The increasingly more powerful healing chair

Here is a picture of a chair. What you do is use your focused intention to send loving healing to a person you imagine sitting in the chair, it can be a family member, a friend or yourself. Close your eyes and focus a lightbeam of shining sun rays to the person you are imagining sitting in the chair.

As more and more people use THIS chair as their healing tool, it will become increasingly more powerful!

Make sure to leave a comment and tell us how it worked for you.
Happy healing!

Read more here:

Picture of a light grey chair with wodden legs

3 comments on “The increasingly more powerful healing chair

  1. Kevin

    I tried this. I focused on the chair and sent healing to a friend. My friend noticed she felt better.
    This is my go-to page whenever I myself get sick, or someone dear to me gets the flue or are not well.

    I will keep returning to this page, focusing some attention on the chair, and just start to heal people!
    Away with the sickness!

    1. author

      Hello! Great to hear you like it! People are getting sick to left and right, and you can cure people by healing them – by having a tool LIKE THIS available for you, its truly remarkable.

  2. Caity

    Hello. I tried this. I focused on the Chair, and send healing and goodness to a friend.
    My friend ask me, have you sent something to me, I said yes, and the friend could feel it, get warm.

    I like when people can feel that I am healing, and they can feel better and good 🙂


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