Scepticism to astral travel!

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The concept of other worlds

As far as we know, scientists have not proven other dimensions. We would have heard about it in mainstream news if this were the case. The next question is, is it possible to travel with consciousness outside our body? This becomes tricky to answer because we have memory and perceptions, which means that you could remember details from a room and be able to visualise this room vividly from different angles. This way, it would be possible to create the illusion of “travelling” in your room. As defined in science, consciousness is just electrical signals inside your brain.

The concept of another body

Another point to ponder is understanding that most things in nature exist for a reason. There has to be a logical reason why something exists. What is the purpose of other worlds or the ability to travel outside your own body?

Another point to consider is that IF it were possible to move your consciousness outside your

body, then what would happen with your physical body? Another point to consider is what would happen if you don’t return to your body with your countesses. And what happens if someone wakes you up or you have to go to the toilet?

A probable explonation – Hypnogogia

Now, We do know something about the state of hypnagogia.
Hypnagogia is often described as “hypnogogic hallucination”. The reason is people can see vivid images and hallucinate in this state. This happens in a state of consciousness that is between awake and asleep. This sounds very much like an out-of-body experience or astral travel. You can also get the same effect with sensory deprivation.

Scientific phenomena – Lucid dreaming

The phenomena of lucid dreaming are confirmed by science. It’s a vivid dream where your perception senses the dream world as very “real”. A lot of astral travels sound like lucid dreams. Many reported astral travels are probably lucid dreams. The believers of astral travels say they can meet friends on the journeys. But when you stop or think about it, isn’t it normal to dream about close friends you know very well?

Why it is essential to have Scepticism to astral travel

If you believe in astral travel, you risk believing things you dream about. For example, if you have a nightmare about a friend or family member betraying you, you might lose trust in this person. In reality, it is just a dream, not a cosmic journey. Here the unconscious mind is just processing different ideas picked up during the day, .- for example, television. This is another reason to have Scepticism about astral travel! Why open Scepticism is essential can be read here:

To read the believer’s perspective on astral travel, here:

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