See how people who have paranormal abilities can’t do it under controlled conditions. Notice how psychic information and magic can be accidental or good guessing, and under more extensive research, it will be brushed off as not practical, etc.

Notice how the people that can do stuff, surprisingly enough don’t want to get tested, are in a shady conspiracy, or a secret society. Understanding how you’re manifesting skills doesn’t prove anything to the world at large, but it proves something for YOU. See how your out of body experience may prove something to you and your friends but nothing to the rest of the world. People could always say these stories are fabricated.

Understand that to use paranormal skills; it has to happen with a high degree of uncertainty. You can combine the uncertainty principle with the growth principle, written about in The reason for paranormal experiences post, and the chances of experiencing the supernatural will be optimal.

This Uncertainty principle means that it works best in an uncertain situation. Another way to describe an uncertain situation is to say that it is a high probability of the desired outcome.

Here are some examples of performing magic where there is uncertainty:

To manifest meeting a partner or friend out in a nightclub, this is a high probability. Willing better health for a person, high probability for better health in people. To desire a lucid dream, since dreams are uncertain.
Get a lucid dream by reading this:

The limits of magic may change:

To try to levitate stones is a dumb idea under a controlled condition. It won’t work, or it won’t count, or it will manifest in some other way. It will not be shown to the world and society at large. There might come a time in the future where the PSI uncertainty principle is not as tight as now. If the major population grows up, these rules may be looser, and the paranormal may be more available.

levitate, lucid dream, PSI uncertainty, looser rules, paranormal events - The limitations of magic

I believe there was a time in the distant past, where there were looser rules. Where PSI and paranormal events and entities were more present on this earth. Something happened; people got materialistic, greedy, and so on. The level of consciousness fell, the utopian world sank like Atlantis, and the spiritual reality got stricter. Now we have it pretty severe, dense, as explained, with the PSI uncertainty principle.

If you want your friends to know about this paranormal law, feel free to share this link with them.

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