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How to attract girls with pick-up tools and game principles

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Our web page offers a lot of material on dating and how to attract girls. Most information is suited for guys, some for girls, and some for both genders. This next topic summarises what is called “the seduction community“.

Attract girls with the net game: Here, your picture is everything. Find your best photo. Ask female friends what image they like the most. They pick out better pictures than we men do. Remember, it is girls who are responding to your web photos.

Attract girls with SMS game: Wait before answering her text. Wait the same amount of time that she does before answering you. Send precise messages. If you write” Starbucks at 7?” and say OK, your answer can be” See you there”. If she suggests eight o clock instead, you answer OK. Another example is: I am going to town tomorrow at eight o clock, join!? Learn the SMS game here.

Conveying that you are a player is often a good thing. A girl wants what another girl wants. They want to be unique, to steal you from other girls. You suddenly become a challenge if you have access to many girls. But don’t overplay this! It will lead to overqualification. The trick is to sub-communicate that you enjoy being single but also are open to being severe. At the beginning of an interaction, you don’t take things seriously.

Attract girls by being the prize:
Girls are attracted to guys who are the prize!
” playing hard to get” is known to work and is the same as being the prize, but being too hard to get leads to overqualification. The question becomes, when do you return to make a move? Well, when she has bragged enough, qualified enough to you. You want to become more interested and impressed by the girl gradually. Then they feel they are working on winning you over.

Shit testing:
Why is a girl shit-testing you? Well, to test your strength. They want to know who you are and where to place you, Badboy, player or maybe a nice guy. It’s about what you are conveying. Girls can, for example, have sex with players easier than nice guys. They test to see how you respond with your reactions, body language etc. Your response will expose if you are unreactive. Or if you take her words entirely seriously and become reactive.

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Overqualification is trying to impress a girl too much. Remember, the point of the game is to be a little bit more attractive than the girl. Then they will be attracted to you. If you try too much, they will protect themselves by rejecting you and trying to convey that you are a player too over-qualifying. Many guys qualify that they believe they are not good enough. They don’t overdo these things when they understand they are good enough. Get better self-esteem by doing self-help.

Investing is when a person uses their time and energy on you. One of the fastest ways to get a girl to like you is to make her invest in you. When you get her to open up, give you things, do things for you, brag, tell you stories and try to impress you. This ties together with being the prize. If she invests in you, it implies that she is trying to win you the prize. To learn more about the secret to getting liked, see this post:

Attract girls with screening: 
Be selective; express what you want. Have standards. Say what you like and what you don’t like. These attitudes show that you have rules. When talking to a girl, find something that can be better. This ties in with qualification when determining if she has the qualities you seek. You can ask,” Are you a good cook?” do you work out? To learn more about screening, and finding your perfect partner, read this: How to be selective in choosing partners – Dating –

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Attract girls with an anti-manifesto: 
Antimanifesto is when you are around a girl and do nothing; this is often very powerful on dates after sex. And to do after she is attracted to you. If you turn off and on this tool, you will also create fractionation. It can also create tension and make her talk and invest. Doing the anti-manifesto technique shows that you are not needy or try-hard.

Attract girls bypassing her drama: 
Girls can act dramatic at times. If this happens, you need to stay calm. For example, if she doesn’t meet up for an appointment. What you do in this case is not to answer her SMS. If a girl asks you to buy her a drink, tell her you want to get to know her. Tell her you don’t want a gold digger. 

Attract with non-judgemental:
Girls like guys who don’t judge. Never use words like bitches, when talking to the girls! Be liberal about sex. It is not a big deal; sex can happen! Convey that you are non-judgemental to let the girls feel safe about having sex with you. Tell them,” It is stupid that girls get called names while guys get called players. In 2020, it should be total equality for both genders”. Being non-judgemental helps to remove shame in girls.

Having” excuses” for why girls are coming to your place is called rationalization. Girls need a reason to go home to you. An explanation will help them rationalize afterwards what they did. After sex, you can cuddle with and talk openly to them. Showing this behaviour will avoid buyers’ remorse, so they want to see you again. Learn more about the basics of dating.

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  3. Playah

    The attraction is the feeling you get when you are drawn towards someone when you can’t stop thinking about them.

    Seduction is the process of becoming more hot and heavy.

    Liking someone thinks that the two of you will be a good match.


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