How to beat jealousy

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By guest author David.

Beat jealousy by reading this article. Jealousy is a bad feeling to experience. Jealousy can be divided into two categories. First, the kind that is based on facts. Second is the kind that is based on suspicion or little “evidence”.

If your partner is cheating, you want to find it out. Is there anything to watch out for here?

Well. Another nuance here is that you may end up paranoid without any proof. Symptomatic jealousy creates the idea that your partner behaves morally wrong, can’t behave, and acts unethically behind your back. This very description can fit the paranoid scale.

So your mental health is at stake here. I want to be very clear. This post is for those who have a problem with these issues. And understand at some level that it is out of portions.

The first thing to understand is that IF your partner is unfaithful, it will always come up, sooner or later. It always will.

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Rule nr 1: Never chase jealously

The first rule is that evidence will present itself; you don’t need to look for evidence. If you start to look for evidence might end up chasing a ghost. You want to find something that is not there. Sooner or later, your mind will find “something”. This is how the mind works. But this “something” you will see will not be REAL evidence. It will only build suspicion and might end with you KEEP looking, breaking rule nr 1. In cognitive bias, this keeps chasing your conviction is called “confirmation bias“.

The very ACT of chasing jealousy will create those feelings. You must understand that there is a connection between behaviour, thoughts and feelings. So thinking about it and doing specific actions will “feed the monster”. If this continues, it might grow to something big that is almost impossible to control—examples of things NOT to do.

NEVER spy on your partner. If you check their phones, follow them and install cameras etc. This will only reinforce your jealousy because your mind knows how to do it. The mind has to rationalize your actions backwards and create the thought that you do this because of the feelings. If you do such things, you will also bring up feelings of jealousy.

Rule nr 2: Trust is always better than control and suspicion.

Acting controlling is never an alternative. It is unattractive, and you feed the control troll. This part of yourself will grow and become more significant if you provide it. It is unattractive to other people. The jealous person is the one who should work on him or herself. Your partner can’t be bothered because of your problem. Even if your partner thinks about being unfaithful, controlling behaviour will push a partner over the edge. Trust is always better and is the only way this will work out. Trust will also create sympathy/empathy if a partner is in a tempting situation and will return because of the trust.

Rule Nr. 3: Be open about your insecurities and jealousy.

Be open about it. Say, “I have insecurities” around this; this is hard and problematic. It would help to express that this is about you, not your partner. Framing it this way will make it easier for your partner to understand you. If your partner denies it, you don’t know if it is because they are innocent or lying. Here you brake rules nr 1, 2 and 3. Also, if you have these feelings, your partner will notice. And if you are not honest, they might wonder what you are hiding from them. Talking with friends about it is recommended, and ventilate with somebody you trust. 

Rule nr 4: Work on your self-esteem to beat jealousy

Jealousy tends to come because of not feeling good enough or not deserving love. This ties together with self-esteem. Often it comes from family history and attachment styles. TRE, EFT and hypnosis may help you address your self-esteem. see our self-help section:

Rule nr 5: Jealousy is often a projection.

Have you thought about being with somebody else? Look at your previous relations ship and look for a pattern. Have you always found something wrong with your partner? Then it would help if you learned more about attachment style. You could, for example, have an avoidant or anxious attachment style. This ties together with rule nr 4. Work on yourself. Release all triggers from the past and go deep. Also, I would recommend hypnosis.

Rule nr 6: Adjust your expectation and rules.

Understand that your “views” on what is not ok may not be what the rest of the world sees as ok. For example, some people don’t let their partners leave the house. This is just wrong and not the way to beat jealousy. Here the trick is adjusting their internal rules and reducing them some notch down. Talking openly to adapt friends will often help you with this socially. I hope you WANT to strive for a great character; this is more important for you than to “have control”. See rule nr 2.

Rule nr 7: The map is not the territory.

The mind tends to look for the worse. There may be a thousand explanations for your situation—Different nuances. Read more about CBT. Remember when you thought the worst, and AFTERWARDS, you later found out that the case had a natural explanation? LEARN from this; you might do it again if you feel this way. Instead of believing your illusions, please don’t feed them; stop thinking about them and distract yourself with something else. You may team up with a thrust friend and explain that if these feelings come, you must take a phone call to them to shake you out of it. See rule nr 3. for examples of nuances. You see your partner talk to a friend. They receive an SMS or a snap.

To conclude:

Listen to hypnosis daily, work on yourself, talk to close friends about it, and read through these rules many times; this combination will beat jealousy!

9 comments on “How to beat jealousy

  1. Katty cat

    Good article 🙂
    Jealousy is really a fairly normal feeling around people, but is hlow to deal with it! It depends a lot on your partners trust.

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  4. Kaboya

    I am so glad I have found this web page. This is just pure gold right here!

    People are having real problems, that you write deeply about, and give a great solution to.

    Could you write a post about how to beat depression?

  5. Lars

    Great content.
    Of course, there is always the idea of making your PARTNER jealous.
    But it might not be the healthiest thing to do.

  6. Albert

    No more jealousy!
    What makes the difference here is to STOP wondering about what is going on.
    Don’t worry about it.


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