Preperation, principle and rules of magic

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Preparation, principle, and rules of magic

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In this post, I will describe what type of preparation is helpful for doing Magic or manifestation. The word magic could be changed with MagicK or manifesting. The meaning regardless of any of those 3 words is: Your intention or will can change/influence events and people.

I will in addition to writing about preparation also mention some of the fundamental rules a person has to follow to be able to manifest. The rules are more strict than the preparation. You could, in theory, influence things at a distance without the preparation, BUT – the probability of getting powerful effects gets higher, the more you are prepared.

All the paranormal powers/spiritual powers are a different form of manifestation. So when people speak of doing magic, they are speaking of manifesting something that is paranormal. The very idea of manifesting is paranormal. As described, it is possible to use focused intention to influence people and events at a distance.

How you express this intent can be varied, you could use symbols, rituals, inner images or pure intentions. For the sake of writing in simplicity, I will just use the words intention or will. To use your will/intent effective it is good to have a calm mind. There are lots of ways to get a calmer mind. Focus on being healthy is always a good idea.

Express intent, symbols, inner images, rituals - Preparation, principle, and rules of magic
Part 1, Preparations for magic: 
Reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in food, will give you a clearer mind. You will feel clearer if you have avoided sugar for a period. If you then eat sugar, you experience that your mind becomes fuzzy. This is not worse than it was before you started avoiding sugar. The reason for this experienced gap is because before you were living in a fuzzy mental state all the time. But you did not compare it to be clear. So when you have experienced being clear, the gap will feel horrible, and the fuzzy state of mind will actually be how you felt it before, without knowing how bad it was. The ability to concentrate is crucial for doing magic, so keep avoiding sugar and eat healthily.

preperation for magic, concentration, reduce sugar - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

Stress, tensions, and traumas most also are reduced to have a clear mind. The mind-body connection is there, so the tension in your body must be release also. Body therapy like TRE (Trauma release exercise), Feldenkrais method is very effective for dealing with this topic. Also, Wilhelm Reich has some body-oriented psychotherapy. Keep releasing tension from your body to become clearer in mind. Also, massage may help in reducing stress and tensions.

Exercising may help you have a clearer mind both because you are letting go of stress and tension when doing physical exercise, but also because the growth of a human beings mental capacity will develop when you also develop physically And vice versa. Those two components, mind and body develop with each other. It is most clear and easy to see this when looking at kids, that to develop they need to be stimulated by both body and mind to become better in either one area.

Now, your mind may have a lot of noise. To address this, meditation may be helpful. The more you practice meditation the better you become at concentration and attention. You will also see the difference between thoughts that are noise, and what is important in your life. You can also use other tools to address the mind, such as hypnosis or cognitive therapy. Any hypnosis that reduces the mind chatter is good. There is a lot of reason for mind chatter, anxiety, low self-confidence, fear, and guild etc. To fix these different mind bugs is helpful. Here, “The work” by Katie Byron may be useful or other types of cognitive therapy. Working at it consistently will lead to results.

meditation, the work, cognitive therapy, Sedona method, release - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

Some people also prefer the Sedona method to release thoughts and feelings. It is up to the person to see what works best for them. Sometimes you don’t know what works in de traumatizing or deprogramming yourself. Getting better can have different reasons, but try different things out and take notes on the changes you experience. All the things mentioned is to reduce noise and chaos – to be able to concentrate and focus. Other methods to release tension is mentioned here:

Now, you have some ability to concentrate and focus. And these abilities can always be perfected and get better. The next thing you may want to work on is visualizing. Seeing clear pictures is valuable as a good and useful tool for expressing your intent. You can start by picturing a football. See the black spots on the white ball. Practices seeing a ball, many times, maybe for weeks or month until you feel you can see this football clearly. Then the next step may be to rotate or spin it. Rotate it on your inner mind, see the colors of white and black spinning around in 3d. Also when nailing this, try rotating it backward and experimenting rotating it back and forth and suddenly stop and rotate it the other way again.

The next step is to learn to get into a trance and deep states. Learn to relax. And this is easy if you have released a lot. Lay down, focus on your breath and feel how your body is sinking deeper and deeper down into the madras. Lay still. Feel how your body feels on the inside. Don’t move, lay still. Relax in every muscle. Pretend that one muscle after the other die. No life, perfectly still, relaxed or in sleep. When you have learned to relax your body (this can take weeks to learn). The next step is to picture beauty images. Seeing yourself in nature, utopia or paradise. See pictures of rivers, green field of grass, flowers, nature, see the sun shining and seeing a clear blue sky etc.

relaxed, body and mind, manifesting - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

Now you are relaxed in both body and mind. You master visualizing, concentrating and relaxing.  What you do after mastering these 3 mentioned things, is to start manifesting and programming what you want.  Now moving onward to the foundation of magic. More info on manifesting, programming and law of attraction here:

Trance is a good foundation to have to be able to do magic or paranormal things. The power comes from the subconscious, so going into trance is helpful for tapping into your power center so to speak. Then what happens is that you “surf” on the inner net. The inner net is the consciousness system.  You surf here by expressing your intent. You operate here by expressing your intent. Visualizing is good for expressing your intent. For more info, see the self-hypnosis post:

Since you have your preparation in order, it is easy for you to visualize, and concentrate. The other word that is in the sentence “Focused intention” is FOCUSED! Meaning thinking, visualizing, for example, an inner picture for a longer period of time with intensity and then the intent of “Sending” this or posting this picture on the inner net. Seeing another person, concentrate on the picture of another person – will signal to the consciousness system that you want to do something to this other person.

