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Pick up tools and game principles

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We have a lot of different material on dating, some information is suited for guys, some for
girls, and some for both gender. This next topic is a summary of what is referred to as
the seduction community“.

Net game: Here your PICTURE is everything. It is important that you find your best picture. A good tip is to ask your friends(girls) what they like the most. They pick out better pictures, then we men do. Remember it is other girls who will think the same way as your female friends.

SMS game: It is a good idea to wait some time before answering her text. A nice rule of thumb is to wait the same amount of time, that she does before answering you.
And don’t send long messages, and don’t do irony or CF there, but to – the point SMS.
”Starbucks at 7?” If she says ok. ”see ya then!” if she writes ” is it ok with 8 o clock?” just answer ”OK”. Another type of line is: I am going to town tomorrow 8 o clock, join!? To learn even more about SMS game, read this:

Conveying that you are a player is (often) a good thing.
Girl wants what other girl wants. They want to be special, to steal you from the other girls. If you have more girls, then you suddenly become a challenge. But, again Do not overplay this! It will lead to overqualification. The trick is to sub-communicate that you enjoy being single, but also are open to being serious. In the beginning of an interaction (weeks perspective here), you don’t take things seriously.

Girls are attracted to guys who are The prize!
”playing hard to get” is known to work. This is the same as being the prize. But if you are hard to get, When do you return to make a move? Well, when she has bragged enough to you, qualifies enough. Showed off enough. The thing is to gradually become more and more interested and impressed by the girl. Then they feel they are working on winning you over.

Shit testing:
Why is girl shit testing? Well, to test your strength, to find out who you are. They want to know where to place you. Badboy, player or maybe nice guy. It’s all about you, about what you are conveying. Girls feel that they can have sex with players easier than nice guys. They want to know how ”serious” you are. So when they test you, how you respond (not so much what you say) but your reaction, body language etc. Will expose if you are unreactive, and just say some funny shit back, or if you take her words completely serious and become reactive.

Testing, shit testing, girls testing, overqualification - How to attract girls

Ok, I have mentioned this concept a couple of time now. The point of the game is to be a LITTLE bit more attractive then the girl, then they will be influenced/ be fascinated /be lead’ed by you.  If you are TOO much, they will protect themselves, by rejecting you. So by overdoing CF, neg, push-pull, prizing yourself too hard or just trying to convey that you are a player ” too much” you are over qualifying. The reason many guys do this is that they BELIEVE that they are not good enough. When they understand that they are good enough, they don’t overdo these things.

One of the fastest ways to get a girl to like you is to make her invest in you. To talk to you a lot, to give you things, do things for you, talk a lot to you, brag to you, tell you stories and try to impress you. This ties together with being the prize. If she invests in you, it implies that she is trying to win you/the prize over. To learn more about the secret to getting liked, see this post:

Be selective, express what you want. Have standards. Say what you like, and what you don’t like. All these things show that you have standards. And when talking to a girl, ”always” find something that can be a little bit better. This ties in together with qualification. When you want to find out if she has certain sides that you are looking for, like ”are you good to cook?” do you work out?. To learn more about screening, and finding your perfect partner, read this:

Selective, standards, screening, perfect partner, antimanifesto, needy - How to attract girls

When you are around a girl and do nothing. This is often very powerful on dates after sex.
And after she is attracted to you. If you turn off and on this tool, you will also create Fractionation. It can also create tension, make her talk, and invest. This also shows that you are not needy or try hard.

When the girl gives you drama:
If she flakes a date – Don’t answer the SMS. Consequently, If she is being rude, Reframe it about being anti-social. And if she is rude as a person NEXT her. One of your highest priority is to FEEL GOOD! You don’t accept negative people around you. The same with supplication, if a girl asks ’s for a drink, say NO! You want to know them, you don’t want gold diggers. In addition remember that some girls are attention-seekers, meaning that they can give out # phone number but never actually want to meet up on a date. This is something you just mentally have to accept, that they exist! NEXT! (remember that you are non-needy). The different between attention-seekers and girls who are interested in that the last one is in on the escalation.

Girls like guys that do not judge. Never ever, use words like bitches, whores and so about your topics, when talking to the girls! Be liberal. Sex is not a big deal, sex can happen! Convey that you are non-judgemental, is a good thing to do, to let the girls feel safe about having sex with you. You can say ”it is stupid that girls get called whores, while guys get called players, we live in 2013, it should be total equality for both genders, girls should get high fives too”. Being non-judgemental helps to remove shame in girls.

Furthermore when gaming girls, being ”smooth” is a good way to get them into bed. Especially relevant here is to find”excuses” for why they are coming to your place. Why they are laying down in your bed etc. This will make them rationalize afterward what they did, and will let them do stuff to. by the way, after sex – cuddle with/talk openly to them, to avoid buyers remorse, so they want to see you again. To learn the fundamentals of dating, learn more here:

Non judgemental, ASD, gaming fundamentals, dating - How to attract girls

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