How to heal with your hands

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How to do hands-on healing

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With hands-on healing, you can move a person from weakness and sickness into health and happiness. The idea behind hands-on healing is that the chi, qi, or prana is everywhere. It fits together with; everything is mind and energy. The person who heals uses focus as a tool or metaphor and believe that this is possible. Many healers follow the mantra, where the focus goes, the energy flows.

The theory behind healing is that the crown chakra is being opened up, and intelligent energy flows through the crown chakra and into the heart chakra. Then flows out through the hands and into the subject. The healing focuses on the concepts of light and love. The next step is sending symbolic” roots” or energy from their feet into mother earth. This is called grounding. It builds a bridge between heaven and earth where you receive from heaven and release the old down to mother earth to be transmuted.

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As always, focused intentions is the way to accomplish anything spiritual. The processes and details will happen by themselves; consciousness will lead to your desired result. If you are the healer, you need to want the best for the subject. You need to trust the process that you are sending healing energies. These feel like” bubbling” sensations in your hand, and you feel a warmth in the area. The place where the hands are will give the sense of a wave of energy.  If the subject closes his eyes, he can see pictures on his inner screen. This is a releasing process, where stuff gets up to the surface. Commonly, a subject will fall to sleep, under, for example, Reiki healing.

Hands-on healing deals with subtle energies, so it is suitable for energizing the chakras, meridians, and the aura. Electrosmog and negative thoughts can influence your aura and glue themselves to the aura. Luckily it is possible to cleanse the aura to remove this. The healer must place his hand above the subject’s body to give energy to the aura. To learn more about balancing meridians, chakras and auras, read this link:

Another metaphor is that the left hand can be used for” sucking,” The right hand can be used for” projecting” energy. You accomplish this by intending it work this way. If you want to energize your chakras, remember that the front side of the body will fill them with feelings. And energizing them from the backside of your body will energize them with will and determination. So if you want to get things done, focus on the chakras from the backside of your body.

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It is also possible to self-heal, place your hands on the area you want to heal. Place one hand on the breast area and one on the stomach is popular. You can combine other methods when self-healing. You can listen to binaural beats and brainwaves or lay on a spike mat. Or do all three things combined? But if you do this, lay on a spike mat and do self-healing, you will get crazy dreams. Nightmare will appear because of both the healing and spike mat release energy from your body. This released energy will pass through your system and perception as thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes if you heal a person for a long time, you will get a” mission complete” feeling. It is a good feeling; it comes as a signal to you that the project started is now whole. The person is now healthy and fair. Sometimes this feeling comes together with a silhouette of a being appearing in the room. Often this silhouette appearance will look like an angel. One way to receive more power from your healings is to ask your spirit guides or your higher self to help you out. If you want to learn how to communicate with your spirit guides, read this:

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You can also heal with your feet too. One method is to hold your foot against the legs; this is especially good before going to sleep. Another sleep-inducing way is to have your hands on the stomach. Healing can also create a dizzy sensation, a trance state that feels like your head is spinning around. This is true with the rule of not doing healing when you or the subject is drunk. If the subject is intoxicated, the healing energy will try to remove the alcohol out of the subject’s body. The subject will then experience being even higher and dizzy under the process. The same goes for drugs and addictions. I have heard of people that have taken speed and went to healing. They became more lost and high; then they were before the session. It’s not dangerous, but not necessary.

I believe that everyone can heal, in the same way, that everyone can play the piano or football. But some people are just naturally better than others to do it. Here the practice of cause makes you better. Also, I have discovered that if you work on yourself, your “mana,” so to speak, becomes more powerful. For example, I am often healing a friend of mine who can notice my mana. When I played on the spike mat in advance, my friend always commented that” today the healing was extra intense.”

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If the subject is in deeper brainwave states, the healing is flowing through their body more powerfully. Listen to binaural beats, and produce alpha brainwaves, to feel the energies more intensely. You can here focus harder and more coherent, and the subject will feel the difference. Just a second or two later from when you start to push your intentions and concentrate harder. To learn more about binaural beats and brainwaves, look here:

Binaurat beats, brainwaves state, healers - How to heal with your hands

I have also experimented with having two people healing the same person, from each side, on each shoulder. The subject said he felt hot sensations on the left side and cold sensations on the right side. This was the metaphor and symbol for him that we were two different healers.
If the subject drinks water while receiving healing, he will have an exciting experience. Often the person can feel chills through their body, from their throat, down to the stomach, while drinking/swallowing the water.

It is possible to use a glass of water as a tool to have a remarkable effect on your body. When the subject drinks the water, it will have the desired effect that you in advanced programmed. Other things that are popular in the program are crystals. Here you can use your hands-on healing tools and metaphors to energize them. Some healers use symbols when they do their work. Reiki healing, for example, has its own set of symbols. Some are meant to amplify the energies by drawing the symbol with your fingers on the subject. To learn more about Symbols, tools, and metaphors, check this article out:

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If you take a Reiki course (like I have), you will get more information and bring healing from the trainer. But you can also heal without” initiation,” I believe, since I got results in months before I took a Reiki course with remote healing. I accomplished results in remote healing all by my self, without any methods. If you want to learn how to remote heal, read this:

Some effects you can notice after hands-on healing:

* Having a stronger intuition
* Having astral travels in the night.
* Receiving more attraction from the opposite sex.
* Getting more energy, the ability to do more.
* Getting happier and an appreciation of life.
* Becoming more detailed in your head, the ability to think better.
* Attracting more good things into your life, both people & situations.
* Your behaviour gets into balance by setting yourself borders, speaking your truth, and empathy for others.

If you want to help somebody out, think of somebody who has an optimistic worldview, somebody who might be willing to give hands-on healing a go. Please share this page with the people interested in healing and self-help to increase their understanding even more.

20 comments on “How to heal with your hands

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  3. Magical89

    Hello 🙂
    Healing is very good. Its so realaxing. F.eks if you dont feel so good, or have some pain, healing can fix it 🙂

    1. author

      Hi Magical89! Nice to hear! More and more people are waking up to their magical abilties 😉 It seems like you have something going on for you there! Keep up the good work! Best wishes from us! 🙂

        1. author

          Yes! I am a healer myself. And like to combine Reiki Healing with the Silva Method for optimal results. Still healing is not magic, you simply Boost up the recovery process

        2. author

          Yes, many times.
          When people heal me, I feel a tingling sensation in my stomach, and I become warm.
          it feels good and relaxing.

      1. Magical89

        Heard of, and I have tried out Reiki healing. Good example! And yes it calm people down, get body peace 🙂

        1. Dating Guru

          Thats sounds great! Not everybody have been fortune enough to experienced Reiki healing first hand. It sounds like you master it

          1. Magical89

            I love to heal – it is so relaxing. And I think when I have done this on people, they feel the same 🙂

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  6. lire

    I know this works because I have been to a healer myself.

    3 years ago, I had depression. Ater 8-10 healing session, it was over.


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