How to manifest whatever you desire

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How to manifest whatever you desire

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Spiritual people believe that spiritual powers, such as the ability to manifest, are because everything is the mind. When you hear sentences like, everything is consciousness, everything is thought, vibrations, and energy. All those words are pointing in the same direction; it’s just different labels by different people. These words are synonyms; the main point is that you are a soul in a reality of illusion.

The soul and reality are part of the same thing. It’s like saying a sea drop and the sea is part of the same thing. The theory behind everything is that this dimension is an illusion. So if we look at a table closely, there is space between the atoms. If we zoom down to an even smaller level, then we will finally reach down to “thought.” This is where our thoughts travel when a person has an out-of-body experience. If you want to learn more about out-of-body experiences or astral travel, read this:

Individuals are pieces of the whole; we are pieces of the bigger reality. Out-of-body experiences evidence this since you can travel through tables and walls. Again everything is just consciousness. The movie the secret illustrates the manifesting process pretty well:

So the sentence “thought creates things” means that those thoughts are building blocks at the minor level when you have a focused thought. Next, atoms, particles, and physical stuff come on top, and then after some time, it will manifest. Time is just an ingredient in the universal mind. The universal reason is “dreaming” the event you wanted. You describe this as experiencing the situation as they occur and manifest. Since our dimension has “time” and “space” rules, the manifested thoughts must appear natural.

All the dimensions have the typical ingredients of being made of thought, at some level, on the minor level or the most obvious level; this is why you can use your thought to visit all dimensions. Again, we go back to astral travel and go out of the body to explain how mind and awareness are reality. Plato talked about this in his allegory of the cave about 2000 years ago. It’s like saying a fish can swim in the ocean’s upper layer, in the middle, or at the sea’s bottom. The different layers may have other watercolours, but it is still part of the same thing.

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From deep mind states, you can think of getting a new job and “poof”; it happens. In this physical dimension, for the job to appear to you, you have to go out and “accidentally” meet an old friend who “accidentally” introduce you to a friend he has, who “accidentally” have a job offer available at the time.

So if you want to get a new job, you have to focus your intent on it. You will not experience anything strange because what happens will always have a natural explanation, but it still happens. Using this tool, the outcome that you had intended happens! Hard to prove that it was not just accidental luck, yes. Do you get your result by using this knowledge and tools? Yes!

So there, I explained what “manifestation” powers are—creating events, creating lucky situations, and making your reality. Words like manifesting, programming, “power of the mind, and” mind over matter” are all words & sentences that talk about the same thing. This is what the movie “the secret” and the law of attraction is all about. In addition to this, some people say that releasing is “the secret behind the secret”.the reason for this is that you release thoughts and emotions from your Subconscious mind. So you send out fewer and fewer low thoughts and therefore get a better and better reality. Hundreds of people using the method describe these effects because perception is reality. Perception change reality, as the double-slit experiments show.

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Two ingredients only -Focus/concentration- and -Intent/will-. There is a reason why these two factors get firmer the deeper you go down with your brainwaves. The order in how powerful the brain goes from; alfa, theta, and finally to delta brainwaves. This is because you get more access to your mind, reduce noise, and tune in to the most potent part of your processor/mind. And the two ingredients’ focus and intentions can be sent out/felt more potent by the universal mind. To learn more about Brainwaves, read this:

All of this is possible Since your soul is part of the whole. There are ways to tap into the most potent part of the brain, one other way to do it, in addition to using binaural beats, is to use symbols. If you want to know more about symbols, tools, and metaphors for expressing focused intent, learn more here:

One powerful way to manifest, with a lot of strength and force, is to use focused intentions in a group. A bunch of people concentrating together with a deep focus will have a substantial effect. Practice healing here:

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