A glimpse of cosmic consciousness experience

A personal story of having a cosmic consciousness experience

By guest author Riggy

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My problems:
Abundance7.com asked me to write about cosmic consciousness experience:

It happened in 2015, and a lot has happened, even if it didn’t scare me. I have experienced the opposite of light and love, pure darkness, much worse than the depression I had for 13 years before the initial light, love and forgiveness.

I have been terrified, ashamed and disheartened that I couldn’t stay positive and filled with 100% pure light and love, but I need professional help and medication. I have felt like a failure. And even though I recently managed to finally forgive with my heart, soul and mind the person who hijacked my 20s by conning me so brutally that it ended in court.

I struggle with past experiences. I lost my interest in teaching yoga- not flexible enough etc. I am unable to keep a vegan diet as meat-eaters surround me. But I lived in a small area close to nature and people who hunt in the wild. And eating expired food, which otherwise would end up in the trash. And just generally not eating much-industrialized meat. I have come to terms with not being vegan.

I have also failed in my studies, and I am now so old that having a steady income is more important than an expensive master’s.

The glimpse of cosmic consciousness is what Motivates!

Where do we look for comfort and hope when our souls face the darkness? When a person has problems like example depression or anxiety. The universal mind can give the person an experience to show how amazing life can be. Having such a profound experience can transform your perspective when you are at your darkest moment. It doesn’t mean that everything will be ok forever. You still need to work and walk through the valley of death. Cosmic consciousness is an expression about diving deep. The reward is to feel good and has cosmic consciousness again.

What needs to happen is to work on various issues gradually. And this glimpse of experience is what motivates people. I know it takes WORK, but I find motivation in remembering this experience. The way to feel it again is to close your eyes and focus on feeling the experience of cosmic consciousness as best as possible.

Now I want to explain the feeling of cosmic consciousness to those with problems or challenges with depression or anxiety. I hope this experience can also motivate you to work on yourself and release away all negative feelings. This site has many suitable self-help methods to help you; check out this section: https://abundance7.com/category/self-help/.

The cosmic consciousness experience described

Imagine closing your eyes and getting into an extraordinary state of mind. If you have ever had a beautiful and loving lucid dream, allow the love you felt then to be multiplied by 100. You feel extremely loved and taken care of. Everything that surrounds you is a space of pure white light. You feel like you are everything that exists.

The tiny point of ego left is just the smallest part of you that can observe the whole experience instead of seeing the world through your body’s eye. You see and feel what it is like to be every tree, rock, star, animal and everything that exists in the whole universe simultaneously. You become the creation.

There is an energy that only gives support, love, acceptance and acknowledgement. A person experiencing this will feel whole and complete—happy, content and fulfilled. There is no single worry or problem in the world; while you are everything, your love is so intense that you want to be in this state of mind forever.
It is a bliss state. People also describe this feeling as coming home, finally being at peace.

To conclude:

Yes, we have problems; we walk through the valley of the shadow of death but look at the reward in the end. Know that the universe wants us to succeed and understand these feelings are possible. Would you work for it if you knew with certainty that this could be your baseline state 100%? I hope this description of Cosmic consciousness can motivate you too!

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