30 ways to get positive energy!

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This post tells you 30 ways to get positive energy! Your positive energy will override any negativity. Positive energy leads to a good mood, more motivation, success, and joy. Here is a list of things that helps:

The positive energy in your house:

Plants help clean the air. They clean up spiritual energy as well.
Crystals can store and contain positive energy.
Figures of Angels or Buddha can psychologically influence people’s subconscious. Learn more about symbols here.
Candles are recognized as giving hope, cleansing, and good energy to their surroundings.
Incense is being used in most religions to “cleanse the air.” Smoke and fog are associated with the spiritual world.
Music, like classical works, is known scientifically to be relaxing. Music can help to purify the environment as well. Research shows that music contributes to health and well-being. Music and the brain: Jessica Grahn


candles, spiritual, cleanse - 30 ways to get positive energy

Therapy forms and methods:

Acupuncture reduces stress and boosts the immune system.
Kinesiology helps to map what you can tolerate in different food types. It tells what you need in vitamins, minerals, and nutrition.
The Sedona Method helps release all emotions, so you feel lighter and better.
Reiki Healing has a relaxing effect. It helps balance your subtle bodies.
Silva’s Method is a form of meditation. Here you visualize achieving your goals.
EFT releases psychological triggers you might have. The Method also dissolves energy blockages.
Hypnosis can relax you deeply enough to lower the critical factors. Meaning you become susceptible to suggestions. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for changing bad habits.
TRE is a trauma-release exercise that removes trauma from the physical body. It changes your posture and makes you more emotionally stable.
Meditation helps calms your mind by focusing on your breath. 

EFT, TRE, Meditation, Hypnosis - 30 ways to get positive energyKinesology, Reiki healing, Sedona Method, Silva method - 30 ways to get positive energy!

The positive energy in yourself:

Ethical behaviour keeps negative feelings and energies away.
Drink water to balance your PH value. Water with lemon is beneficial for that.
Eat Healthy Food, avoid sugars and carbohydrates, eat varied, and eat lots of vegetables.
Take Supplements like omega 3, magnesium, and multivitamins. Supplements strengthen your immune system.
Sunlight gives you energy and fills you up with vitamin D.
Have a positive Focus and interests, and avoid negativity. Focus instead on laughter, self-development, and creativity.
A tidy apartment leads to a clear mind. Washing and ventilating your apartment gives it good energy.
Be with positive people and avoid energy thieves who complain. 
Physical activity leads to better circulation and more oxygen intake. Physical activity helps you discharge endorphins, strengthens your mood, and improves your mental health. 
Have a good sleeping rhythm to increase your energy level. Too many people feel tired all the time

Behaviour, Water, Food, Supplements, Sunlight - 30 ways to get more positive energy! Focus, Hygiene, People types, Excercise, Sleep - 30 ways to get more energy!

Other ways to get positive energy:

provide good company and can give you great comfort.
Spending time in nature leads to a quiet mind. 

Strengthen your aura by visualizing a gold bubble around yourself. Here only loving, balanced, and positive energies can affect you. Taking a shower each morning will also cleanse the aura. Read about balancing Meridians, chakras, and auras.
And read more about how to create a strong aura.

Contact higher powers to receive help. They will, in most cases, help you. That’s the reason why they are called “helpers.” Learn how to contact your spirit guides here.

Helping improve society in any way possible leads to your growth. Creating harmony is what most occupations in society are all about. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family. When you share this knowledge, you are sharing positive energy!

Pets, Nature, Technology - 30 ways to get more energy!Aura, contacting higher power, Helping people - 30 ways to get more energy!

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  3. katy

    Hey 🙂
    useful information:)

    At times. I struggle a lot with being motivated and having energy. Do you have any exsamples og solutions to how this can be done?

  4. Dating Guru

    To get more energy you have to produce energy. Drink a lot of water, and eat vegetables that contain alot of water. Be social. Excercise. Have a good sleep rythm. Drink smoothies and focus on things that gives you joy and laughter

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