30 ways to get positive energy!

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This post is about how to increase your positive energy. What will then happen is that you will automatically reduce your negative energy because your focus on the positive will overlap and be the strongest. Within the alternative industry, there is an idea that positive energy will turn out / erase negative energies (also negative spirits) and that positive energy leads to more motivation, success, and joy. After investigating various alternative information I have arrived at a consensus, where there is a broad agreement about:

Your house:

Plants Are a point that is often mentioned. We know scientifically that plants have the ability to clean the air. It is also spiritually alleged that they clean up spiritual energy as well.
Crystals: Scientifically, they are used in microchips for transmitting information electronically. It is spiritually alleged that they can store and contain positive energy.
Figures: Figures of Angels or Buddha. Symbols are known to at least psychologically influence people’s subconscious.
Candles: Lighting candles in most cultures is recognized to “light up” life and provide cleansing and good energy to its surroundings.
Incense: Being used across the globe in most religions to “clean life” smoke and fog is associated with the spiritual world.
Music: Classical works are known to scientifically speaking be relaxing. Advocates of music believe it could help to purify the spiritual existence as well. Research shows that music contributes to health and wellbeing. Music and the brain: Jessica Grahn

candles, spiritual, cleanse - 30 ways to get positive energy

Therapy forms and methods:

Acupuncture: Is known to reduce stress and boost the immune system.
Kinesiology: Is known to map what you can tolerate and what you cannot of different food types, and to find out what you need of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition.
Sedona Method: Is known to redeem all kinds of emotions, so you feel lighter, better, more happy and free.
Reiki Healing: Is known to have a relaxing effect.
Silva Method: Is known as a form of meditation where you visualize achieving your goals. EFT: Is known to resolve things that trigger you, the assertion is that it dissolves the “energy blockages.”
Hypnosis: Can relax you deeply enough to lower the critical factors, so that you become susceptible to suggestion. Used as a tool for changing thought patterns.
TRE: A trauma release exercise that is known to remove tension and release trauma out of the physical body. Changes your posture and makes you more emotionally stable.
Meditation: Calms the mind to focus on only one stimulus, usually breath and nothing else.

EFT, TRE, Meditation, Hypnosis - 30 ways to get positive energyKinesology, Reiki healing, Sedona Method, Silva method - 30 ways to get positive energy!


Behavior: Good ethical behavior keeps negative feelings and energies away and provides better conscience and more energy.
Water: Drink plenty of water, especially lemon water to get more base, relative to PH value.
Food: Avoid sugars and carbohydrates, eat varied and lots of vegetables.
Supplements: Omega 3, magnesium and multivitamin is a good thing to take in order to strengthen the immune system and to get more surplus energy.
Sunlight: Be far out in the sun, it gives you energy and fills you up with vitamin D and acts as an antidepressant.
Focus / Interests: Avoid negativity, stay away from horror films, black/death metal, porn, and conspiracy. Focus on laughter, self-development and creativity, also socialize.
Hygiene: Cleaning your apartment is the same as clearing your head. Sorting things affect you psychologically. Ventilating and washing your apartment will give it a good energy.
People types: Avoid energy thieves and people who moan and complain. Search for happy people, people who are positive and that treat you well.
Exercise: Physical activity leads to better circulation, more oxygen intake and discharge of endorphins. It also strengthens your mood and leaves you with a better mental disposition. Research shows the exercise effect – how it can be used as a mood enchantment and better health: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/12/exercise.aspx
Sleep: It is super important to get good sleep, and have a good sleeping rhythm. Too many people feel tired all the time

Behaviour, Water, Food, Supplements, Sunlight - 30 ways to get more positive energy! Focus, Hygiene, People types, Excercise, Sleep - 30 ways to get more energy!


Pets: Pets provide good company and according to alternative can also heal energetically.

Nature: Spending time in nature leads to peace of mind, brings you to balance and helps to “ground” you, giving you spiritual safety according to believers.

Technology: According to believers if you avoid technology it will help you get more energy. A tip is to switch off your phone at night to sleep better.

Aura: According to believers, we have an energetic aura that can be strengthened; to visualize a gold bubble around oneself each morning and evening when resting. This is your “space” where you can ask if all the thoughts/feelings/energies that enter – are good, loving and positive. Take a shower to cleance the aura even more. Read about Meridians, chakras, and auras: https://abundance7.com/balancing-meridians-chakras-auras/

Contacting higher powers: According to believers, we live in a universe of consciousness, where one can use their own metaphors to connect with what you consider “higher powers” these will then be able to promote themselves for you, and in most cases help you. These higher powers, if they are not individual energies are often called “helpers.” Learn how to contact your spirit guides here: https://abundance7.com/communicate-with-your-spiritguides/

Helping people: Devotees believe that improving society in any way possible in relation to development, maturation, and growth will provide positive energy and power. Creating balance and order out of chaos is what most occupations in society are all about. When you share this post with your friends and family, you are helping them out with information about having a better life!

Pets, Nature, Technology - 30 ways to get more energy!Aura, contacting higher power, Helping people - 30 ways to get more energy!


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