Audio boost and binaural beats

Binaural beat for out of body experience

This track starts at a frequency that we typically see in a normal relaxed brain when awake and alert, 14.5hz. It then uses 10 minutes to take you down to the earth frequency at 7.83hz, also known as the Schumann resonance. Here you can vibrate along with the earth for almost 8 minutes before gradually (within 15 minutes after we leave the earth frequency) being followed down to the perfect frequency for an out-of-body experience ( obe ) at 3.87hz. The track will stay at 3.87hz for the remainder of the session. Enjoy!

Listen to this binaural beat track using headphones for optimal effect.

Listening to the track multiple times over weeks increases the chances of an obe.

Use binaural beats as training wheels. After a while, you can do this at will without the binaural beat!

Binaural beats use sound to create a desired frequency of brainwaves. One tone is played in one ear, and a slightly different tone is played in the other. It is this difference in tone that is created by the brain. The hertz described below that this track will take you through refers to the difference your brain will make! This binaural beat will operate between 200-150 hertz base frequency.

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