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We humans have a lot of behavioural patterns. Things we do, over and over again, repeated behaviour, are called patterns. So, often, one of the best ways to predict the future of someone is to look at their past. Sometimes people have rituals associated with specific themes. Like, they are controlling, perfectionism, anxiety, nervousness, or paranoia. To stop falling into these themes, you need to change your thoughts and behaviours and do something DIFFERENT to shake things up.

The first step is observation. What do you feel, and what do you want to do? Most likely, you will follow the same patterns in the same kind of situation. Try to be aware of this, reflect on the case, and ask what I can do differently? What do I NOT feel for doing right now? Well, do THAT (of course, remember to reflect over “real” consequences)! Our emotions too often control us, and when we look logically at our behaviours and responses in different situations. You can often see that what you do is so often based on emotions:

emotions, observing patterns - How to be more unpredictable

Why do you do it then? Simple answer – because emotions drive us and because many of us have never analyzed or questioned them. It is hard to change what has not been observed. You can also practice OBSERVING patterns in others; do they tend to react in the same predictable way in the same situations? This is an excellent way to identify one’s thoughts and behaviour patterns because of recognition. Another label for patterns is habits, learn more about habits here.

Being unpatterned is about being unpredictable. It is about freedom and the ability to choose how you want to react. Instead of constantly reacting with fear, anxiety, or jealousy, you have other options and alternatives. This is key, look for other options and nuances. When looking for different nuances and opportunities to the situation, you train yourself to change your perception. In CBT, they do this as well:

Nuances, options, alternatives - How to be more unpredictable

For example, if a girl does not SMS you back right away, what do you think? What are some options, nuances, and alternatives to your thoughts here?

Count the nuances on your fingers (finding at least 5):

1. Her phone/battery is dead.
2. She is playing hard to get because she likes you.
3. She is super busy, at work, driving a car, etc.
4. Problems with the phone company/lousy connection etc.
5. She is sleeping or has her phone in silent mode.

What happens when you find some nuances, is that the original thought “She doesn’t like me” suddenly have competition with other alternatives. The TRUTH is that you don’t know, so why pick only one negative idea and thus feels terrible?

You can also use patterns to predict the behaviour of people. Just look at their past, how did they respond last time? They are probably going to answer the same way the next time in a similar situation also. For example, what type of guy did the girl hook up with last time? Are you that “type”? What is her attraction pattern? Do you get positive responses by being funny, sweet talkative, teasing, complimenting her, or being unavailable? Whatever works – keep doing THAT!

Examples of breaking your patterns

Instead of always shopping at the same store, go to a different one. If you are at school, sit in another chair. If you ever watch action movies, try seeing a romantic comedy or documentary. Do you always listen to techno? Try listening to metal or country. Do you always analyze before downloading a product? Try downloading at RANDOM, and go through it. The same goes for lending a book in the library; throw some dices at where you will pick up your specific paper. Change your haircut or clothing styles. Or do as The Dice Man, and let the dice control your entire life.

Breaking patterns, random, find nuances - How to be more unpredictable

Drive different routes. Talk to different types of people. Do something you have never done before, go hitchhiking, or travel to the other city. If you always smile and say “Hi” when you meet new people, try something different, present yourself as another name, talk a foreign language, just for the fun of it. Ask your friend to send an SMS for you to a girl you like. And one of my favourites, say NO to sex when with a hot woman.

Conclusion: Find nuances/alternatives to both your thoughts and your behaviours and usual activities. You don’t have to go all “fight club,” changing your religion or sexual orientation! But play a little with it, experiment with it. Share this with a friend who is up for the challenge, and comment on what idea you liked the most!

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  4. Flower89

    Hello 🙂
    This I would like to learn more about

    Can you tell some work you can do, or what you have experinces?

  5. Dating Guru Post author

    Hi! Thank you for asking. Yes, I can tell you how I have done a lot of “undoing myself” work.

    T.R.E or trauma release exercises work great for getting rid of triggers.
    It leads to overcoming procrastination and erasing phobias to mention a few.

    Good luck!

  6. Clevz

    I would like to try out the “MR dice man” approach for 1 week and see what happens.

    Might end up like a super-rich ladies man.


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