Preperation, Focused intentions, Counciousness system, inner net, - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

Then the next image may be white light beaming into the body of this person. Now you have concentrated on two images, about who it is, and what you want to do. The images represent your intentions. Then concentrate for a longer period of time on the picture/movie of this person being beamed by white light. The concentration part represents moving/changing/influence and doing powerful things, aka healing in this example.

There are other things you could use -Focused intention- for. Another example could be that you want to have a great outer reality, so you go into trance, and automatically access the inner net. See a picture of you, alone, then another picture of you being with a girlfriend and you two are smiling (the girl is an abstract concept of “somebody” you fall in love with). Concentrate on this second picture for a longer period of time. What happens is that the first image can represent your situation now, and the second picture can represent your situation in the future. If you concentrate long on this The coincidence start to appear in your outer reality, and sometime in the future the brick falls in place, the puzzle is finished, and your inner image becomes an Outer image (reality).

Coincidence, inner reality, outer reality, entities, guides - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

Other examples could be getting new friends, getting new knowledge, developing new skills, helping people in your career or exploring the consciousness system. The next step on the magician’s journey could be to get in contact with loving and wise entities. Contact your own helpers and guides. – The ones that are given in mission from the consciousness system to influence and communicate with you for the purpose of growth.

What you do is getting into trance. See a picture of a wise and loving figure, expressing the intent of receiving wisdom and communicate with your spirit guide. Concentrate on the image of you sending and receiving thoughts from a shining helpful guide. You can also visualize yourself walking around in your daily life and being so happy, appreciating the beauty of this world so much. Concentrate on the inner images of you being really enthusiastic and joyful from learning and exploring new things day after day.

learning, exploring, joy, ability to visualize, clear mind - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

these things can be programmed from the inner net, and be manifested in your outer reality if you have mastered being clear in your mind, the ability to concentrate, the ability to visualize and the ability to relax and going deep into trance.

Part 2, principles and rules of magic:

So now you know what steps to take to become a magician. The preparation needed to do magic.
In this part two, I will describe more about the principle that it is important to follow. When doing magic, things CAN go wrong and especially if you don’t care about the rules and principles I am going to explain here.  Below are listed 7 principles that you may want to remember before changing reality.

The like attracts like principle:
This is all about what you send out comes back to you. If you are a loving person, and your thoughts are dominated by helping people and spreading love, those things, help, and love may soon come back to you from others. What you focus on also comes back to you. Do you focus on conspiracy and demons, or abundance and health? It’s the same with your intentions if you have aggressive intent; aggressive things may come back to you in return. If you want the best for others – others want the best for you. Also when you talk to yourself, what is the dominating theme? This dominating theme may attract that situation, or a person with the same type of “dominating self-talk, in their thoughts.

For the highest good principle:
This is about manifesting things that are good for everybody concerned. If you are manifesting more money, you may also get more work, and you may help more people in that carrier. The focus shall be on most people having life quality – then you will get life quality as a result of that. In this case, helping more people, and working more will lead to more money. If you want to sell some products and make money, it means that your products are actually good and needed and that some people need them and you can manifest that these people get those products. So everybody involved gets something out of the manifested situation.

PSI uncertainty principle:
I have explained this before. But I can repeat the principle. It is about not demonstrating paranormal abilities at a large scale, to show off. The consciousness system will not allow that to happen. This is rare that you got the opportunity to do anyway, so it is best suited for an explanation for why paranormal abilities do not get proven scientifically.  Or if you want to try out to prove your paranormal abilities with strict scientific method and measure systems – good luck with that! More on PSI uncertainty principle here:

Growth principle:
The most common reason for people to experience paranormal events is to show them that there exists a bigger reality. If you want to expand, grow, learn or mature the possibility of experiencing something spiritual gets higher. The consciousness system wants to grow. So when you put yourself in a position of growth, it’s easier to manifest spiritual things. For example, if you think astral travel is “cool” that is not the right attitude, but if you want astral travel because you want to learn, grow and explore then it’s easier for you to get to the other side. So it may be easier to manifest learning new information from somebody than getting money. It may be easier to manifest to hook up with a girl, if you ask for you and here to exchange information or learning from each other.

Growth, growth principle, manifest, astral travel - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

Free will principle:
If you want to manifest or influence something, you have to be sure that it does not violate people’s free will. If you want to manifest a new girlfriend, it is possible that this girl also wanted a relationship. So you attract somebody who already has an intention about it. You can influence people, but remember that you don’t do it out of ego because you the consciousness system don’t want ego, it wants to reduce ego, so if you are surfing on the inner net with ego intent, the consciousness system might just give you a lesson. If you try to control somebody else’s behavior, especially if you pick somebody specific and want to control their decision space, you might get burn by the flames of karma. More about manifesting here:

Probability principle:
This is about you manifesting something that is likely to happen. You can ask for anything imaginable. So it is crucial that the things you ask for actually is within the area of possibilities. Bigger things have a tendency to take longer time then manifesting small things. You could try to manifest your house to levitate; nothing would happen because it violates the rules of this physical matter reality and is not very likely to happen.

Follow your life purpose principle: 
You will get even more power if you are following your destiny. Your souls mission for living here on planet earth. Each person has their destiny to follow, to do what their soul is good at. If you find your call, your life purpose then the consciousness system can support you, even more, when you contribute to the greater good in this area. If you find your mission you may experience having a conversation with your holy guardian angel. It may appear in a dream before or after an exam or a period where you are in practice of this carrier. Or you could get this conversation before starting at a university. When the holy guardian angel appears in your dream you will understand, that this is the right direction you are moving.

life purpose, Holy guardian angel, destiny, souls mission - Preperation, principles and rules of magic

If you find spiritual abilities and magic fascinating, share your interest with somebody who might share your interest! Share this post with them!

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