Skepticism to clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance is the ability to see what happens at a distance

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Clairvoyance can cross time and space. Receive a picture in your inner mind of what’s going on at another location or time. It is consciousness that gets the credit for this ability being possible.

How can something like clairvoyance work?

We have to be sceptical of extraordinary claims. Clairvoyance is breaking a lot of known physical laws. It implies vast things about our reality that mainstream science has to discover if it were to work. Read about the right combination of open Scepticism here.

If the brain is simply an electrical signal, receiving information from a distance would not be possible. Here one could speculate about electrical signals transferred over great distances. If this were the case, detecting these signals or fields would be possible when somebody gets a clairvoyant hit.

If the explanation for psychic experiences is not an electrical signal transferred between minds or places, another reason would be that we all live in a simulator—another huge implication about how our worlds work. So far, no physical experiment in physics has been proven.

Another thing to be sceptical too is where all this information is stored. Believers talk about tapping into a database – where is this database located? And one might ask, what happens if this database gets destroyed or hacked?

My last sceptical question is: If Clairvoyance abilities were fundamental, why are not more people using these abilities?

How does the format and mechanism of clairvoyance work?

When you sense something with your physical senses, the brain stores this information; compared to a dream, the brain deletes most impressions because it is inaccurate and is regarded as a noisy brain. With this in mind, I am asking whether psychic data is stored in the brain just as physical impressions are natural. OR do psychical experiences get erased just like dreams? I would be somewhat sceptical of someone claiming to have many psychic hits but can’t remember them.

Also, does a person have to be in a particular mental state to “receive”? What happens if you open your eyes too soon or somebody else disturbs you under a psychic episode? And how long can you be in these trance states of receiving mental images? Few seconds, minutes, hours or days? And lastly, is it possible to get a clairvoyant picture that gets put over your physical vision, so what you see in front of you gets disturbed? An example of this would be riding a bicycle in an open field, and you “see” a massive tree in front of you that is not there.

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The believers of psychic sensing say they can see the truth on an inner screen.

The question is, does the mental screen always stay the same? Or does the mental screen change in size or shape – From square to circle, for example? Is it possible to be both psychic in awake and in dreams? And how can you differentiate between common visions and Dreams receiving ESP?

What about the quality of the pictures? How does that work? Do psychics receive the same quality, or do some have a rate that clairvoyant people can compare to VHS, and others have quality compared to blue ray? And what about blind people? Can they also “see” in their inner minds? Can deaf people “hear” using psychic means?

Also, can you control this ability – can you decide when clairvoyance images show up? Because the mental pictures show up randomly, then in the worst case, you might drive a car, and suddenly you get bombarded with psychic impressions. For this to be controllable, you must focus on time and location. And you have to wonder if there are any limitations to the magic.

Are objects, places, and situations similar in attractiveness, or are there any substances that “shine” more than others? Meaning is there anything more attractive than others?

Anomalies of clairvoyance

If it were possible to see things in your mind that happen in the distance, it would be possible to be disturbed by some of these images. For example, “seeing” war crimes and the like. It might also be possible to see a much lighter situation that could activate an Eplepsi episode. If you were to tune your mind into a conversation, like, a hypnotic session, you could get hypnotised! The same goes with the smell; if you were to Psychic pick up some smells or taste, you could puke from the smell or taste.

Another interesting question arises, is it possible to threaten people to see things for you? Or is it possible to give people medication to get into this state? What about spying and stalking? It would be unfair if some people have these mind powers while others do not. In this regard, you might ask if blocking the people spying on you is possible.

The most pressing question is whether a person can distinguish between fantasy and fact. Because if you “see” in your mind’s eye that your neighbour has kidnapped someone in their basement, it is rather unfortunate if this is not the case.

And does clairvoyance mimic reality? For example, if you explore the bottom of the ocean in your mind’s eye, would you see anything? We know that the bottom of the sea is pitch black! The same can be said about the sun; looking into the sun with a psychic vision, would you not get blind?

Is clairvoyant deterministic?

This implies that the future is set if one can see the future. The implication here is a deterministic reality. Then the question arises, if one can see the future, can we predict people’s crimes before they do it? Is this something a court could use – to put a person in jail who has never done anything, but the clairvoyant information suggests he is GOING TO!

Sociological questions

If clairvoyance abilities exist, should they not be taught in public schools? Should it be taught for free or only to rich people?

What will happen with secrets in this world? A world without secrets? Will every illusion in society then become visible for all to see?

Can the police use psychic abilities to find missing persons? And, can everybody develop these powers, no matter gender, race, nationality or IQ?

And do these powers come from legacy or the environment? If it comes from the environment, a child learns this from, for example, the parents. If it is genes, then you can predict a psychic child. Also, with genetic engineering, you can create SUPER PSCHYIC. So you see, there are many reasons for haScepticismism to clairvoyance.

Read the believer’s perspective of clairvoyance here:

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    Wow! How many nuances there are in this post! So many interesting questions.
    Keep ongoing with the sceptical series; it’s fun to read!

    It’s good to see such topics from BOTH sides.


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